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2005 Sleeper Cell 1 Review

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Sleeper Cell (2005)
Ozzie700 was written on December 30, 2006

Hot but bad - several sex scenes

Omid is just freaking gorgeous. Arab, golden brown skin, boyish face aged just enough by a light beard. He also has a lean, well-muscled body, a muscular, tight ass, and two perfect quarter-sized nipples with slight tufts of hair growing out of them.

He plays a terrorist who is struggling with his homosexuality. A hot white guy at the gym goes into the steam room and hints that he wants Omid to follow. Omid does, and drops his towel to give a glimpse of that hot ass. Then he and the white guy jerk each other off (their lower halves aren't seen) before the guy goes down on Omid. In a later episode, Omid yanks the guy's pants down, shoves him on the bed face down, and roughly backdoors him. Omid's pants aren't pulled all the way down but you still get some great shots of his thrusting ass. He is just flawless. The story doesn't have a happy ending, but the actors are perfect.

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