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2010 S#*! My Dad Says 2 Reviews

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S#*! My Dad Says (2010)
moonreacher was written on July 25, 2011

hot shower scene

I didn't catch this one because the show was pretty bad. There are a lot of rumors around the internet she did a porn movie before she got on Mad TV. Now that would be interesting to see

georgelloyd1 was written on April 27, 2011

Ep. 1.8: Caught naked

Nicole Sullivan steps out of the shower and accidentally exposes herself to her brother-in-law. There are two shots of her bare back (no butt) before she runs out of the room. She's got a towel on her head, and most likely some kind of covering across her breasts.

Her husband engineers a repeat performance next day, so her brother-in-law can compliment her physique. Once again, we get a shot of her back, stopping short of her butt, before she runs out the room and dons a larger towel.

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