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2002 Essence of Echoes 1 Review
1998 Clay Pigeons 3 Reviews

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Essence of Echoes (2002)
cecil was written on April 30, 2005

sex scene; getting out of bed

At 7 minutes she has a sex scene with Wade Rikert. The lighting's bad and the camera is constantly moving, but you may find a frame or two of a breast. Then there are a couple of side views of her right breast as she's sitting in his lap. Then at 9 minutes she gets out of bed - she drops the sheet and we see bare breasts for a few frames.

Clay Pigeons (1998)
Cyclone was written on March 18, 2001

Sex scene

Nikki has a nice sex scene where you see her butt a few times and get several looks at her lovely left breast. Shortly after the scene is interrupted, we get one last look at her lying on the bed, with both breasts exposed. Not bad at all.

whiteraven was written on September 2, 2010

Riding Phoenix before being shot by Cates

Nicole Arlyn (as Nikki Arlyn) plays Gloria Collins, small town waitress. She is shapely with full natural looking 'hangers'. However the skin such as it is, is more for emo then show (as most of the skin is in the movie). The sex scene with Joaquin Phoenix on a water bed runs about 21:46 to 22:22 (DVD). It starts very promisingly focused on her lower bare back showing about the top half of her buttocks, the rest covered by a blue bed spread as she straddles the sitting Phoenix, his left arm around her waist as she is rocking with the camera panning upward with Phoenix's head coming into view supposedly busy with her left breast but his mouth comes to her left arm(?). Then facial shots and return to her back with his arms around her pulling her downward and just when we should get a nice full moon angle change to the pillow as his head hits it with her on top (later when the go back to another brief back shot, the blanket has shifted up to her waist). Then about 22:23 with Nicole in an upright position shown from the side, left breast/nipple showing, Phoenix's hand on her waist, the gun fire from Georgina Cates starts, hitting the pillow Phoenix is resting on twice and two more shots with Nicole following forward. After some chit chat with Cates (Phoenix is already involved in the coverup of the suicide death of Cates's husband and now she is blackmailing him to coverup this murder), Nicole is show topless laying on the water bed from a distance covered from the waist down with her draping hair covering her most of her right breast, bobbing slowing with the motion of the bed before her covered body is carried to a nearby lake by Phoenix. NO, you do not get to see her butt other than the top half at the very start. Her legs are never even shown. The nipple exposure, what there is, really only makes the vidcappers happy. I really want to give more than one. She appears to be nude. Creditable sex performance, briefly erotic and intense, lovely facial expressions and sounds. But other then the opening shot, it really lacks any lingering appreciation of her form.

TonyClifton was written on January 16, 2000

Sex Scene

Good sex scene where you can see her butt and shots of her breasts several times.

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