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2012 Attack of the 50ft Cheerleader 1 Review

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Attack of the 50ft Cheerleader (2012)
Pieman was written on July 27, 2013

Giant boobs and buttocks! - You know, because she's a giant, too...

Olivia is a pretty brunette cheerleader who's thunder is stolen by the once-ugly, but now hot Jena Sims. About 52 minutes in, she tries to seduce information out of one of the lab nerds with a hot striptease. She accidentally reveals an inch or so of the top of her buttocks, then writhes around in some cute underwear. About ten minutes later, during sex, she starts growing and pops out of her top, exposing two very nice breasts. Shortly after that, she is walking around outside, giving us a nice shot of her shapely buttocks (no bush) and breasts. And then, in the finale, she has a lengthy, topless catfight with a rival cheerleader. Four breasts, several minutes. Every film should end this way...

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