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Night in Heaven, A's Sexy Actresses

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Beall, Sandra 1 Review

Night in Heaven, A's Sexy Actors

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Atkins, Christopher 10 Reviews

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Sandra Beall
duckem was written on March 16, 2001

shower scene

She's in the shower with Atkins. The camera
pans up her nude body first showing her rump then a closeup of her breast. The only other female performance worth mentioning is a fully-clothed
Lesley Ann Warren straddling a totally nude Christopher Atkins. How did she get her panties off from underneath her skirt?

Christopher Atkins
Christoph was written on July 17, 2000

Sex scene and humiliation scene

Atkins is a college student/stripper who has an affair with his older teacher. His strip club scenes are somewhat disappointing exposure wise (although many extras bare some flesh), but he makes up for it in a full frontal bedroom romp and (my favorite) at the end where the wronged husband forces him to strip at gunpoint and strands him naked (Hoo HA! Another frontal). He may not be the greatest actor, but he sure is great eye candy.

Mr_Pete was written on May 18, 2006

Lots of nude shots, and even a quick, clear frontal

Atkins (of "Blue Lagoon" fame) is a bit too thin for my taste, but he has great body tone and is pretty sexy here. He plays an exotic dancer even though he obviously can't dance very well. Still he really delivers when it comes to flesh shots. He's shirtless through most of the movie, and shows his ass on at least two occaisons. He also gives a brief frontal, in close up no less!

JustinT was written on October 24, 2010

Nice bobbing penis head

Chris has no body fat--none! Wonderfully toned twink body, shirtless or shirted. His tight early-80s shirts show his muscular pecs and his soft, pouting nipples. His bulging abs penetrate the fabric, but wait till the shirt comes off! His brown nipples firm up and he flexes in all the right places. Then the sex scene. What's-her-name grabs his junk and drops his drawers and the first thing you get is lean, muscular ass, so close you can see the little stretch marks on the side, and what was that off to the right? A penis head! I wouldn't call it erect, but the brown beauty is a semi and its glans penis and well-defined coronal ridge drift way off to the left with no hint of foreskin. His phallus has that high-frequency bobbing motion that we all know means it's not very hard, and which makes its size all the more impressive. Later fully nude scenes show very nice ass shots.

atom was written on August 17, 2003

works as a Chippendale's-style stripper, then forced to strip at gunpoint

Christopher Atkins basically struts his stuff in three different settings: (1) in the Chippendale's-style strip club where he works; (2) in a three-minute sex scene with Lesley Ann Warren; and (3) in a two-minute scene in which Warren's enraged husband forces Atkins to strip at gunpoint. The strip-club scenes don't include any nudity (at least, not for Atkins--we get G-strings and naked butt shots for a host of extras). The sex scene, as previous reviewers have pointed out, includes a view of Atkins's semi-erect penis. I confess that I don't share the general enthusiasm for Atkins' smallish penis (in any case, we get only a quick and hard-to-follow view). Twenty-two-year-old Atkins is a cute little pretty boy, with a baby face, hairless and boyishly trim figure, dark, perky nipples, and downright scrawny legs. Warren massages the space between his legs and Atkins pulls down his pants before they go at it. In Atkins's final scene, he is forced to take off his clothes and left stranded in a sinking boat. This scene is a great one for fans of humiliation scenarios; the movie emphasizes the young man's sniveling and delights in his degrading comeuppance (sp?). This scene also includes the most extensive nudity, as we get plenty of nudity from the side and we get clear views of Atkins's naked rump (the genitals are, in this scene, hard to see).

Neptune3 was written on August 12, 2005

Nude love scene and later humiliation scene

As other reviewers have stated, the strippers in the beginning go down to g-strings, so it's odd when Chris keeps a pair of shiny silver lame shorts on in his big show-stopping strip number.

Later, when he is in Lesley Ann's hotel room, he is undressed by her (and in ine eye-opening scene for a mainstream film, she crams her hand down the fron of his pants and fondle him.) On the one hand, his nude scene is disappointing in that his face and penis aren't in the same shot. On the other hand, it's great because the camera is pretty darn close! You do need to use a slow-mo or freeze frame to get the most out of this scene. His medium size penis is getting chubby and leaning to his left as she tugs down his pants.

Later, the disgruntled hubby (who is pretty handsome himself and wears some nice, snug, ass-hugging bike pants at the beginning) has Chris on a small boat, totally naked, and strands him there. Again there is some brief and obscured frontal nudity, but side and rear also.

It's the kind of film they don't make anymore and a great dose of mainstream male cinematic skin!

altarboy was written on August 1, 2000

Full Frontal Nudity

I would give this one ten stars if I could. I am in disbelief that this scene was done in an R rated movie in 1983 and we have fewer great scenes as this one in 2001. He is very near erect. If you have not scene this flick, get it. You won't be disappointed.

FRuSTRaTeD was written on March 12, 2000

full-frontal, total turn-on!

When I saw the scene in the strip club, I thought I'd gotten my money's worth. It alone was exciting enough, Chris Atkins' near-naked body dancing for the camera....Then we get the love scene, in which his co-star fondles his bulge before slowly lowering his pants to reveal a good look at his near-erect penis. Ten-out-of-ten and an elephant stamp for this one!

murray was written on September 20, 1998

numerous nude scenes

This one's going on 4 stars, thanks to numerous scenes of Atkins in his prime, including a rather close-up penis shot as Leslie Ann Warren pulls down his pants. The dick shot is brief, but very erotic - it's looking lively, if you know what i mean. He also dances in tight shorts and is nude at the end of the movie on a boat.

[email protected] was written on December 6, 1998

Disco Dick

Aging TV movie hack Lesley Ann Warren is ready to chuck her stable marriage after one squeeze of Atkins ass in a nightclub and we don't blame her a bit! The close up of his spongy, nearly erect penis (oh - he's a natural blond!) popping out of those white Levis is nothing short of breathtaking. Then, at the end, when he cowers nude in front of her husband in a boat ... what can I say? Freud would have had a field day and so will you with this sexy, airheaded piece of vapid sleaze. No wonder Atkins is just perfect in it!!

aureliosalaren was written on March 4, 2001

naked situation

I want to see naked scenes of this film

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