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2000 Honest 4 Reviews

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Honest (2000)
nmd was written on August 10, 1999

All Saint topless ?

the movies not due for release until next year but I read that her sister has been telling reporters that Nicole Appleton is doing a topless scene in the movie .

slavedriver was written on August 13, 2002

Longer shot, but less action than sis

We see her tits for more total time, but she's lying on her back so they're flattened out a bit. Prior to this we see her topless standing, but it's a somewhat distant shot and brief. Her sex scene is pretty tame, as there doesn't appear to be any sex going on, just the guy kissing her tits and her hardcore or even softcore romping like her sister did.

Ginge was written on November 15, 1999

Topless Scene In Honest

I am able to confirm that Nicole Appleton does in fact get topless in this movie. I have a pic from the film that shows her wonderful breasts. It is not due for release until 2000, so we will have to wait.

Biko was written on July 5, 2000

Like her sister

Nicole shows her tits too in this movie.Like her sister she is making love with Peter Facinelli and he fondle her superb breasts and start licking her very beautifull nipples.
Great job Appleton's sisters.

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