Nina Kether Axelrod
New York City, USA

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year title
1986 Cobra 1 Review
1983 Cross Country 1 Review
1980 Motel Hell 4 Reviews

Nina Axelrod's Biography

Made her movie debut in Roller Roogie (1979). Was apparently considered for the role in Blade Runner (1982) which went to Sean Young. Has also worked as a casting director.

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Cobra (1986)
Ghostwords was written on June 7, 2013

Not her

Although Ms Axelrod does play a waitress, the role of 'Murdered waitress' was essayed by Laura Drake. I've suggested CNDb delete this movie from her nude credits.

Cross Country (1983)
duckem was written on August 19, 2000

close but no cigar

A half hour into the movie she has a
love scene on a hotel bed. Alot of skin
is shown but it is so dark you can't
see anything so at the end only her
bare butt is shown.

Motel Hell (1980)
soulman was written on July 22, 2004

Brief Tit Shot.

Axelrod has only 2 scenes if you don't include the wet t-shirt during tubing scene. She shows her tits to Rory Calhoun while in bed and a couple of brief shot of her sudsy tits when she's barged in on the bathtub. Not bad.

schlitz40 was written on January 31, 2003

Not Bad

When she first came into the movie, I thought Nina's character looked quite hot and was hoping she'd get naked in this movie. She later does, 3 times (as well as having a brief wet white t-shirt scene). The shots of her naked aren't that great and she didn't look quite as good as I thought she would. Still, it was ok. Funny movie.

killerwulf was written on September 5, 2002

Typical 80's gratuitous nudity

Nina and another lady go tubing in the lake and so of course Nina's white t-shirt gets wet. Then the other lady tries to drown her, but she's rescued by Farmer Vincent.
Later she's in bed and she wants Farmer Vincent to kiss her, so she exposes her breasts. They're smallish, but shaped nice- the scene's a little dark though and Farmer Vincent makes her cover herself since he thinks they should be married before hanky panky.
The sheriff who has a crush on the girl finds out about the marriage and so he barges in on Nina as she's taking a bath. Another very brief shot of her breasts as she pops up from the water startled, but she quickly covers herself. The sherif won't leave her alone so she finally jumps up from the tub to yell at him. It's another brief flash, and she's partly covered by suds, but it was the 80's so there had to be SOME nudity stuck into the flick.

blackcatsony was written on November 9, 2002

Beautiful Breasts

Three scenes.
When she is swimming her nipples are visible through her wet t-shirt.
In bed her breasts can be seen, and later in the bath.

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