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Elizabeth Olsen
captainspyke was written on March 4, 2015

Breasts and Butt

at around the 1:15 mark Elisabeth appears from the bathroom wrapped in a towel still a little wet from taking a shower. She kneels on the bed behind Joshua Brolin to tend to a wound on his shoulder. A few seconds later they start kissing and her towel slips off exposing her rather nice breasts. The scene continues as they have sex on the bed, giving us some nice looks at her breasts from different angles, and a few looks at her butt while riding Brolin.

roughly 20 minutes later the "bad guy" shows replays of this encounter to Brolin, as he reveals that "Marie" (Olsen's Character) is actually the daughter that Brolin's character has been searching for. A little disturbing but still nice to watch.

I give the nudity in this movie 3 stars because it was the first nude scene I've seen of the much more attractive Olsen sister, and also because it fit the story pretty well. Also it's a pretty good movie with or without the nude scenes

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