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Out of Control's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Udy, Claudia 3 Reviews
Russell, Betsy 4 Reviews
Fenn, Sherilyn 2 Reviews
Dietrich, Cindi 2 Reviews

Out of Control's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Youngs, Jim 1 Review
Kantor, Richard 0 Reviews

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Claudia Udy
Antman was written on October 12, 1999

Three brief topless scenes

The first is during the game of strip spin-the-bottle(?). The second is when she is raped by one of the bad guys. The third is the best of the 3 when she and her boyfriend are having sex.

Chicago was written on October 19, 2001

3 scenes

Antman's review is right on but to elaborate a little more...Claudia is the very attractive blonde (an 80's look) whose first scene is at :35.25 when she takes off her bra after letting it all go when dancing in front of the group by the fire. For some reason she's shy and is reluctant to take off her bra, but finally does...unfortunately for us she's in the shadows and the scene is shot from a medium distance so all that's really seen is the outline of her. At :54.25-:55.75 is her rape scene; while the scene is somewhat brutal and the views short-lived, you can pause your way to see her breasts and her nice nipples. But you don't see anything in comparison to the sweet close-up you get in her final scene as she's having sex along the rocks at 1:02.5-1:03.5...GREAT close-up (particularly for this movie) of her hand-cup sized breasts and her great nipples!! Smokin'!

soulman was written on October 21, 2001

One Real Good Close-Up

After suffering throught 2 brief (too brief) shots, we finally get an excellent close-up of her very nice looking tits and even nicer looking nipples.

Betsy Russell
soulman was written on October 21, 2001

Striptease By Campfire

Betsy shows her nice, large tits during a game of Strip-Spin-The-Bottle. Not one of her best nude scenes, but any good tit shot of Betsy rates a ***.

Chicago was written on October 19, 2001

2 separate views in the same scene

Betsy gives the clearest view of her breasts during the spin-the-bottle game, when she calmly one-ups Claudia's strip by taking off her top clearly for the entire group...well-lit shot of her largish breasts with large areola. Good 7 sec. view at :35.75. At :36.75-:37, Betsy gets up and you see her breasts from a medium distance shot, then her ass as she takes off her panties in front of the group before she's quickly covered up by the guy...sorry, no pubes.

MV was written on January 8, 1999

1 scene

Nothing special here. Striptease by campfire...briefly topless

Bluto was written on March 4, 2001

Strip-tease by the fire

Betsy takes it off during a game of strip spin-the-bottle. Some quick breast shots, but not as good as Tomboy or Private School. If you want to see Betsy nude, rent one of these first

Sherilyn Fenn
Chicago was written on October 19, 2001

1 wet-t scene

It's hard to believe this is actually Sherilyn...but it's the 1985 version of her! At :23.75, she is swimming in a pool wearing a thin white t-shirt...she is seen up out of the water from a medium distance, giving a 3 sec. view of her headlights and largish breasts through the shirt.

swellsystem was written on March 27, 2006

true fans only

Mild but stirring wet t-shirt, her indeed looking young. Might not even really belong here, but an incomplete appraisal of Sherilyn Fenn would more greatly damage the integrity of this database.

Cindi Dietrich
Antman was written on October 12, 1999

Brief topless scene

During the game of spin-the-bottle, she pulls down the straps that are covering her nipples giving us a quick peek at her nice tits.

Chicago was written on October 19, 2001

1 scene

Antman's right with his description, but the view is worse than he described. The strip scene during spin-the-bottle is at :36, lasts 7 sec. but is shot from a long distance view. Too bad, because she had some nice large ones that would have been nice to really see. As somewhat of a plus, before this when they're dancing around, I think there was an editing mistake because in the background you can see her with her top down...but even on pause, it's hard to make much out.

Jim Youngs
Derek was written on November 28, 1998

Love scene

Nice shots of handsome actor's rear as he makes love to a woman by the coast. Would love to see more of him in anything.

Richard Kantor

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