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2007 Rock Haven 2 Reviews

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Rock Haven (2007)
donby was written on November 9, 2007

Side frontal, preparing for sex

Owen is the latino, seemingly playing a non-latino role. His penis is larger than his partner (or perhaps in a semi-hard state) and is dark. Also, he has a bubble butt which some will appreciate.

Script handles sensitively subject of the conflict of religion and gay sexual attraction. Nice acting by everyone, but it's slow-going getting to this scene.

Mattg was written on November 3, 2007

Great frontal and butt

Owen plays Clifford, the non-Christian, slightly Hispanic hottie who becomes the boyfriend of the main character. Owen is stunning and probably early 20s (his character is supposed to be 19.) Great, hot, lean body.. We see him completely nude in the big love scene, along with his co-star Sean Hoagland. It was a bit surprising to see frontal nudity in the middle of this sweet little romance, but I certainly wasn't complaining. The boys kiss and stand in front of the bed. They take off their shirts and Owen then drops his pants revealing a semi-hard cock and a great side view of his ass. Very young and luscious, I love it when young actors take it all off like this. After Hoagland takes off his clothes too, Owen directs him onto the bed and we see a nice full-on view of Owen's ass. Then we only get close-up shots of their faces and torsos as they sensually kiss and begin the love-making process. Very satisfying all in all in this sweet romance movie.

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