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Oh! Calcutta!'s Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Tribush, Nancy 1 Review
Sappington, Margo 1 Review
Hawkins, Patricia 1 Review
Harper, Samantha 1 Review
Barrett, Raina 1 Review

Oh! Calcutta!'s Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Welbes, George 1 Review
Macy, Bill 3 Reviews

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Nancy Tribush
BushLeague was written on January 8, 2002

Many nude scenes

Strips from bath robe at beginning of movie with rest of cast. Is a cute short cropped brunette with a relatively large round,firm ass with thin, but not really muscular legs. Ass peeks out many times along with legs from under teddy nightie where she is wearing no underwear! Can get a brief shot of bush and pussy when she falls onto bed and bends over. Is naked in final scene with rest of cast.

Margo Sappington
BushLeague was written on January 8, 2002

Many nude scenes throughout movie--including nude dance

A brunette that looks cute or not, depending on her role. Super tight dancer's body with firm, but average breasts and a nice tight ass--nothing jiggles on her! Strips from robe at beginning of movie. In "Wife Swap" sketch, is seen wearing a see through top showing her firm round breasts throughout sketch with a mini showing those tight dancer's legs. Rips off blouse at end of sketch. Is nude in blurry forest scene. Does a 10 minute completely nude adagio dance (no shoes, either--nothing). If you have a good freeze frame, you can get a glimpse of pussy. Is naked with rest of cast at end in simulated "group sex" ending.

Patricia Hawkins
BushLeague was written on January 8, 2002

Many nudes throughout movie

Really cute thinnish blond with a possibly natural blond bush. Strips from bathrobe with rest of cast at beginning. Briefly shows bush when "Jack" rips off her panties. Her thin muscular athletic legs are also prominently displayed. Is nude in final scene with rest of cast (this scene lasts a good 10-15 minutes).

Samantha Harper
BushLeague was written on January 8, 2002

Many nude scenes throughout movie

She is a super cute, tight brunette of about average height with a southern accent and a thick black bush. The tits are very round and symmetrical, probably natural. She strips from a bath robe with the rest of the cast. Shows her left breast briefly as a nurse during the "sex clinic" sketch. Has blurry nude scene during forest scene. Strips naked with rest of cast during final nude sketch. The cast goes naked ass hole to belly button and rock bath and forth while standing. Great legs, butt.

Raina Barrett
BushLeague was written on January 8, 2002

Several nude scenes

She is a tall leggy red head with firm, seemingly natural fair sized breasts with a thick red bush. She strips from bath robe at beginning with rest of cast. Plays the test subject in a sex clinic--she starts out on a gurney in bra and panties, then the doctors remove them and she simulates sex with a mail test subject. Does a blurry nude scene in a psychedelic forest sequence, then is completey nude with the rest of the cast at the end of the movie (fade out).

George Welbes
MisterTeas was written on March 3, 2005

The hottest guy, shows the most

George is a shaggy-haired, very nicely built guy who provides the most male nudity. The best scene is a nude ballet routine with Margo Sappington. We see every inch of his finely muscled body, with his beautiful penis and balls swinging as he dances. He also appears in the opening and closing strip acts and the walk through the forest, but those scenes are "artfully done," with lighting changes and superimpositions that distract from the great nudity.

Bill Macy
MisterTeas was written on May 26, 2003

Has Bea Arthur seen this?

Macy bares it all at the beginning, during a slo-mo scene in a forest, and during the finale. His body is neither bad nor especially good; he's lumpish and slightly clumsy-looking, and used mostly for comic effect. Gotta give him two stars for chutzpah.

BushLeague was written on January 8, 2002

Lots of nudity

This guy is known as Maude's doctor husband from TV. Even though he is 50 he is really tight for a man his age. Really tiny wee-wee. Strips from robe at start and is naked in final scene. (do you care?)

babon was written on July 15, 2000

Full Frontal

He flaunts his penis

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