Pam & Tommy Lee: Stolen Honeymoon's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Anderson, Pamela 25 Reviews

Pam & Tommy Lee: Stolen Honeymoon's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Lee, Tommy 9 Reviews

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Pamela Anderson
gringo69 was written on December 2, 2000

A Day in The Life of Tommy's Schlong

If you are a Pam fan and always wanted to see someone giving it to her then this is the video for you. This basically deals more with Tom's schlong then Pam but you get to see her in all her glory and it is real hardcore sex(though not enough). Can't really go wrong.

[email protected] was written on June 21, 1998

Home Video

Wow.. If you want it hardcore Pamela, You'll surely get it in this movie. This is great for the guys and the gals.. Especially if you've ever dreamed of Pamela Giving you road head

Omni was written on October 6, 2000

Not much of Pam but at least it's something

Ok, it's obviously overhyped. There is something to see though. She plays with herself for like 3 seconds. Tommy likes to zoom in on the actual sex. But as mentioned, you pretty much get 99% tommy dick to 1% anything of Pam's.

movieguy21 was written on August 10, 2003

Pam Sex

You get to see Pam's shaved pussy when she spreads her legs for the camera. You also get to see Pam rubbing her vagina as Tommy Lee pumps his huge dick in and out of Pam (There is an up close shot of Tommy's penis as he inserts it in Pam's vagina). You also get to see Pam take Tommy's long dick into her mouth and give him oral (she goes up and down on the head of his penis and strokes the length of it with her hand).

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on August 10, 2003


this movie is great what more can you ask for the best part is when she is sucking him off and jerking him you can just picture yourself in that position and its great

thefaceman32 was written on January 30, 2003

Penetration - Oral - Masturbation - Shaved - Gyno

Penetration scenes
Oral scenes
Masturbation scene (on Tommy Lee and just barely touching herself on boat)
Shaved scene
Gyno scene

soulman was written on September 28, 2000

WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gotti4321 was written on December 12, 2003


Pam looks good but theres to much of tommy.They talk Most of the time.Tell me why tommy tucks his dick in He may have a fruity side to him. Pams shaved pussys looks good.She really gives good head from the looks of it!!

Phoenix231175 was written on January 15, 2000

Not that bad

I don't know what Centurion is talking about. I bought the British version and I saw a whole lot more than some breasts shots. Okay so you don't get to see her lying on her back with Tommy bouncing up and down on her, but what we get is actually pretty good. We do get to see her all nude through most of the video, including her posing for Tommy naked with her legs open wide and briefly (very briefly) touching herself. As for the sex, well she goes down on Tommy repeatedly, and twice they have sex although they have the camera too close to let us see them properly. But we do get to see Tommy pumping in and out of her pussy, albiet briefly again. I was well satisfied with the video, after all how often do we get to see the star's fucking and sucking for real.

kpro was written on March 30, 2004

pam giving head

not bad

alvis12 was written on January 4, 2001

Pam getting fucked

in this scene you barely ever see Pam. Its mostly Tommy but its harcore though. All you usually see is Tommy giving it to pam. you don't get to see much of Pam!

rockyb was written on October 24, 2001

pam anderson having sex with tommy lee

I absolutley cannot resisist seeing pam anderson nude. Her body seems so perfect to me though it is fake. Even though there isn`t much of her in this video, what is seen is truly awesome.

xdigglax was written on June 22, 2004

pam givin tom the sweetest piece

ok pam has done it all in our minds but this time she actually does it on camera and if all she did was stand there it would sell but she takes it all the way

nmd was written on June 29, 1999

dont fall for the hype

sure you get to see pam totally naked with her legs spread wide and lots of blowjob scenes , but the sex was a bit disapointing - there's only a few minutes of actual sex in the whole video and pam is holding the camera so ya dont get to see her face .

Senator was written on September 6, 2001

more tommy than pam

she is hot enough, but I think very over-rated... too little her, lots of him... that really isn't too bad...

Bootydaddy was written on September 6, 2001

I agree with everyone else

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. To much of Tommy, not near enough of Pam. HUGE dissapointment..don't watch this piece of crap.

jeremyw was written on August 20, 2003

pamela sucks it

pam and tommy have good sex and pamela gives some good head

jamiroquai was written on July 9, 2002

boat sex

Remember folks--this is a home video! Anything showing Pam's pussy is worth watching especially if she is having sex(wouldn't you do the same with you video camera?).
Worth adding to the collection.

AdNoctum was written on October 21, 1999

nothing but hype

In the british version of this video you actually get to see very little, after an extremly long credit sequence you are treated to a panel showing the actual wedding, problem is this panel is floating all over the screen blocking the bits that people actually want to see, there is very little on show, some breast shots and thats about it.

Ed77 was written on April 18, 2004

Not bad

Well done scene... pam usually does a good job

kerA was written on October 26, 2002


Well, Pamela Anderson got beautiful fleshy vagina and She shows it here in all its glory. Pam's pussy is shaved to bald one, Her labia are massive and pink. Clitoris is small and funny.


Kenpo was written on October 30, 2001

Any Pam is good Pam

Can't say I was overly disappointed, yes there is too much of Tommy, but the outside boat sex scene did it for me...many many MANY times

axl was written on January 30, 2000

this sucks

After having to fast forwad for what seemed like an eternity the scenes are really not all that hot. The best scene is the last one in which Tommy ejaculates all over her. Otherwise this should be called Tommy's Dick.

Gianobil was written on December 15, 2015

Female Perfection

Gorgeus body,pure ecstacy for the eyes.Boobs,vagina ready to be licked and her mouth starving for receiving semen in extraordinary.The best woman on earth.Feet,legs,lips everything is a simphony

watcher000 was written on May 20, 2015

Pamela getting pumped

Pamela is sitting in bathtub and acting shy her boobs are visible over the water.

Tommy and Pamela are in a car. Tommy's cock is out and Pamela takes it in her mouth and gives blow job. But her hair makes it difficult to see clearly.

Pamela is lying naked on a boat and she spreads her legs to show her shaved pussy. Tommy goes near her and puts her cock in her pussy and start pumping slowly. she is playing with her pussy.

In the next shot Pamela is clearly sucking Tommy's big cock. Massaging his cock with her hand as she gives blow job focussing on his cock head. She then gives him a fast hand job.Then there is a close up shot of Pamela's pussy as Tom's hard cock is banging her.

Tommy Lee
emma31293 was written on November 3, 2010

lots of nudity and some sex

Ok so I actually just saw this whole video and there isn't as much sex as I thought there would be but there is way more nudity of tommy lee than what you normally see on the webclips of this. So here is what I remember.
The first part is just pam and tommy in their house and you see his penis a few times but he isn't erect.
Then they are filming in the car he lifts his shorts back and you see his (very long and fully erect penis). The next part is the "boat" part which is I think what most people have seen. You see him getting a blow job up close (very hot) and then you see his penis a few more times but its quick. The best part by far is at the end when they have sex (you see him penetrating her and then pulling out and ejaculating). Also during this part there is about thirty seconds where you see penis up close (including the tip), he's erect all the way and I must say he has a very big penis.

movieguy21 was written on August 25, 2002

And then some

Tommy's penis is huge and on full display at almost every moment during this video. During the car ride you see Pam play with his flaccid penis as she pulls it out from his shorts and zooms in on it with the camera. During the boat part you see his long flaccid penis dangling from his body and he honks the horn with it. You also see Pam take him deep in her mouth and jerk him. Later in the movie Tommy is walking around with a full erection and the camera zooms close for several seconds. This is the best shot of the movie. His penis looks magnificant strechted out and it even bobs up and down when he walks. There's also a part that shows Tommy inserting his erect penis into Pam's vagina, another close up shot of the head of his penis. They proceed to have intecourse and Tommy pulls out and shoots all over Pam. He lets his long beautiful cock dangle between his legs as he tells pam how much he loves her.

movieguy21 was written on April 25, 2003

Multiple versions

After posting a review of one version of this film, i came across a second, longer version that had more footage from the 'boat' (the previous version i watched only had the car ride, and sex footage). This version included multiple shots of Tommy steering the boat and walking around. When Pam tapes him steering the boat you can see his penis between his legs. Like I said in my other review, Tommy is very hung and has one of the nicest looking penis i've ever seen on film. During a different part there is a close up of his penis from above and you can see it is at least six inches long flaccid.

ta81 was written on May 10, 2003

Pretty impressive

Ok, there's loads of nudity in this movie so I'll try to give a run down. And for the record I think this movie wins some award for having the most shots of a man's penis. And also for the record it's huge.
Ok, the first bit happens in the car when Tommy flashes his huge erect penis for the camera. Wow. It almost hits the steering wheel. Pam then proceeds to blow him but he doesn't get hard. You then see Tommy play with his dick a little bit and pam holds it for the camera. But the best is yet to come.
During the boat part of the movie Tommy is steering the boat with his foot and you get a few glimpses of his dick and balls between his legs. This is when Tommy's penis is probably experiencing some 'shrinkage'from going in the water, even though it's still a good four or five inches long. His balls are also quite large. A few moments later the camera zooms in on his face and then down to his penis from above. This is a great shot of Tommy's long, flaccid dick dangling from his body. Tommy's penis in its normal state is larger than most men fully erect. You then see him honk the horn with his dick, but this is only a brief look. After a little bit of sex there is an amazing blow job sequence where, for about a full minute or so you get to see Pam suck tommy's cock. Amazing. Then the movie cuts to a fully nude Tommy walking around with an erection. You get a great side view of Tommy's long, erect penis, and then a quick frontal shot. After that there is another blow job part and even better sex part. You actually get to see Tommy insert his big dick into Pam's shaved vagina. There is some great penetration and Tommy even finishes it up this time. Quality.

Bubblez was written on December 16, 1999


You can not ask for more!You see him fuckin, gettin a (hot) blowjob and his cum.His erect penis is very long!

hornyhornyhorny was written on August 5, 2007


how big is it fully hard?

emma31293 was written on October 15, 2010

Naked penis and sex

Ok so I watched this whole movie with my (ex) boyfriend and its SO boring but tommy lee is naked in a lot of parts and even though I don't think he is very good looking he has a really big dick and you see it up close up several times. I think the main parts are the blow job, when you see him on the boat and then the end with sex. In the beginning you only see quick things but in the end you see his erect penis for quite a bit and they have sex, he pulls out and comes. VERY hot.

major_domo was written on October 12, 2002

entire video

Tommy is not really an attractive type, perhpas in a rugged way. But he sure has the goods. His penis is around seven inches long flaccid. Impressive.

Gianobil was written on December 14, 2015

A Monument between His Legs

The sex tape concerns The most famous couple of the 90 s,Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.Even if the attention was all on Pam and her gorgeous body we cannot deny the power seen inside Tommy'pants.Every time i see the tape i can t resist to the beautiful baby between the legs of this man..The world should make a statue of it.The tape showa his huge cock in different circumstances.i Will list the best in my opinion.One of the best shotd is certaintly the car scene;Tommy is driving and suddendly pull out his baby from his shorts and starts moving it with is finger.The cock is not fully erect but it is already big,veiny and juicy.Pam blows it and strokes it for a while.Now,the number one part is the Blowjob scene and man..what a scene .Tommy is fully nide along with Pam ,and his cock is on full display,hard as a rock and wet by pam s saliva.Pamela blows it like a queen and Tommh moans for the pleasure.The cock in this scene is beautiful,making both men and women wanting to suck it.The shaft is thick ,hard and the glans is like the head of a huge mushroom ready to explode.After a perfect blowjob sessiom Pam s starts to jerk it.The penis is in control lf her hand ,and you can enjoy its full beauty.Another shot is kitchen scene:Tommy is prepairing a drink fully nakes and his beast if out fully erect,almost hitting the 9 inch.The beautiful cock is hard like a stone and ready to make action.The action comes in the last scene wehere Tommy is having intercourse With pam,and his cock is in full power concluding with a great ejacultation shot.The point with Tommy s cock is that i love it too much,it is a pleause for me watching it.I am a steaight man,i love women ,love pamela anderson but i love Tommy Lee s huge cock.I would love to blow it and drink his cum since his oenis is something special,an icon ....something you can t say no.I give 10/10 to this sex tape and every point goes to that extraordinary penis.Best cock in the world,pure perfection.

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