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Sean Young
Chicago was written on April 7, 2003

2 scenes

Soulman and Gordon do a good job of describing Sean's brief scenes. At :11:25-:11:29 is when Sean's left nip slips over top of her undergarment while making out with Costner in the limo...brief and with blockage from arms. At :13:04-:13:11 is when Sean drops the fur coat...brief but better view of her breasts from the side and partial ass (top) as she says good-bye to her friend at the door and goes inside the apt. with Costner.

Gordon was written on November 12, 2001

Two scenes

Two scenes that include nudity. In one she and a guy are making out in a car. Her dress or bra comes down enough to briefly reveal her nipple. In the other she and a guy and some other people are walking toward a room. She removes her fur coat to reveal she's fully naked. Brief looks at her ass and tits. Her tits are kind of small and not all that exciting.

Bevan was written on August 8, 2003


Two relatively brief nude scenes, displaying a modest body attached to a modest face and personality. Now in real life, we likely wouldn't kick a Sean Young out of bed (well, we might, considering what a whackjob she is), but I can think of about five hundred actresses I'd want in there.

liechti was written on December 27, 2006

In car / Entering flat

20 years ago that was hot... well, 20 years ago I thought what funny haircut the girls had in the 60ies... now I wonder why I did not think Seans haircut was funny when this flic hit the movies. Anyway, you get a brief look on her breast. They are tiny but not well in shape, I've seen plenty of better ones over the years. One more thing... her big mouth is the best part of her ;-)

liechti was written on April 28, 2001

Entering the appartment of a friend

It's very short and with two different views first of her left (sideview), second on her right (frontal) breast. Though they are tiny - they are hanging. View this movie for the plot - not for Sean.

beefcake was written on August 24, 2000

one boob

I give this one boob scene a one star rating. You get to see her left boobie for a second when she takes her clothes off. Way too quick and too little.

boba was written on April 28, 2001

Psycho woman

Only a flash as she drops her robe and reveals her little titties. They are definitely real. We get to see her ass, but it's not as good a view as we get in Love Crimes. The love scene is good but not nudity. She puts on a show, moaning and screaming and laughing it up as he pulls off her garters and feels her titties. The sexiest moment is when she has to stop laughing to catch her breath, she's so overcome with passion.

admirer was written on February 18, 1999


you get to see her right breast when she drops her gown& goes inside a hotel room

Phoenix231175 was written on January 15, 2000

'nother flash

She does also flash her little white knickers at Kevin. Not much, but still sexy.

soulman was written on November 19, 2001

Tits And Ass Shot.

You see a hint of one of Sean's nipple while making out with Kevin Costner in a limo. In the very next scene before entering a friend's apartment she drops her mink coat and shows some tits and ass as she walks through the door. Nothing really major, but deserved more than a * rating.

Serna was written on November 8, 2000

arse flash

It's not much to add but I think you get a flash of arse and tit from Sean.

Uncredited Actress
Ghostwords was written on October 16, 2013

Strip bar

Just past the 20-minute mark, Costner's character goes to a foreign bar. There's a brief shot of a topless dancer, filmed from several feet away, then several more of her and another topless dancer filmed from the other side of the room.

Kevin Costner
JohnnyWad was written on January 14, 2003

Bush peeking from blue jeans, bare tits

Whorey Kevin Costner doesn't show any real dick or ass nudity, but he does nicely accommodate us with a little exposure of his pubes when his jeans are undone all the way down to there. He also parades his bare chest and dime-sized erect nips in the same scene. Helps to pause. Better than nothing from one of the dirtier of our has-been leading men.

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