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Noomi Rapace's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2009 prometheus 1 Review
2009 Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The 4 Reviews
2009 Girl Who Played With Fire, The 1 Review
2007 Daisy Diamond 4 Reviews

Noomi Rapace's Biography

Daughter of a Swedish actress and a Spanish singer. Moved to Iceland at age five, following her parents' break-up, and made her screen debut aged seven, although she didn't follow this up until after leaving home to join the Stockholm Theatre School. Married the actor Ola Rapace in 2001, and has a son with him, but filed for divorce in 2011

nudity reviews for Noomi Rapace member submitted

prometheus (2009)
cinemaReview69 was written on November 3, 2012

Side of Butt/No Nudity

1 star for the nice leg shot, another because it's too brief and doesn't justify watching this horrid excuse for a prequel movie and I expected more from the director.

Either way, you can see her nice legs and thighs here and she's obviously not wearing any panties in this post-coitus scene.

The sexy factor is limited not only by the editing but due to it being a rather predictable moment and not enough time being spent here.

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The (2009)
Ghostwords was written on March 15, 2010

Numerous sex scenes (SPOILERS)

Ms Rapace plays Lisbeth, an emotionally-scarred young woman recently released from a psychiatric ward. Unfortunately, her new probation officer is a sexual predator who forces her to fellate him (no nudity) and later anally rapes her (her naked butt is in shot, but slightly out of focus).

Fortunately, she escapes this situation and enters the life of investigative reporter Mikael (Michael Nyqvist). When he first visits her flat, Lisbeth is in bed with another woman (whether they're actually lovers is left unclear); as she rises to answer the door, we see Lisbeth's breasts and butt, albeit briefly.

When Lisbeth and Mikael become lovers, however, we get several lengthy looks at her breasts, including one scene where she lies on her back in bed. Ms Rapace is clearly at ease with nudity and the fact that she reprises the character in two further movies (as yet unreleased in the UK) leads one to hope they'll be similarly revealing.

BMac was written on August 17, 2010

less than meets the eye

Good movie, but there's not that much nudity. At 1:11:51-55, flat-chested Noomi Rapace is sleeping with her girlfriend when she's awoken knocking on her door. There's a brief view of Rapace's scrawny boobies and a better one of her decent ass, just a hint of bush but no frontal view.
At 1:27:05-45, there are some more glimpses of Noomi's A/AA-cup breasts and partial butt, which is the only bit that's attractively lit. After climaxing, Rapace gets up and walks around the room, but the scene is very dark and she's holding her clothes in front of her privates.
This adds up to about 1½ stars, but there are better views in The Girl Who Played with Fire.
On one hand, only Carly Pope is actually jealous of Rapace's tiny titties. But as an actress, Noomi does a great job with a difficult part. If anti-social goth hackers do it for you, you might be stimulated.

bilfic was written on June 8, 2010

Small-breasted but erotic beauty

I have very little to add to the above review, which pretty much says it all. This actress is small-breasted to the point of being almost flat-chested, but she is nevertheless quite erotic. Great movie.

noned was written on July 17, 2010

Multiple nude scenes

Her nudity in this movie is both hot and disturbing.

Girl Who Played With Fire, The (2009)
Ghostwords was written on August 28, 2010

Lesbian loveplay

Rapace offers two nude scenes in this second instalment of the trilogy, one taken from the previous movie: rising from bed in the first scene (naked back and buttocks); a lesbian scene with Garbi (naked back and buttocks as Garbi undresses her, side nudity as they have sex on the floor, breasts as they talk afterwards, still sat on the floor); brief side buttock as her panties are torn off in a rape scene (this is shown via the video flootage she recorded in the previous film). Would be four points if the lesbian scene had been longer, in better light and/or she'd gone full frontal.

Daisy Diamond (2007)
Ghostwords was written on March 26, 2012


Ms Rapace is shown being screwed with a strap-on, doggie-style. We see her naked right side and the side of her right breast. As the woman behind moves at the begining of this brief scene, the phallus drops noticably, indicating Ms Rapace was holding it between her thighs, rather than any actual penetration taking place.

Couthon was written on June 12, 2010

Many sexual scenes and close up of Noomi's very hairy genitals

Noomi was 27 at time of filming and plays the mother of a young baby who becomes a porn actress. She has striking features with dark brown hair and high cheekbones. We first see her auditioning with a rape scene, naked except for a rolled up sweater. Noomi has extraordinarily small breasts, flabby and beginning to sag slightly, which would barely fit an AA cup. They jiggle around as she moves and are crowned by large mauve nipples. Her breasts are too small to be convincingly playing a new mother.

In the audition scene we see Noomi's amazingly hairy genitals as she writhes around, including her long wrinkled labia underneath all the pubic hair. Noomi must be one of the hairiest women ever in film, her mousey-brown pubic hair thickly sprouts all over her inner thighs and groin.

We see her thick pubic bush andsmall saggy breasts jiggling round as she gets out of a bath angrily to stop the baby crying. It is also clear that Noomi, like many european women, has hairy armpits. In a later scene she has been told to shave her hairy body, and good closeups of her trimming her pubic hair and armpits.

Sexual scenes include her getting penetrated by a strap on by her lesbian employer and a male penetration scene. Neither offer closeups, but the sloshing noises are convincing. Finally, we see Noomi's pubic hair, now growing back, and minute breasts as she lies in a bath.

georgelloyd1 was written on March 26, 2012


What is this American infatuation with large breasts and shaved vaginas? Not every actress has to look like Barbie, you know.

Creepyhead was written on April 27, 2017

Exploited Strap-on doggy style

Noomi plays the title character and is auditioning for an acting role and the lesbian producer exploits her.

Noomi is reluctant and passive aggressive to the lesbian, then the scene cuts to a side on shot of both women on a bed with Noomi on all fours and the lesbian wearing a strap on and holding on to her hips. The lesbian is a bigger lady and gives Noomi some hard thrusts making Noomi close her eyes and grimace. You see a little of Noomis small titis and the lesbians bigger tits plus a side on if both their asses.Then it changes to a frontal shot of Noomi face moving back and forward looking bored. The lesbian picks up the pace and Noomi looks like she's about to burst into tears! The lesbian then pulls on Noomis hair and spanks her ass hard in a side in shot. She then thrusts hard repeatedly and cums then rolls off. A front shot of Noomis face show she is in shock and getting her breath back.

Not a lot of good nudity but great fun to watch, only about half a minute long.

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