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Claudio Marzo
Christoph was written on September 6, 2009

Extensive embarrassment nudity

Claudio Marzo plays an author who has a fling with a young woman and then accidentally gets locked outside of her apartment the next morning totally nude. He spends the duration of the film running stark naked all over Brazil trying to avoid the authorities. Extensive rear and some frontal scenes abound. Marzo is not the hottest guy, but his body is respectable and he is certainly daring in letting it all hang out. A worthwhile viewing experience for embarrassment nudity fans.

Daniel Dantas
Inchantrika was written on April 22, 2012

Terrific public embarrassment nudity

I know that Claudio Marzo, the leading actor, is the one who deserves most credit for being able to star in a film where he's 90% of the time stark-naked in public, his character really has a hard time in the movie. However, he finds out that his friend, played by Daniel, had been having an affair with his wife all the time during his naked odysee. He then, (maybe without being aware of it), sort of takes his revenge on Daniel by stripping him of his own robe and locking him out of his house in the buff. Considering the situation, the change of roles and the fact that Daniel's body is in better shape than his mate's, I personally think that the last minutes of the film are the best. When Daniel is found naked by one of Marzo's neighbours, (the same happened at the beginning with Marzo), he runs downstairs and ends up in the street but this time the building is surrounded by policemen and journalists who had been chasing Marzo and had previously seen him Entering there. Daniel is seen leaving the place and he is now chased by all of them. When he is finally caught at a dead-end street the embarrassment couldn't be better. 4 stars!!

Christoph was written on September 6, 2009

Embarrassment nudity

Daniel plays the guy shtupping the lead's wife. The husband comes in and finds Daniel wearing his robe. He forces Daniel to strip and throws him out of the apartment stark naked. Daniel then goes on the run from the authorities. Some nice rear nudity, but no frontals unlike from the daring leading man.

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