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Of Love and Shadows' Sexy Actresses

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Of Love and Shadows' Sexy Actors

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Jennifer Connelly
Gordon was written on February 21, 2001

Making love

A guy is on top of Jennifer thrusting away. She's wearing a shirt that is open in the front, and you can get glimpses of her breasts.

soulman was written on May 31, 2002

Nipple Slip.

The good news is that Connelly has a sex scene with Banderas. The bad news is that she decides to keep her shirt on throughout allowing only a brief nipple slip. Skip it. If you want to see her body other films out there that do a better job.

Chicago was written on December 21, 2002

1 kinda shot

Others do a good job of describing Jennifer's un-notable partial nip shot. Her right areola is partially viewable over the top of her shirt at 1:02:15-1:02:30 as Bandaras lays her on her back in the cave, and goes on to sex her.

adailymovie was written on May 31, 2000

too brief

It happens during the sex scene in the cave. Antonio is on top and Jennifer's shirt is just barely clinging to her. Unfortunately, it clings just enough. Going slow mo on the DVD, you can clearly see the area around the nipples visible for a second. Otherwise, there is nothing else at all.

Cyclone was written on October 12, 2000

Really brief nipple

During a sex scene with Antonio, one nipple makes a brief appearance. A very bland scene, and hardly worth mentioning. There's a much more eye-pleasing shot of her in the opening minutes of the movie, but this shot contains no nudity whatsoever. This is simply not the movie to see if you want to admire Jennifer's gorgeous body.

ILMAGIC was written on May 17, 1999

one BARELY topless shot

Jennifer is only semi-topless in one short scene. She is making out with a guy on the floor.. and her breasts are sort of coming out of her dress. and i think if you try REAL hard you can make out part of one nipple. But who knows. Decent movie though.

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013


Jennifer Connelly sitting against a headboard on a bed with her arms over the edge, making her jacket part to give us a very sexy look at almost all of her breast

Camilo Gallardo
Opticon was written on September 12, 2005

Hung up for torture

Yes, there's a bedroom scene very early in the movie in which you get some mostly-waist-up shots of a naked Gallardo, but very late in the movie there's a better scene. Gallardo hangs by his wrists inside a Chilean torture chamber, his feet not touching the floor. He's buck naked but facing away from the camera so you get a brief look at his muscular buns. (The lighting is only so-so.) Then he swings around toward the camera but the camera moves up so you get a look at his chest but not at his genitals. Details of his torture aren't included but it's safe to assume his captors were shooting electricity through his penis and testicles.

Ozzie700 was written on September 4, 2002

Present Arms

Camilo plays Jennifer's nasty soldier fiance, and he has a cute scene early in the film. He is wearing only his hat and his boxers. He bends over and yanks over the underwear, and you can see the top half of his muscled rump. You may be able to see more of his buttocks in the mirror, for a few seconds, and then when he quickly turns around to face her and "present arms". He has a great body and seems proud of it. Very sexy guy.

Antonio Banderas
ajb was written on February 8, 1999

He is on top of that really bad actress Jennifer Connoly.

The camera pulls back and you get a clear shot of his butt. The shot lasts for a fairly long time. This movietries to be, but it is not very sexy. For sexy, try Never Talk to Strangers.Yowza!!

Ozzie700 was written on September 4, 2002


He and Jennifer have sex in a cave at around the hour mark. This scene lasts for 3-4 minute, as he is stripped and mounts her as she's mostly clothed. At the end is at least a 10 second, mediocrely lit shot of his great ass. This isn't as erotic as it's supposed to be, but his methodical thrusting into her adds a lot. He's very sexy here.

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