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year title
2007 Ghost Rider 1 Review
2003 Matchstick Men 1 Review
2002 Adaptation. 2 Reviews
1998 City of Angels 5 Reviews
1991 Zandalee 9 Reviews

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Ghost Rider (2007)
Electrix was written on September 20, 2007

after taking a shower

After taking a shower, wearing a towel, but probably naked, he stay in front of the mirror and stars to make some funny things. He has, in this movie, perfect body, big chest and great abs. It's a great scene ad he shows a great body i never knew he got.

Matchstick Men (2003)
DeMan was written on September 14, 2003

Buns in hospital gown

Considering that this is a pretty high-profile movie with a nude scene by an Oscar-winning star, I'm kind of surprised that it hasn't been reviewed here before. Anyway, there is a scene towards the end of the movie where Nicolas Cage gets out of bed and is wandering around in one of those open-backed hospital gowns, with his butt clearly but briefly exposed. (I'll leave the more detailed comments to those reviewers who are actually into male nudity.)

Adaptation. (2002)
indya was written on May 31, 2003

not bad

it is the worst movie i've seen in recent past.we should head to another planet to set new rules of nudity .what cage shows u in t6he movie is the least a nudity seekers could ask for

Ryan was written on December 8, 2002


Cage isn't really naked here but it appears he was on the set. As the "character" Charlie Kaufman he masturbates in several scenes and after one of them gets up off the bed obviously naked. However due to dark lighting and camera placement nothing is revealed. Later a far shot shows him sitting naked on a chair from the side. Cage also put on some weight for the film to fit the role. Fascinating movie.

City of Angels (1998)
moviestuff was written on July 28, 2003



SGMUSUK was written on July 20, 2001

Brief Penis/Ass Shot

As Nicolas Cage Steps Into The Shower You See A Side View Of His Ass And If You Look Closely You Can See His Penis Very Briefly.

SuperSka was written on July 4, 1999

brief penis shot

After his steamy love scene with Meg Ryan, he walks into a large stone shower, naked. We can see his ass from the side, and then when he thrusts his body forward, we get a quick shot of his penis as it flops forward. It's pretty good-sized for being flaccid.

Boss was written on November 19, 1998

love scene after Cage falls

To make all the pain and sacrifice worth it, this scene lets us, the human race, make it up to the fallen angel. He is treated to a super session of love when he finally decides to take the plunge. The scene doesn't show much, but it makes you feel a lot-- and that's a trademark of good movies. We ache right along with Cage when he discovers the wonder of sex. Good acting on both there parts. I can't believe they weren't really alone on the set!

babon was written on January 1, 2000


Shadow - but you see his penis move, when he steps into a hot shower,yells and jumps

Zandalee (1991)
bmg was written on January 2, 2000

Frontal in kitchen

As he walks from the refrigerator, he turns toward the camera and you can definitely see a large portion of his penis at the very bottom of the screen. It must extend quite a ways down if it still got cut off.

dvddish was written on March 15, 2003

nice ass shot

you see it for awile

MonkD was written on August 3, 2000

Cage-Anderson sex scene

A very hot scene as big Nic Cage absolutely nails Erika Anderson. We see a side view of Cage's butt as he furiously fucks Anderson with all he's got. Anderson, with her legs spread wide, moans with delight as Cage thrusts his big Italian manmeat deep inside her. Cage grunts and groans loudly as he humps and pumps away, Anderson caressing his muscular torso. Cage looks studly with his long hair,goatee and muscular body. This is from the R-rated version.

moviestuff was written on July 28, 2003



SGMUSUK was written on July 20, 2001

Good Ass Shot

As Nicolas Cage Is Having Sex You Get To See His Ass For Quite A long Time, Very Good

moviestuff was written on July 30, 2003


you see his big ass and some balls

smc26 was written on July 4, 1999

Making love and walking around kitchen

There are two good scenes with Cage in this movie - and quite unexpected; I never thought he was the type of actor to do scenes like this. In the first scene you see Cage making love to woman on the floor - and very furiously at that. The second shot is in the european version only - he is opening the door of the fridge and you get to see the top of his pubes and ass. Very nice indeed. His ass especially; he is a very well built actor! Don't miss this one!

BobH was written on September 8, 1998

Passionate Sex between Zandalee and Nick

Although the sexual intensity is quite hot and passionate, Nicholas doesn't expose himself in this flick. Judd Hirsch on the other hand does in the director's uncut version.

murray was written on September 22, 1998

sex scene

Cage is furiously making love on top of a woman. Hot scene and his ass looks good. The movie's an incredible stinker though.

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