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1972 Gore Gore Girls, The 1 Review

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Gore Gore Girls, The (1972)
rocco-rules was written on June 2, 2005

The Cucumber and the Tender butt

Nora plays Lola Prize, an older stripper, with a fuller (but not fat) figure, who does a proper strip-tease routine. She starts out dressed like a man and ends up in a black panties and bra before her routine is interrupted by a feminist group. Later, after talking to and flirting with the detective, and being rejected by him, she walks to her refrigerator, showing off a muscular pair of legs and butt in panties, and pulls out a cucumber ! We can see her large boobs and nipples thru the transparent bra. Before she can "use" her versatile vegetable, the killer appears, cuts her throat, bends her over the table, pulls her panties down exposing her full round butt and beats it bloody with a meat tenderizer (I kid you not). We get a 5 or 6 second view of her nice ass before it's turned into hamburger. What happens next I can't describe - you'll have to see this sick flick yourself.

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