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1994 Hot Line 3 Reviews

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Hot Line (1994)
Chazz was written on October 13, 2002

"Hung Jury"

Kinda makes me wish I hadn't thrown away my jury-duty letters. The incredibly hot jury fore(wo)man repeatedly bangs a male juror throughout the episode. Almost like a sexy version of "12 Angry Men".

Chicago was written on July 16, 2002

4 scenes in "Hung Jury"

A relatively uneventful showing by Nicola in this episode. Nicola plays a jury member who turns on a male jury member as they deliberate. Nicola's body is kissed up and down by the guy, and at :03-:04 her pink bra comes off revealing her small breasts with largish but well-proportioned areola as the two have standing-sex in a changing room. At :10-:11, the guy imagines Nicola stripping and the two of them having sex on the table in the jury's meeting room...breasts as she removes her black silk bra and ass in thong. At :12-:12.75, more breast shots as she takes off her bra. At :21.5-:24.75, the two eventually have sex in the hotel room one night...her on top then underneath, then the two standing in the shower. Breasts and some ass shots but the views are not that great and overall it's pretty weak. 2 1/2 *'s for the nudity.

Serna was written on August 27, 2002


In this episode called Hung Jury Nicola is guilty of being very cute with a great arse, which she shows off along with two nice tits that get a good kissing. But sadly the director is even more guilty of the usual erotic television offence of being given a gorgeous actress willing to strip and bounce about AND STILL being unable to make anything like a really erotic programme. Do the people making these programmes deliberately set out to make sex seem BORING?

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