NYPD Blue's Sexy Actresses

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Wright, Tanya 0 Reviews
West, Chandra 3 Reviews
Thompson, Andrea 1 Review
Stringfield, Sherry 3 Reviews
Ross, Charlotte 10 Reviews
Reed, Kira 0 Reviews
Rappaport, Sheeri 2 Reviews
O'Grady, Gail 3 Reviews
Moffett, Michelle 2 Reviews
Maika, Michele 1 Review
Lawrence, Sharon 5 Reviews
Kondazian, Karen 1 Review
Kim, Linda 1 Review
Kanakaredes, Melina 2 Reviews
Farentino, Debrah 1 Review
Delaney, Kim 5 Reviews
Brenneman, Amy 6 Reviews

NYPD Blue's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Smits, Jimmy 6 Reviews
Simmons, Henry 1 Review
Shipp, John Wesley 2 Reviews
Schroder, Rick 6 Reviews
Mackenzie, Andy 1 Review
LaSardo, Robert 2 Reviews
Gosselaar, Mark-Paul 4 Reviews
Franz, Dennis 3 Reviews
Caruso, David 3 Reviews

nudity reviews for NYPD Blue member submitted

Tanya Wright
Chandra West
dav345 was written on February 10, 2004

nude buns II

She shows her heiney, briefly, as she gets out of bed. It's a nice heiney, but it gets 2 stars because the scene is quite brief.

dav345 was written on February 10, 2004

nude buns II

She shows her heiney, briefly, as she gets out of bed. It's a nice heiney, but it gets 2 stars because the scene is quite brief. This happened at the very beginning of You Da Bomb, original air date 2/10/04, before the opening credits rolled.

dav345 was written on October 21, 2003

nude buns

She plays Jennifer, a doctor and John Clark's love interest. In the episode Keeping Abreast (original air date 10/21/03), you see glimpses of her butt as she takes off her panties and climbs into bed with John. You get a glimpse as the panties drop (she is pointing it at the camera but it's really brief), a glimpse of upper crack as she gets into bed, and more glimpses of upper crack as she lies on top of John. This is ok exposure, considering that it's on network tv.

Andrea Thompson
dav345 was written on April 26, 2002

side of big boobs

I remember an episode where she took her shirt off and revealed her rather large personalities (from a side/back view, no nipples of course). I believe the title of the episode was This Bud's For You. Catch the rerun on Court TV.

Sherry Stringfield
StevieY was written on July 22, 2000

brief butt shot

Sherri is in bed with David Caruso. She walks across the apartment into the bathroom. Her butt is briefly visible before she puts her robe on, but the sink blocks part of it. 2 stars cause she's cute and what you can see of her buns looks good.

DCW3 was written on June 13, 2000

Naked from the back

In the series' fourth episode ("True Confessions"), she gets out of bed with David Caruso and goes to put a robe on, and we see a clear shot of her butt.

MovieVoyeur was written on July 23, 2000

seen naked from behind

Additionally to the bare butt shot described in the other reviews you get a sidelook at her right breast, while getting out of bed. At next she is going into bathroom. While walking she is seen from behind and every 2nd step her right breast is bouncing to the side, so that for a frame or two a little bit of it is visible. No nipple visible and the butt shot from distance, but two stars because its her.

Charlotte Ross
damn_crazy_bastard was written on November 25, 2003

One nice ass

...and a bit more. Ms. Ross undresses for a shower and shows a lot of skin. Her ass is the highlight and well worth every second.

Dudester was written on February 24, 2003

Boy sees her naked 2-25-03

She's getting ready for the shower. She walks in the bathroom, takes off her robe, and starts the shower. Brief lower frontal nudity. The young boy walks in the bathroom, she spins and faces him. We very briefly see large brown nipples. I wish I had taped it.

soulman was written on February 25, 2003

Butt, Side Tit And Brief Patch Shot.

Ross (who's no doubt is the hottest female on the series) has a scene at the begining of the episode that originally aired 02/25/03. She's getting ready for a shower. She removes her robe givivng us a side left tit shot (no nip), all long, full view of her gorgeous ass and a brief patch shot as she gets into the shower. When she's walked in on by Theo she's shown covering up her goodies. Like the Sam Cooke song says, "it's been a long time coming". When this current season comes out on DVD I'll buy it just for this episode. Those who missed this episode will no doubt find images posted on the net in no time.

dav345 was written on February 25, 2003

the most perfect nude scene ever, and it was on network tv

This scene occurs at the beginning of the Nude Awakenings episode, airing 2/25/03 (before the credits and theme song roll). She walks into the bathroom and drops her pink robe, revealing (in great light) her perfect butt for a couple of seconds. Then, she walks over to the shower and you get a look at her lower frontal nudity (looked shaved to me but I'll need another look) and her butt again. This is one of the best nude scenes I've ever seen, including all the nude scenes I've seen on cable tv and the movies, and it was on network tv. This is not the first time lower female frontal nudity was shown on network tv, but it certainly shocked me and pleased me that they would go that far with this beautiful woman. Buy the dvd, catch the reruns, do what you have to do to see this scene.

Sinnema was written on February 25, 2003

Calm down people -- it's not a beaver shot, but still nice

In the "NYPD Blue" episode "Nude Awakening" (which originally aired on February 25, 2003), Charlotte Ross is in her bathroom preparing to take a shower. She takes off her robe and walks over to the shower fully nude, giving good, full views from every angle of her nice, round butt, and the backs and sides of her impressive breasts. At one point she turns around with the camera showing the side of her butt and hips, and where her lower abdomen meets her legs -- from that angle, if she had natural (non-groomed) pubic hair, it would have been visible on camera. It's not a shot of her genital area, but it is a good side view of her northern pubic area, and it's probably the most skin that has been shown to date on a network TV program (and more skin than Ross showed in her naked PETA ads). The scene ends with a boy walking in on her naked, leaving her standing embarrassed, covering herself with only her hands, one on her crotch and one barely covering her very full breasts. This girl has some meat on her in all the right places. Now, if only Charlotte Ross would do a nude scene in an R-rated movie. ...

Bootydaddy was written on February 25, 2003


This has got to be one of the best network TV nude scenes I've ever had the privilege of seeing! Charlotte has a Grade-A ass and also gives us a shot of her snatch. Been waiting a long time to see her! It was worth the wait!

BushLeague was written on May 18, 2003

Pre-shower nudity

As has been said before, she shows her large, firm, almost round NYPD butt, with ass-fault (she is completely nude from the rear). The side of her left large, firm, almost round tits, and an apparently "triple trac" closely shaved pubic region. If you freeze the frame on her ass at the shower, you get a good outline of shadow of puffy pussy lips and hanging hair. The kid walks in and his head and ears partially block her huge gazongas (including her milk sprinklers) and her lower "V". She is then shown almost full length completely naked, but her hands again cover the B-B-B triangle. She has more curves than a freeway cloverleaf exchange. She says "no problem!"--indeed.

mcjw2011 was written on March 23, 2003

Ass, side of breasts and obscured frontal shot

The very lovely Charlotte Ross bares nearly all in "Nude Awakenings." Nearly, because you only see her ass, the sides of her large, impressive breasts and about a lower patch of her ungroomed pubic hair. Quite daring for a show with a TV-14 rating... the most attractive female in the show.

soulman was written on March 2, 2003

Heads Up, Gang!!!

Found vidclip of Ross' scene on KaZaA. Just type in "Charlotte Ross" or "Charlotte Ross NYPD BLUE" and that sure do it.

Bootydaddy was written on July 28, 2003

Sorry about this but this episode will re-air tonight!

If you missed it the first time don't miss it this time!

Kira Reed
Sheeri Rappaport
StevieY was written on July 22, 2000

not enough skin

In Sheeri's first episode (Loogie Nights, last season's premiere) she goes to a bar with Rick Schroeder's character. They eventually end up at his apartment and start to get naked. Her top is off and Danny is kissing her. But before things go too far, she stops him. We see parts of her bare breasts before she covers them with her arms and then puts her bra back on. Some of her butt is sticking out of her black panties. You really don't see much of her. If you really want to see Sheeri's nude body, rent Little Witches.

Curmudgeon was written on February 2, 2003

Bare back and most of right breast, excepting nipple

Two scenes with Rick Schroeder, with pretty much the same exposure. No tan lines visible on breasts.

In the first scene Sheeri's down to black hipster panties. We get all of her back, the outside of her right breast, and her right thigh as she embraces Rick Schroeder. Then she has second thoughts and covers her breasts with her hands. More of the side of her right breast as she pulls her bra on, then cleavage as she adjusts it. More cleavage as she bends over to get her shirt.

In the second scene Rick is pulling her pullover shirt up over her head while they're kissing. Full exposure of back (down to the belt holding up her jeans) and the side of her right breast (no nipple).

Gail O'Grady
soulman was written on February 27, 2003

SideTit Shot.

*1/2. In the episode ABANDANDO ABANDONED, O'Grady, a good looking buxom blonde, removes her robe for Gordon Clapp give a left side view of her large tits (no nip, unfortunately). Clapp responds by saying "oh boy". He got a better look than we did.

LeroyBrown was written on February 27, 2003

Breast from from the left-rear side

Soulman beat me to this and he gave a fair review. Actually the shot was more from the back and it shows her large left breast hanging. Big and round, very nice. Personally I think she's hotter than Charlotte Ross and I'm not saying that because I missed Miss Ross' scene. Anyway I can only give this scene 1/2*, no nipple. By the way how come Gail O'Grady did only one nude scene and with that dopey Greg Medavoy?

dvdcollector was written on July 11, 2004

Brief side breast

In "Abandando Abandoned" (series 1), she briefly shows the side of her breast. No nipple -- really worth only about half of the star.

Michelle Moffett
DCW3 was written on September 16, 2000

Butt on video screen

In episode #2.6 ("The Final Adjustment"), there's a couple quick shots of her butt on a black and white video screen as she has sex with her boyfriend.

soulman was written on March 20, 2003

Brief B/W Butt Shot.

In the episode THE FINAL ADJUSTMENT you see Moffett's ass on a B/W video monitor. Brief and distant.

Michele Maika
Know-it-all was written on February 28, 2002

Not bad.

Michele is a pretty dark-haired girl who played Nadine DeMarco, the girlfriend of Rick Schroeder's Danny Sorenson character for a few episodes in the series' sixth season. The first time we ever see her is right at the end (at @ the :58 minute mark, as the show airs) of the episode "Czech Bouncer". We cut to her apartment's bedroom, and she and Schroeder are both nude, lying w/ their legs entwined. Because of the angle, we can see both of Michele's lovely butt cheeks in this shot, even though she's lying on her side. We cut in for a closer look and she exposes almost all of her right breast, except the nipple. Schroeder gets up off the bed (and we get closer to his ass than anyone other than his wife and/or Proctologist should be...a little bonus review for you, there...) and she shifts position, settling on her belly, propped up on her elbows. This puts her in a kind of Sphinx position, which exposes her nice bottom again. He leans back and affectionately kisses the base of her spine (oh, the things a guy's gotta do to earn a check...) and then he gets up and leaves. She's quite a sweetheart, I wish she'd shown more.

Sharon Lawrence
dvdcollector was written on July 15, 2004

Butt in shower

Shows a very shapely butt in a few brief to medium length scenes in the shower with Dennis Franz.

WLoomis was written on March 19, 2003

Back breasts

In the Steroid Roy episode she drops her shirt and the sides of her very tasty looking tits are visible. That's all.

soulman was written on March 20, 2003

What An Ass.

I saw Lawrence on the sitcom ALL FIRED UP before I started watching her BLUE and thought she was pretty hot on that show especially during an underwear scene in the first episode. Here in the episode THE FINAL ADJUSTMENT in the final scene she gets in the shower with Franz and give two good shots of her full, gorgeous ass. Just beautiful. You can eat lunch off this ass. Even though Franz got the most press for baring his butt, Lawrence, along with Ross, probably gives the best female butt shot on network TV. Very nice.

StevieY was written on July 22, 2000

beautiful bare backside

In one episode of NYPD Blue, Dennis Franz comes home from a very rough day. We see him strip out of his clothes and get a look at his large ass as he steps in the shower. As he turns the water on, Lawrence enters the shower behind him and we get a nice view of her perfect, heart-shaped ass. He is surprised at first, but he relaxes. Sharon has a beautiful, shapely backside, nicer than I would have thought. Having to see Franz's ass along with Sharon's prevents it from getting a 4. I don't mind looking at guy's asses, it's just asses like Franz has.

rovingeye was written on October 25, 1999

Shower Scene

In one episode of this ABC series (sorry...don't know title), Sharon is nude in a shower scene with Dennis Franz. She is seen getting into the shower and then the camera pans behind her to reveal a quick side glimpse of her partial right breast, and a very nice shot of her ass. Of course, you have to glimpse Franz's flabby ass, too, but it's a sacrific well worth making. Not a bad scene for Network TV, and--as far as I know--Sharon's only nude scene to date (hopefully more will be forthcoming!).

Karen Kondazian
AceOfClubs was written on March 15, 2006

Big Butt - season 9 episode 12 "Oh Mama"

When Sipowicz and that geek from Silver Spoons knock on her door, Karen answers in the nude. You see her big saging right boob. Then when she opens the door again you can see the big fat full rear view. It's brief but an eye full.

Linda Kim
ScreamoKid was written on August 2, 2005

cute ass

very nice looking Asian women steps outside in only a towel and sees a severed head on the floor. In shock she throws her towel on the head and runs off in her birthday suit, giving us a rear view of her ass. Very nice.

Melina Kanakaredes
dvdcollector was written on July 18, 2004

Minimal side nudity

The actress is pretty, but we only get to see a bit of side nudity. No cleavage, either in the breasts or in the butt.

Ozzie700 was written on March 31, 2003

Side; Episode: Large Mouth Bass

Melina is seen nude from the front/side, with a pillow covering her front. Other than her bare hip I don't remember any real nudity.

Debrah Farentino
DCW3 was written on August 6, 2000

Brief bare butt

In the first season finale ("Rockin' Robin", an apt title), we get a couple quick shots of her butt and the side of her breast (no nipples, of course) during a sex scene with David Caruso.

Kim Delaney
DCW3 was written on June 24, 2001

Butt from the side

He first "Blue" nude scene came in the second episode of the third season ("Torah! Torah! Torah!")--just a quick shot of her butt from the side while having sex with Jimmy Smits. However, prior to this there are quite a few shots of her upper body with her arm over her breast.

DCW3 was written on September 8, 2001

Full rear nudity

Her third nude scene on the show, in episode #3.13 ("A Tushful of Dollars") was her best to that date. There's a fairly long, full shot of her naked backside as she stands in a doorway putting on a night shirt.

dav345 was written on January 15, 2001

butt crack as she walks out of the room

On an episode titled "Waking Up Is Hard To Do", original air date January 16, 2001, Kim walks out of the room completely nude, showing her bare butt crack for about 2 seconds. She looks over her shoulder, proving it's not a body double. This was a sweet scene. How often does a beautiful well-known actress show her butt? This ranks up there with Sharon Lawrence's butt scene on NYPD Blue a few years ago.

DCW3 was written on June 30, 2001

Essentially, the same as below

Her second nude scene occured one episode after her first--in the third episode of the third season ("One Big Happy Family"). The scene is shot through a window--she's wearing a long shirt which Jimmy Smits pulls off her, again showing her butt from the side.

soulman was written on December 31, 2002

Butt Shot.

I just saw the same episode as DCW3. A good look at Delaney's butt as she changes into her nightshirt. I've always had a thing for her since her days on ALL MY CHILDREN. Nice butt shot.

Amy Brenneman
WLoomis was written on February 21, 2003

Ice Follies episode

She gets out of bed after sex with icky Caruso and DAMN the thoughts her cheeks make you think. If they ever need a butt model, she would be perfect for the job.

beowulf644 was written on March 30, 2008

Firm butt cheeks

Several times in this show Amy is seen topless showing off a cute rack. She is seen in bed on top of a guy showing off a magnificently tight ass. In a later episode she gets out of bed and it slow mo's her sweet butt cheeks as she walks away.

soulman was written on February 11, 2003

Sweet Bootay.

I think Brenneman's a real cutie. You see her sweet ass during a sex scene with Carouso. A decent view. Not as great as previous reviewers states, but very sweet anyway.

StevieY was written on July 22, 2000

bare butt on TV pioneer

In the very first NYPD Blue back in 1993, Amy and David Caruso, both cops, have dinner together and go back to his apartment. We see Amy in bra and panties and later get nice looks at Amy's bare ass as she rolls around in bed with Caruso. Amy gets a full 4 stars, not only for her lovely behind but aslo her willingness to do the scene. No one else had ever bared their backside on prime time TV before.

DCW3 was written on June 13, 2000

Rear nudity

In the pilot episode, there are several shots of her butt during a sex scene with David Caruso. In a later episode from the first season, she gets out of bed with Caruso, and there's a brief shot of her naked from the back.

JackTheRipper was written on December 20, 2002


I can't really add much more to what other reviewers wrote (Amy's ass rocks!) but I must add that the now famous scene was cut for about 15 seconds after all of the noise Rev. Whateverson created before airing this pilot. In March of 2003, first season of Nypdb should be released on DVD and I really wonder will this scene be shown in integral form. According to the legend, those 15 seconds contained some more close up shots of Amy Brenneman's butt crack.

Jimmy Smits
JackTheRipper was written on May 6, 2003

Too dark to see much

Season 3, "Torah! Torah!"
He's on top of Kim Delaney during a sex scene, but lighting stinks, so you see just shades of his butt and no crack

JackTheRipper was written on May 6, 2003

Bare ass

Season 5, "This Bud's for you"
His final and finest nude performance on the show. He takes off his robe before joining Delaney in the tub and we get to see glorious, two seconds long close up of his gorgeous behind.

dvdcollector was written on July 18, 2004

Very brief

Because the actor is well-known and quite good-looking, he gets two stars for very, very distantly showing his nice butt standing before the window and then showing it up close but extraordinarily briefly in bed. For almost anyone else, this brief exposure would have been one star.

Ozzie700 was written on March 31, 2003

Partial Rear; Episode: Large Mouth Bass

Compared to the many other fine derierre exposures on this series, this is a big disappointment. Near the end of the episode he is seen from the back as he's staring out his window. You can see part of his butt, but the lighting makes sure no crack is seen. Then he crawls into bed with Melina Kanakeredes with still no true exposure. It's a shame, because he obviously has a sweet pair of cheeks.

moviestuff was written on July 28, 2003



Ozzie700 was written on April 3, 2003

Pulling up jeans; Episode: Murder With Teeth In It

A few episodes after Large Mouth Bass, Jimmy is seen from the side with clothes over his crotch, and then getting out of bed following sex with Melina. There's a pretty good (for network tv) view of 3/4 of his tight, squeezable cheeks before he puts his jeans on.

Henry Simmons
Ozzie700 was written on December 4, 2001

Great Ass!

In the newest episode, airing 12/4/01, Henry is seen coming out of the shower early in the episode. The view is from the open bathroom window, and there are close shots of his stunning, large-cheeked, tight black ass. One of the best asses ever. The man is a god and NYPD showed us more than many cable series would.

John Wesley Shipp
dvdcollector was written on July 8, 2004

Brief view of buff butt

Showing off his buff body, Shipp exits the locker room to call after David Caruso and Dennis Franz. Brief view of entire muscular butt.

yowza was written on May 8, 2002

Brief Buns

Early in the show's run, Shipp played a cop that used steroids to pump up. After being hassled about it by a couple fellow cops, he steps naked out of the locker room, turns to show them his butt and remarks about his rock-hard ass. It's only shown briefly, and the camera is moving the whole time, but you do see his entire ass. It was big, smooth and muscular - a great pay-off from those of us who used to slobber over him when he used to wear a Speedo on "Guiding Light" in the early '80s.

Rick Schroder
GDH was written on May 21, 2003

Partial backside

Episode: 'Under Covers'. In a nice piece of titillation that was in no way essential to the plot, we see Schroder clamber naked out of bed and walk into the next room. We don't get a full view of his bum, but there's some good half/three-quarter views of it.

GDH was written on January 14, 2003


Episode: 'Daveless in New York'. We get a good view of Schroder's backside during a love scene with Kim Delaney. We don't see his face (he's laying on top of Delaney kissing her) but I'm fairly sure it's him and not a body double.

rachwil was written on September 18, 2005

Rear twice

In episode Under Covers where we get to see just half and three forths of his ass when he walks away from the camera.
But in episode Daveless in New York,sex scene Rick's lying over a women and the camera moves into him from the top and we get a dead on view of his bubble butt

mcjw2011 was written on March 23, 2003

Ass in love scene

In one of the earlier episodes, the hunky Rick Schroder briefly bares that nice ass as he has sex with Kim Delaney. The view's darkened, but nice... also there's a possible pubic shot but it's obscured by a lifted leg. See "Texas" to see Schroder's ass in full.

GDH was written on June 7, 2001

Bare hip - but censored?

In his second episode, Schroder is naked in (or rather on) bed with a young woman. He's laying on his back and we can see a bit of bare hip - enough to know he's naked - with his thigh raised to block the view of his genitals. It doesn't sound like much, but it's incredibly erotic. Incidentally, the conversation between Schroder and the woman sounds very disjointed, leading me to think that I saw a censored version of the scene, so perhaps the full version - if there is one - shows more?

luvbutt was written on October 14, 2001

In this episode

The previous reviewer definitely saw a censored version because when I saw the original airing we DEFINITELY saw Ricky's butt and it was super cute! It's the second episode of the show he appears in and we get a pretty good shot (for network TV standards at least) of it.

Andy Mackenzie
Ozzie700 was written on December 8, 2001

Rear; Episode: Cops and Robbers

In this 11/27/01 new episode, Andy plays a drug addict who is stripped and dragged through the station (a thrill if you're into public nudity or embarrassment). Andy, a lithe-bodied dirty blonde, is made to look scuzzy and strung-out, but even with the makeup and hair he's got a toned, perfectly proportioned, dimpled pair of cheeks.

Robert LaSardo
dvdcollector was written on July 1, 2004

Good butt -- with glimpse of hole and of penis

Getting busted by the police, he attempts to flee. While running, he spreads his butt cheeks so much that it is possible to see his hole! Very unusual! At the end of the scene, there is also a very brief, somewhat blurry frontal scene. If his body had not been covered in tattoos, this would have merited three, perhaps even four stars. As it is, he had a nice body and shapely butt.

Reno was written on December 7, 2002

Bedroom bust; rear end

Robert LaSardo, playing hoodlum Luis Hernandez in episode "Tempest in a C-Cup", is in bed with his girl when cops bust in unexpectedly and try to arrest him. He hops out of bed, nude, and makes a break for it, showing off his fine arse in a few good but fleeting shots. --Originally aired on Nov. 16, 1993

Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Ozzie700 was written on October 1, 2002

3/4 Rear; Episode: You've Got Mail

In the latest episode, the final scene is a bed scene between Mark and his girlfriend. You get a competently lit view of most of Mark's incredible bod (only his privates and the surrounding area are draped by a sheet). In the very last frame, he turns over to have sex, and you get a great, up-close view of most of his fabulous ass. Not only is this good nudity for network tv, it's actually better than most of the male nudity on cable tv these days!

bmg was written on May 6, 2002

Rear and possible brief pubes

Five minutes into the 5/7/02 episode, "Oedipus Wrecked," we finally see sweet Mark-Paul's buns as he climbs out of the shower and pulls a towel around his waist. We see more of his gorgeous, tight, smooth buns, including an extreme close-up (which may be a body double), when he walks to the closet and takes the towel off. Others have said you can briefly see his pubes, but I didn't notice. Well worth the wait.

moviestuff was written on July 28, 2003



Ozzie700 was written on May 16, 2003

Brief rear; Episode: Yo, Adrian

Mark shows his great ass very briefly while in bed with his girlfriend in the 5/13/03 episode.

Dennis Franz
bmg was written on January 2, 2000

Rear in shower

The famous shower scene with Sharon Lawrence in which they both bare their bums towards the beginning of the second season (I think it was episode #2.7 Double Abandando). It's not as flabby as the rest of him would have you believe - he must have worked out like hell just before this scene.

moviestuff was written on July 28, 2003



dvdcollector was written on July 15, 2004

Brave scene -- but do you really want to see it?

Gets into shower in episode 6 of the second season. Ugly. He must be very brave to show that butt off on camera.

David Caruso
dvdcollector was written on June 29, 2004

Bare butt

In at least two episodes from the first season, he bares his butt. Once he is in a police locker room and once he is getting out of bed. Not great looking, but not bad either.

moviestuff was written on July 28, 2003



JackTheRipper was written on December 20, 2002

Bare ass

Back in 1993, David Caruso became a first male star to bare his behind in a Network TV show. Nice ass.

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