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2009 Sorority Row 2 Reviews

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2005 Sex Games Vegas 1 Review

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Sex Games Vegas (2005)
McKinnon was written on August 13, 2011

Voyeur; ep: Newlywed Game

Adult film actress Nicole has sex with Dino Bravo while Shayla Leveaux watches. She's flat on her back, topless, with her black panties removed by Bravo. There's a decent look at her bare pussy before the camera cuts away. The rest is just topless shots of her on her back and standing up when Bravo is behind her.

Sorority Row (2009)
Ghostwords was written on September 25, 2012


This review should be under Nikki Moore ('Nicole Moore' was her adopted name for this film), who was born in June 1984.

thornhillsouthguy was written on December 25, 2011

hides in shower

In that same shower scene I described elsewhere, Nicole Moore is Joanna, a minor character who overhears some stuff she shouldn't, while in the shower. She tried to hide and escape (and manages to do neither).
Around the 44-minute mark, we are treated to a few VERY brief views of her sizable tits but can't focus on them because a) the glimpses are so fleeting and b) we know she is about to get killed in a most gruesome manner. Both of those factors ratchet this rating down to one star.

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