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Windsor, Keri 2 Reviews
Wiley, Diane 1 Review
Wasko, Sandy 2 Reviews
Von Flotow, Michelle 1 Review
Vaughn, Nancy Lynn 4 Reviews
Turner, Michelle 1 Review
Taylor, Lesley S. 1 Review
Sheeley, Celeste 2 Reviews
Russell, Regina 2 Reviews
Rowe, Kimberly 1 Review
Rose, Shelly 1 Review
Reed, Kira 4 Reviews
Prentice, Amanda 3 Reviews
Phillips, Samantha 2 Reviews
O'Brien, Nancy 1 Review
Nicholas, Angela 1 Review
New, Tina 2 Reviews
Moulton, Judy 2 Reviews
Moorland, Alicia 3 Reviews
Messuri, LoriDawn 2 Reviews
Meadows, Julie 1 Review
Marr, Lea 1 Review
Lee, Jessica 1 Review
Lee, Cherry 1 Review
Larranaga, Catalina 1 Review
Keijser, Tracy 1 Review
Hays, Lauren 4 Reviews
Hanson, Melina 3 Reviews
Hall, Gabriella 3 Reviews
Gamaza, T. 1 Review
Ford, Maria 1 Review
Featherly, Susan 1 Review
Duncan, Maggie 1 Review
Dee 1 Review
Dawson, Kim 1 Review
Davis, Brandy 1 Review
Cornell, Angela 1 Review
Cooper, Sarah 2 Reviews
Boyd, Cynthia 3 Reviews
Ballou, Cara 2 Reviews

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Wayne, Darren 2 Reviews
Vie, Joey 2 Reviews
Swensson, Tim 1 Review
Stewart, Jay 2 Reviews
Stark, Julian 1 Review
Stark, Jason 2 Reviews
Silva, Andre T. 2 Reviews
Sheffer, Christopher 1 Review
Schafer, Bertrand 1 Review
Ryan, Jason 1 Review
Riffe, Scott 1 Review
Rema, Anthony 2 Reviews
Newgard, Marcus 1 Review
Moseley, Lance 1 Review
Mercuri, Frank 2 Reviews
Masters, Cameron 1 Review
Maropis, Adoni 1 Review
Love, Kwantae 1 Review
Linton, Brian 2 Reviews
Kapanke, Christopher John 1 Review
Johnston, Bobby 1 Review
Guy, Sebastien 0 Reviews
Ginsburg, Steven 2 Reviews
Francis, Stephen 1 Review
Duc, Scott 1 Review
DeVilla, Anthony 4 Reviews
Dean, Trevor 1 Review
Curtis, Steve 1 Review
Carey, Jarod 2 Reviews
Bullock, Oscar 1 Review
Bradshaw, Micah 3 Reviews
Boule, Karl 1 Review
Bartram, Brad 1 Review
Acsell, Eric 2 Reviews

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Keri Windsor
Chicago was written on July 24, 2002

3 scenes in "Practice What You Preach"

In this episode, Keri plays the sex therapist who's gone to Passion Cove to relax but ends up learning things about sex herself. At :03-:03.5, Keri is seen undressing and changing into a bathing suit...untanned breasts close-up and ass in thong as she strokes her fake twins. At :07.75-:09, Keri is outside Melina Hanson's door watching her and her boyfriend go at it; she gets excited, opens her towel and begins satisfying herself...breasts and lower abdomen but no pubes. At :21.5-:24.25, Keri and a guy have a shared cutaway scene with Melina and a guy. Keri kisses a guy in the moonlit bedroom and then he simu-orals her…breasts and lower abdomen but no pubes until later in the scene. Keri moves to be on top (ass and breasts) and then she wraps around him facing. She’s not very attractive, her body is ho-hum fake, and her acting is weak given she’s done a number of adult movies.

Cyclone was written on August 30, 2004

Several scenes

In the episode "The Getaway", Keri never goes more than a few minutes without showing us some skin. She has three different sex scenes in the half-hour episode (with three different people, including Kira Reed), and also plays with herself while watching her future husband sleep with Kira. She shows off her breasts almost constantly, but the best looks at her butt and her partly shaved bush come at the start of her final sex scene, about 22 minutes in. And for those interested, her scene with Kira starts about 11 minutes into the episode. All in all, Keri looks terrific, and since her nudity is so abundant, it hardly makes sense for me to describe all of her nude scenes in extreme detail. Let's just say that if you like Keri, you'll love this episode.

Diane Wiley
Chicago was written on April 7, 2001

"Best Friends" - 1 scene

At :16-:18 in "Best Friends," Diane Wiley (may have another credited name as she looks familiar) shows up to have "goodbye sex" with her boyfriend. The views of her breasts and erect nipples are hard to enjoy due to the numerous cuts and overlays, but decent nonetheless.

Sandy Wasko
axl was written on March 9, 2000

nude from the getstart

From all most the start of this she hops into bed with her boyfriend. You see her bush when she gets off of him. They then get it on in a hot tub and you see full frontal again. Later she has some lesbo action with a model

Chicago was written on April 8, 2001

"Silent Night" main star - 3 scenes

At :00-:04, Sandy is naked as her boyfriend hangs a Christmas ornament on her nipple and takes pictures of her. Excellent views of her breasts from the front and side, ass and some bush glimpses. At :12-:17.75, her boyfriend has to watch her have sex with another guy. At first the scene is in bad moonlighting but you see her breast with perky nip, ass and some pubes in the dim lighting; however, as the scene progresses to the bed, much better views of her breasts and pubes. At :23.5-:25.25, she sexes her boyfriend after he apologizes...mostly breasts, but a couple of bush glimpses also.

Michelle Von Flotow
Chicago was written on February 17, 2003

3 scenes in "Gotta Run"

At :08:19 in this episode after Michelle's walked in to the guy's office one night while he's working, the guy imagines her briefly standing in front of him topless...2 sec. breasts. She later returns to his office, Michelle kisses him, clears his desk, he feels over her clothes, and at :13:30-:15:40 slides up her dress, revealing her ass in a g-string; 20 sec. later her breasts (enhanced, still dimpled) and then ass are revealed as he removes her top and panties and simu-orals her while she sits on the desk. The two then move to sex, him standing and her sitting on the desk, before he 'wakes up' to what's just been his fantasy imagination. After Michelle simu-orals the guy on the love seat while he's blindfolded, at :24:40-:27:20 she unties her dress top and pulls it down/off...breasts and ass in bikini bottoms. The scene then cuts to the two having sex on the bed with him on top kissing her, simu-ing then sexing her...breast views. Michelle then moves atop giving better views of her breasts, ass and 3 brief pubes flashes (not enough to raise it above 3 1/2 *'s) before the two cuddle briefly at the end of the episode.

Nancy Lynn Vaughn
Chicago was written on November 9, 2002

1 scene in "Ten Years Later"

Other reviewers do a good job of describing Nancy Lynn's scene in this episode which comes at :13.5-:16.75...breasts, ass, and trim pubes shots.

dpph was written on July 9, 2002

Gives blowjob and has abnormal sex

The scene is setup oddly. Her husband is lying on his back, completely naked, surrounded by an incredible amount of candles. She gives him a fake bj, but it's still pretty good by cable standards.

Then she rides him, and while riding him, drips burning wax onto her breasts. Her breasts are nice, though they look a little flat when she leans back; still, she's got nice nipples and her breasts are very nice if they aren't fake.

We get some good views of her pubic hair which is well trimmed into a long rectangle. We see it mostly as she rides her husband while he's on his back. The shots are mostly from the side, but they are very clear.

There are some odd shots that seem like they're in fast motion during their sex scene. Some are closeups of her nipples as her husband licks them and she massages them. Next, he performs cunnilingus and we get our best view yet of her brown pussy hair.

Overall a nice scene, but some of the odd filming kind of turned me off and kept me from giving it a 4.

dpph was written on July 9, 2002


quick addition:
The episode I was referring to is called "Ten Years Later"

Maxijan was written on April 7, 2001


From the episod 'Ten years later'. Having out-of-the-ordinary sex with her husband. The best sequence is when she is giving head, which seems extremely realistic (but is not, of course). The rest of the scene is very hot as well.

Michelle Turner
Chicago was written on April 15, 2001

3 scenes – “Ghostly Passions”

At :02.75-:04.25 Michelle is sexed by her boyfriend on a table in a trailer. She has nice natural, large breasts that bounce as she’s laid back on the table. Breast and bush shots. At :06.5-:09, she is disrobed by the male ghost and is sexed…great breast and bush (legs spread open, full frontal) views. At :20.5-:25.5, she again shows her breasts…while a long scene, most of it involves Cynthia sexing the guy but there are some very nice breast shots (her best asset) of her toward the end of the scene.

Lesley S. Taylor
soulman was written on October 22, 2003

Hot Lesbo Action.

Episode: SORORITY REUNION. Taylor's character is the main character in this episode. She's very cute with a nice little body and cute little tits. She has 1 with her boyfriend in the laundry room, 1 while not nuse is still pretty sexy where she get her ass rubbed down through her bikini bottoms by Gamaza, 1 topless lesbo hottub scene with Gamaza, 1 sunbathing shot and a f/f/m scene with her boyfriend and Gamaza. Very nice.

Celeste Sheeley
Chicago was written on April 7, 2001

"Best Friends" - 1 scene

At :00.5-:.02.5 in the episode "Best Friends," Amanda catches her boyfriend having sex with Celeste, who is an attractive dark-haired girl. The scene shows breasts and ass in a variety of sex positions (including hanging and being eaten from the bed canopy) amidst very quick camera cuts. Nice bouncing breasts toward the end.

Anton_LaVey was written on May 11, 2001

1 Scene

Well. We start off with Celeste going at it with some guy. He does a very hot missionary/bunny ears with her legs curved up and around him. She flips over and on top of him, brief shot of her round ass and lips from behind. She really grinds away, then gets flipped onto her back and he pounds her FAST and HARD. Just look at that ass wiggle when he slams it in. Next, after being inside of her, she takes him deep into her mouth, tasting herself and his flesh. Her turn. She stands up and shoves his face into her slit. She does an excellent reverse cowgirl into a reverse on knees pounding. Lovely breast movement at the end as he enters her hard and fast. The bad part? They cut and paste the scenes so that they last around 3-4 frames each. In other words, it's annoying!! If they didn't cut away from shot to shot so quickly, It would've been a 4*...I felt like I was watching NYPD Blue!! :)

Regina Russell
WLoomis was written on May 7, 2002

Best Revenge episode

Regina is in bed for one extended scene, most of that time spent being butt-fu//ed by her boyfriend. This is a very fast paced moment, nothing sexy or lingering. The camera is more interested in the guy's ass than in anything on Regina. Still, there are a few OK breast shots and one or two kneeling pussy shots when she's being banged from behind.

Chicago was written on January 8, 2003

2 scenes in “The Best Revenge”

At :13:25-:13:40 in this episode, Regina has some fast cutting scenes of her in the throws of sex being done from behind on the bed…breasts and ass. At :15-:16:55, the scene resumes with the two in the same position before he drops her on the bed to a doggie-position, he simu-orals her while she’s standing and then she hops on him on the bed….breasts, ass and pubes (from a distance). The rapid cuts here hurt the viewing, but they add to the eroticism…and the breasts and ass bouncing from the thrusting doesn’t hurt either. Better than average outing for her thanks in no small part to the filming style.

Kimberly Rowe
soulman was written on October 22, 2003

Hot Lesbo Action.

Thompson is another cutie in episode SORORITY REUNION. And like Taylor she has a nice little bod and cute little titties. Her scenes are a masturbating-in-the-bathtub scene, 1 lesbo scene with Cornell and 1 sunbathing scene near the end of the episode.

Shelly Rose
Chicago was written on September 14, 2002

All the time in "House Call" - 6 scenes

And what a hot girl she is too, resembling (as close as anyone does) Brittany Spears....she's a definite worth-watch! The scenes are too lengthy to give details, but here are some highlights. At :02.25-:07, sex with a guy (breasts, ass) and next morning asleep in bed (breasts, ass). At :08.5, 7 sec. breasts while rolling over talking to her girlfriend. At :09-:09.75, fantasy sex scene with a guy (breasts, close too, and lower abdomen). At :11, 2 sec. breasts when rolling under covers in bed. At :11.75, sitting topless by pool. At :14.5-:15.5, breasts and ass, showering/masturbating with cuts to earlier sex scene. At :22-:25 breasts, ass, pubis (clean-shaven?) while banged doggie-style on table then chilled breasts when coming part-way out of the pool water. Shelly's got a great tight body, sweet breasts....hopefully, we'll see her MUCH more often!

Kira Reed
Chicago was written on June 26, 2002

7 scenes in "The Surrogate"

soulman is sooo right about Kira! In this episode, Kira crashes a vacant house, a couple enters and she's mistaken for a sex therapist. At :03.5-:04.25, Kira's prepping to get into a sudsy tub when the phone rings...clear shot of her breasts, then a quick one of her butt getting into the water, then more breasts above the water. At :04.75, 3 sec. breasts as a guy surprises her topless drying her hair; she grabs to cover with a towel. At :05.25, 5 sec. breasts as she drops tow in the bedroom to put on a blue tank top. At :07.25-:09.25, she drops her robe by the hot tub to join Lea and the guy...full frontal from medium distance, then breasts periodically above the water before clearer shots toward the end of the scene leaving the tub. At :12.75-:16, she has sex with the guy for her to give him tips...full nudity with a nice shot of her pubes (though brief) as he's simu-oraling her then as she thrusts one time good on top of him. At :17.5-:19.75, Kira and Lea have a f/f with each taking turn as the aggressor...Kira's breasts and ass...nice tonguing at one point and overall sensual. At :21-:23.5, under Kira's tutelage, they start a guided three-some...focus is on Lea and the guy as Kira's in the background, but her breasts are viewable periodically.

soulman was written on October 26, 2001

She Is So Hot.

The always hot Kira is featured in the episode THE GETAWAY. She's an unexpected guest during a couples weekend getaway. She's naked qiute often in this episode (including a lesbian session backed by a threesome scene). This Cinemax series is much better than the boring crap on Showtime (HOT SPRINGS HOTEL, RED SHOE DIARIES). One main element: no cheesy voice-overs during the sex scenes. If you haven't seen this series yet, by all means check it out.

Cyclone was written on August 30, 2004

Four scenes

Kira looks great in all four of her nude scenes in the episode "The Getaway". Her first exposure is slight, when she briefly reveals her boobs to a man in a bathroom about 9 1/2 minutes in. But moments later, she walks around topless in front of Keri Windsor, which of course leads to a lesbian sex scene between the two. A few minutes after that, she has her first of two sex scenes with Joe Vie, and she looks awesome. In fact, my only complaint with Kira's nudity was that we barely get to see her butt or her bush, although we do get the occasional peek of both. But overall, her exposure is mainly limited to her tits, and quite frankly, her tits are definitely worth watching.

Chazz was written on November 12, 2002

"The Surrogate"

Why can't crap like this happen to me when I go to a hotel? Seeing her walking around naked is great enough, but the scene where she gives the guy a "one-on-one therapy session" is priceless ! It's enough to make anyone who'd never heard of Kira Reed into a lifetime devotee.

Amanda Prentice
Chicago was written on July 25, 2002

3 scenes in "Enchanted Weekend"

To add onto WLoomis' accurate description...Amanda's pool table scene comes at :08-:09, as the guy kisses her lower abdomen, then simu-orals her. After her top is removed and her small breasts are viewable, he climbs on top of her on the pool table and sexes her, grabbing her breasts and giving short thrusts to her. At :12.75-:14, Amanda's in bed with the covers pulled up to just under her breasts as Cara Ballou gets into bed with her to talk...breasts above covers. At :20-:22.75, Amanda's sexing Cara's boyfriend. She strokes her breasts in front of him while up on her knees on the bed, they move to a VERY brief 69, before she moves to be on top...breasts, ass, and pubis from a medium distance as they then move to sex it up seated facing each other.

Chicago was written on April 7, 2001

"Best Friends" main star - 3 scenes

At :06.25 in "Best Friends," Amanda has a long topless beach scene lasting nearly 3 min. as she lathers her 'bud' and gives and receives a massage. Nice shots of her small breasts and nipples particularly as she leans over to massage the guy...pointy hanging. At :12.75-:14, however, is her best nudity of the flick as she does a striptease for him in front of the fire...full nudity including close-ups of her amber pubes (though the close-ups are brief). At :23.25, she has sex on the beach with her best friends--breasts and lower abdomen views amidst quick cuts and overlays.

WLoomis was written on May 7, 2002

Enchanted Weekend episode

Chicago mentions her pointy breasts/nipples. Those are her best feature. In the episode I'm describing, she gets banged on a pool table, with a close-up of the panties being ripped off her barely-hairy snatch. Her breasts aren't seen as often here as they are in her second sex scene. Great shots here. I took off a star because she has moles under her right nipple, and that's not a turn on at all.

Samantha Phillips
Chicago was written on August 20, 2002

6 scenes in "Over By Sunday"

At :00.5-:02.25 in this episode, Samantha is kissing a guy poolside at night; he pulls her dress up and her pubes and fake breasts with large areola are viewable. Samantha spins around him and her ass and lips are viewable before she lays down on the pool chair to have the guy kiss and caress her. Alas, she 'can't' continue and leaves. At :06.25 the guy sees her bathing in the bathroom...breasts for 2 sec. over the top of the tub as seen reflected in the mirror. At :06.75-:07, Samantha gets out of the tub and puts on a towel giving a full frontal shot of her. At :07.75-:09, she opens her towel in front of the guy that's been spying on her...breasts, ass and pubes, but she scares him off when she grabs his crotch. At :16-:17.25, Samantha opens her blouse with the guy when they're in a circular stairway...but he can't do it with her because "it's my anniversary," so the scene ends. At :20-:24, Samantha is naked in bed with covers up to her waist and she begins having sex with her husband...breasts and ass only.

Chicago was written on August 20, 2002

correction on *'s

Samantha's nudity in "Over By Sunday" should have been 4 *'s.

Nancy O'Brien
GoGoGurl was written on April 3, 2013

3 Amazing Scenes Of Her Working It

The first sex scene is worth mentioning just for Nancy's come-on to the guy she ends up sleeping with:
Nancy: "I know how all the big stars prepare for their scenes"
Guy: "What do they do?"
Nancy: "Me!"
After which, she starts kissing him, stripping, then gets him on to the bed for some wild, trailer-rocking, cowgirl-style action. Nancy's natural B-cup boobs are seen throughout and there's some nice shots of her bush and ass as she teases the guy a little before rocking his world.

The next sex scene is just about as wild. Nancy and her man are a pair of newlyweds, kicking their honeymoon off with some sex on a bed in various positions, before taking the action out to the balcony of their bridal suite where Nancy gets her snatch eaten before getting done from behind. Once again, we see plenty of boob, which the husband spends a bit of time sucking on. There's also a nice serving of bush during the balcony scene.

Nancy Shares the last scene with another topless babe, though she's still clearly the star. Once again in her bridal gown, Nancy and her lover strip nude and go to bed, they take turns to go down on each other and finish with some intense missionary humping, all while the other babe and her lover watch. Nancy shows some nice boob, but not much else in this scene.

Angela Nicholas
Chicago was written on January 22, 2003

1 beach scene in “Discreet Affair”

In this episode as Angela’s boyfriend meets up with her after his annual ‘affair’ with Tracy Keijser, she and the guy get it on while on the beach. At :09:45-:11:55, short, styled, blonde-haired Angela (a visual physical mismatch to the guy) removes her bikini top atop him after kissing--light-skinned breasts with quarter-sized areola and then dark, thin Mohawk as her bottoms come off. There are bad breath-overs with distracting scene overlays as she’s on top then done from behind but there are some decent ass views and good full frontals. The scene ends with the two lying on their sides briefly.

Tina New
Chicago was written on September 14, 2002

2 scenes in "The Bet"

At :00-:02.25, redhead Tina opens this episode with a topless sunning scene with Gabriella Hall and Judy Moulton, sitting in a lounge chair, obviously fake twins exposed; she and Judy squeeze each other's breasts in fun after Judy brings drinks out to the other two. At :17.5-:19.75, while Tina and the guy read the script by the pool, he undoes her red bathing suit top revealing her bazooms as they kiss. After laying her down on the pool's edge and slowly feeling her breasts, he doffs her bottoms (pubes) before simu-oraling her and the two having sex. At the end, her ass is seen before the two roll over into the water.

b00bfan was written on March 29, 2006

Sex by the pool

tina and a very muscular guy are by a pool having sex in this clip. She is on the bottom most of the time, except when she sits up for him to suck her nice boobs. The guy really thrusts into Tina making her yell and this guy is really giving it his all when he rides her reall hard and fast. A very good scene.

Judy Moulton
Chicago was written on September 14, 2002

2 scenes in "The Bet"

At :00-:02.25 in this episode, Judy is the topless (somewhat stringy-haired) blonde who brings a tray of drinks to Gabriella and Tina New, who are outside sunning in lounge chairs. As she goes to Tina, Tina quickly squeezes her breasts. At :21.75-:24, Judy and the guy throw flour on each other in the kitchen, her top comes off giving some nice natural breast jiggles, they clear off the table, and her bottoms come off revealing her thick blonde pubes with flour in them and her ass. Judy is wide-open having fun as she and the guy smear honey on themselves and then have sex on the table.

Chicago was written on September 14, 2002

Comment on *'s

Judy's nudity in "The Bet" should have been 4*'s.

Alicia Moorland
rbelkin was written on December 16, 2006

BLIND DATE episode - You Might Well Be Blind Also Afterwards :-)

In the BLIND DATE episode, Susan Featherly is the main attraction but Alicia Moorland is a great, great complement. Unlike Susan who is gorgeous head to toe with large and all-real natural breasts, Alicia has been supplemented and implanted (okay, guessing but she looks 35 and her breasts are a bit un-naturally pointy and perky) but she had a top notch surgeon who enhanced her pointy, large nipples with C cups to perfection.

Alicia has a fantasy sequence - a bit overbright and overcontrast to create the effect but you can see her large breasts and pointy, puffy nipples ... there is one great shot from behind and above her head and she's pulling off her panties - her nipples are at attention and you cannot take your eyes away - exellent performance.

Later while Susan Featherly (as Michelle Turner) is giving one the greatest self-pleasure scenes in softcorndom, Alicia stands by the door and takes off her robe (the panties stay on) but she cannot help but touch her self all over in a nice convincing performance also. (Unfortunately they not coinjoin).

A few minutes later, Susan decides her date outfit is just not sexy enough so she blindfolds Alicia and re-dresses her - stripping her naked. Very sexy scene - though also unfortunate in that it only ends in a little kiss between the two.

She enoughs a sexy dinner blindfolded with her date - sexy food eating, etc (but not to the point of 9 1/2 Weeks) and eventually he puts her on the table and slips off her clothes. Her perky breasts and rigid large nipples make this another nice scene though there's a lot of guy on top of her so her nudity is about 2 minutes within a 4 minute sequence.

Along with Susan Featherly's excellent scenes - one of the best PASSION COVE's.

The episode is titled BLIND DATE and also edited within a PASSION COVE compilation.

Chicago was written on September 10, 2002

4 scenes in "Where Have You Been All My Life"

Know-it-all does a great job here with Alicia's scenes. I clocked her scenes at :04.75-:06, :10.75-:14.5, :17.25 (2 sec.), and :20.75-:24.25. My only comment is about the last scene...there's a great close-up of her pubes and lips as her panties come off, then more breasts, pubes, ass as they sex it up. Good job k-i-a.

Know-it-all was written on March 15, 2001

Another sexy secretary...

Episode "Where Have You Been All My Life". Alicia plays "Heidi", the main guy's secretary. In keeping with a standard "Passion Cove" motif, she's a rather hot secretary. She's carrying a torch for him, but he can't seem to see. Ah, love. She has four nude scenes. The first is when she's unpacking his clothes, and she pauses to sniff one of his sweaters and fantasize about him. We, of course, are privy to the fantasy. She imagines them having sex on the bed she's sitting on. We see her breasts, but it's no big deal. A nice precursor to better stuff later. This one occurs about 7 minutes in. At about the 12 minute mark, we get a really excellent scene. She goes to the pool (I hope they have a good pool cleaner at Passion Cove, because EVERYBODY indulges themselves in it), for a swim. She doffs the towel she has wrapped around her torso, and happily, she's completely nude underneath. She seems a bit short, and she has a nice, substantial, womanly body. We see her big, well-shaped breasts from the side, and a good side view of her nice butt. She does a 180 degree turn, and shows of her trimmed bush, and then gets into the water. She bathes for a bit and is joined by the Kim Dawson character's assistant. Of course, he gets into the pool with her, and they are soon at it. She gets up on the edge of the pool, and we get a great close-up of her nice ass. We also get wonderful views of her breasts as he goes down on her. Quality stuff that lasts for several minutes. At the 20 minute mark, we cut back to these two at poolside and get another quick but close look at her shapely bare ass. At about the 23 minute mark, she and the boss finally act on their mutual attraction and we get the best scene of all. Great, repeated full frontal views of her generous and very beautiful body. Some great, realistic back arching on her part as well. High quality soft core eroticism.

LoriDawn Messuri
Chicago was written on February 16, 2002

2 long scenes - "In Too Deep"

LoriDawn is one of my favs and once again she proves she's one of the most attractive redheads on camera! In "In Too Deep", after giving a guy a massage at :11.5-:15.5, she takes off her bra slowly revealing her fantastic breasts. She guides his hands to her twins, then stands and strips out of the rest of her clothes...full frontal with nice pan up her body. The guy then simu-orals her by the fireplace, then she's on top (ass too). The scene continues into the next morning when she awakens naked and he's gone...she jumps up to put on her clothes (pubes, breasts, ass) as she runs around the house looking for him while topless...several nice jiggles. After she finds him, she continues talking to him and parading around. VERY nice scene throughout. At :16.25-:18.5, LoriDawn goes to take a shower (breasts and pubes close-up) as he then joins her and they go at it standing up...again more breasts and pubes close-up! A gorgeous gal from Idaho; way to go, LoriDawn!'ve completely gotten over your shyness!

Omni was written on November 11, 2002


Here's another B-movie actress who you're sure to see on "Skin-emax" weekly. Even as she gets older she's still hot. In the episode mentioned below, she shows some full nudity and lengthy topless scenes. She's pretty, has a fantastic body, and is willing to show all. Given that this isn't hardcore porn, what more can you ask for?

Julie Meadows
Chicago was written on April 8, 2001

"Silent Night" - 1 scene

In "Silent Night," Julie is encouraged by her punker boyfriend to take off her clothes in the convertable for him to take pictures of her. Amidst tree shadows, there are plenty of breast views (natural, well-proportioned) including close-ups...also close-ups of her lower abdomen and bush. The scene is at :08.5-:10.75.

Lea Marr
Chicago was written on June 27, 2002

4 scenes in "The Surrogate"

In this episode, attractive brunette newcomer Lea gets naked out of the gates; at :00-:00.75, her boyfriend's on top of her but he cums too fast...nice breasts. At :09.25-:10.25 after Kira leaves the outdoor hot tub, Lea and her boyfriend make love...breasts over top of water and she simu-orals him as he's on the edge of the tub (some brief pubes shots too). At :17.5-:19.75, Lea and Kira have a f/f with each taking turn as the aggressor...Lea's breasts and pubes...nice tonguing at one point and overall sensual. At :21-:23.5, under Kira's tutelage, Lea and her boyfriend start a guided three-some amongst candles...focus is on Lea and the guy as Kira's in the background; breasts mostly as he simu-orals her then they have sex.

Jessica Lee
Chicago was written on September 14, 2002

1 under water scene in "House Call"

Surprising a Playboy playmate would play second fiddle...even more so when little is seen while she is on camera. At :11.75 in this episode, Jessica is in the pool swimming and talking to hot Shelly Rose sitting on the edge of the pool...Jessica's breasts are somewhat viewable through the water.

Cherry Lee
Chicago was written on April 8, 2001

"Silent Night" - 1 scene

Cherry appears as the dominatrix Christmas Future in "Silent Night" whose large breasts with huge areola are on display between the leather straps of the outfit (albeit darkly lit in the room) at :17.25-:19.5.

Catalina Larranaga
axl was written on March 9, 2000

model beauty

She strips bare while posing for her ex boyfriend and then gets it on with a girl. She also has sex with her boyfriend. In every scene she bares all.

Tracy Keijser
Chicago was written on January 22, 2003

3 scenes in “Discreet Affair”

At :01:50-:04:50 in this episode, a guy sneaks into the bedroom and pulls down the covers on top the sleeping/possum-playing Tracy…hand-cup sized breasts with quarter-sized and erect areola and partial dark bush. She ‘wakes up’ and immediately buries her head in his crotch before he kisses down her body and simu-orals her; she then flips on top of him and grinds/pumps away (ass too) At :05:55-:06:20, her breasts are viewable while talking in bed with the guy. At :16:40-:20:05, Tracy’s boyfriend #2 unties her thin, skin-tight top with nipples poking through and removes her outfit while she’s on the kitchen table…pert nipples. Her bottoms soon fall revealing her ass before she spins him around and mounts him, giving views of her partial pubes. She pounds away on him with the table squeaking in a great scene. The two pause as he says, “You will tell him [about us]…,” she says, “Yes…just let me finish!” and the two resume feverish pounding. Very nice…and HOT!

Lauren Hays
Chicago was written on November 9, 2002

3 scenes in "Ten Years Later"

Other reviewers do a good job of describing Lauren's scenes, however, I saw the last scene as two. Her 1st scene comes at :05.25-:10.5 (breasts, ass, pubes); her 2nd comes at :21-:23.75 (I'd reiterate dpph's description of the pubes close-up...sweet!), and her 3rd comes at :25.75-:26 (breasts as she's in bed and rolls onto her back while talking to the guy).

dpph was written on July 9, 2002

Sex on stairs and then again later on

Eight or so minutes in, she has sex with a guy on some stairs. Her breasts, though probably fake, look quite nice in this scene; they aren't the ridiculous jumbo fakes that so many actresses these days seem to go for. Her nipples are really perfect. There are also some shots of her pubic hair (nice and trimmed) and some shots where you can't really see anything but her naked crotch is pointed right at the camera.
After the sex, she's lying with the guy. She's completely naked, leading to long long shots of her breasts. The camera pulls back briefly, letting you see her from her head to the very top of where her pubic hair is just beginning.

About 21 minutes into the episode, they cut sharply into a sex scene with her on a bed riding the guy from earlier. She's on top and rocking back and forth facing the headboard. Her breasts still look great, but they're framed from the side. Then comes the part that bumps this from a 3-star to a 4-star performance. The camera cuts away to her perched on her knees on the bed, facing away from him towards a bedpost. We get a good faraway look at her brown pubic hair, which, though trimmed, is visibly more shaggy than it appeared earlier (though not in a bad way). There's then an angled panning body shot that starts close up towards her great breasts and then drifts down giving a great view with lots of depth of her pubic hair. You can't really see lips, but you do see a hell of a lot. You get some silhoutte shots of the pubic hair near her groin as her male friend gives it to her from behind.

There are a few more quick camera shots of her breasts and a side shot of her fur again. Then both she and her bfriend are lying on their side, him behind her as they face the camera. At first you can't see pubic hair, just her stroking her groin and him rocking against her, but then there's some brief but good full shots of her pubic hair.
Overall, it's a great scene, but the camera does kind of fly all over the place really quickly, which can be frustrating. It all ends with him on top of her, obscuring all but her breasts, as they both do some heavy rocking and sudden jerks to simulate orgasm.

dpph was written on July 9, 2002


quick addition:
The episode I was referring to is called "Ten Years Later"

Maxijan was written on April 7, 2001

Shows all in two scenes

From the episod 'Ten years later'. She is having two quite explicit scenes, one in the stairs and one in bed.
One of the better episod as far as acting goes.

Melina Hanson
Know-it-all was written on February 23, 2001

Another tasty young girl on vacation at Passion Cove...

Episode: "Practice What You Preach". Melina is a fabulously cute little waif, with reddish-brown hair and big brown eyes, who plays a noted sex therapist's secretary, and joins her on vacation at the Cove. She has three major sex scenes, because her boyfriend joins them as well. The first is 8 minutes in. He shows up and they go immediately to bed. He's shown first going down on her, and I mean really getting in there. Impressive for soft-core. Ah, the things an actor's gotta do for a check...they continue in several positions. She has an excellent little body: a nice, intricate tattoo at the base of her spine, a tight little butt, sweet little pointy, pert breasts with tiny (about nickel-sized) areolas. We see a great deal of her dark, thick bush. When she gets on top, she really, REALLY grinds on him, hard. This is extraordinarily energetic sex for a soft-core series. At the 15 minute mark, they basically repeat the scene, both totally nude demonstrating about half the Kama Sutra, except this time they're on the beach, secluded near rocks. The third scene is at the 22 minute mark, back in the bed room at night. It's intercut w/ scenes of the therapist and her new boyfriend, gettin' busy in the other room. Melina is carried to the bed and laid out on it by her already nude boyfriend. He pushes her shirt up over her head, exposing the sweet little breasts again. He pulls her pants off, and we're treated to another look at the ample pubic hair. He goes down on her again, then flips her over for some doggie-style. Her breasts look really wonderful hanging down. Again, they are very energetic. They finish with her riding him again, again with the bush clearly and repeatedly visible as she thrusts back and forth with gusto. Just amazing simulated sex. She has kind of a high voice, so her moans are very arousing. Magnificent, all around.

Chicago was written on July 24, 2002

5 scenes in "Practice What You Preach"

Know-it-all does a good job of describing Melina and her scenes but to add a couple and some times.... At :01.5, Melina is in a pool embraced with a guy being spun around--breasts and top of pubes for 6 sec. At :06-:09 is her sex scene with her boyfriend who's just shown up...plenty of bush shots, good thrusting/grinding (as K-i-a explains), and nice breasts flopping as Keri Windsor is watching outside the door and getting excited. At :10.75-:11, Keri Windsor fantasizes about Melina and the guy as he simu-orals her in a lightning storm...breasts only. At :13.25-:15 is Melina's beach sex scene as Keri again looks on...she is wrapped around him, they exchange simu-orals and then being on top...nice erect nipple shots as well as some bush views. At :20.75-:24, K-i-a describes her last scene well...nice pubes and breast close-ups, good hanging breast shots, and erect nips.

Cuddly was written on May 17, 2005

Best humper of all soft adult movies

I think Know-it-all's description is wonderful and accurate. I totally agree that she is very cute and desirable. I just want to emphasize that she really humps. She rides him probably better than you have ever seen. It is sure a turn-on to imagine her riding me. Believe me, her athletics is not acting; that much is real.

Gabriella Hall
soulman was written on June 24, 2002

More Of Hall's Beautiful Body.

In the episode THE BET, Hall is one of three women who make a bet over a handyman. Hall is the first to have sex with the lucky S.O.B. You get the usual excellent view of her beautiful bod and lovely tits. Another great scene for Hall.

Chicago was written on September 14, 2002

2 scenes in "The Bet"

At :00-:02.25, gorgeous Gabriella opens this episode with a topless sunning scene with Tina New and Judy Moulton, sitting in a lounge chair, twins exposed. At :10.75-:12.5, as soulman describes, Gabriella puts the moves on the guy and the two get it on while sitting on the couch...breasts are viewable as her top comes down, then her ass as her skirt is pulled up, then off. After she fights to get his pants off, the two have sex on the couch. There's never a bad one with her!

truffaut was written on October 28, 2002

In addition to the"Two Scenes"

Just want to co-sign what Chicago said and point out that from apprx.2:18 to7:30,Gabriella is wearing a skimpy two-piece,highlighting what great shape she's stayed in through the years.Unfortunately,they filmed her close-ups with a lens that makes her face look strange,not that anybody will be looking at that. Also,props to Chi for remembering Tina New and Judy Moulton.The sight of G-Hall rubbing tanning oil on her legs and shoulders while sunning her breasts made those two actresses disappear for me!One of her best recent performances.

T. Gamaza
soulman was written on October 22, 2003

Hot Lesbo Action.

Episode: SORORITY REUNION. Gamaza while the least attractive of the 4 girls (too skinny for my taste plus I find nipple rings a turn-off) gets **** for showing the most. She has 1 scene sunbathing, 1 skinndipping/lebso with Taylor, another sunbathing and a f/f/m scene with Taylor and her boyfriend. In all scenes she's totally naked. Some may find her a turn-on.

Maria Ford
skinnymax was written on September 19, 2002

Maria scores again

Maria plays an actress who is a tad difficult. She shows plenty of skin in this 30 min skinamax series. Fans of Maria won't be disappointed. She allows some guy to go down on her in the beginning of the show, then has enough and sends him on his way. Later on once she generates some sparks with her co star, she has a nice sex finale with the cast and crew gauking at her. She's just soo hot, I believe this is one of her last roles of this genre....too bad.

Susan Featherly
rbelkin was written on December 16, 2006

One of the Greatest Self Pleasure Scenes Ever (Skin-a-Max Division)

Susan Featherly (as Michelle Turner) shows off her amazing ALL NATURAL body and breasts. She is laying in bed and decides to self pleasure herself for 3-4 minutes. She not only is gorgeous with an all natural body that you could look at all day long, she is an excellent actress in this segment - very convincing and a great test if you need Viagra or not ... or if you've ever wondered if you're gay - after these 3 minutes, there should be no question :-)

Her scene is intercut with a lesser known actress, Alicia Moorland who standing by the doorway can't help but unleash her own c-cups and adds to the fun. Sadly, they do not actually join together in sapporific fun for us all ...

Later on, there is a sexy scene where she thinks Alicia needs to dress sexier so she strips Alicia, blindfolds her and re-dresses her and while Alicia is all kinds of nude, again, sadly for us, Susan Featherly is not nude though there is a nice kiss between the two women. After the guys join the two women for dinner, in the after sex, Susan has a very brief nudity portion with her guy (intercut with Alicia and the other guy) but it's all too brief.

It is definitely one of the better episodes of PASSION COVE - particular for Susan's solo act which should rank in the top 10 of softcore self pleasure scenes.

(BTW, Alicia is also worth seeing, while her breasts are most un-naturally perky (she looks about 35), she clearly had a top notch surgeon - enhancing her large pointy nipples to perfection.

The episode is titled BLIND DATE and also edited within a PASSION COVE compilation.

Maggie Duncan
Chicago was written on August 20, 2002

2 scenes in "Over By Sunday"

Though she only has 2 scenes in this episode, hot latina, natural- and large-breasted, clean-shaven Maggie beats out Samantha Phillips' 6 scenes for your attention. At :10.25-:12.5, Maggie puts the moves on her boyfriend in the bedroom...nice breasts with hardening nipples and ass in, then out of her thong undies as he's on top then she's on top. Briefly, while she's on top there are some views of her lips and clean shaven pubis. At :17.75-:20, Maggie strips naked by the pool in front of Samantha's hubby revealing her breasts with erect nipples; her ass and pubia are viewable from a distance as she's diving in. The guy soon after drops shorts and joins her in the water.

soulman was written on October 24, 2001


In the episode THE GIFT, hard core star Dee and the lucky S.O.B. who plays her husband acts out 3 different fantasies based on 3 different gifts they receive. Dee is a beautiful black woman with a hot body and beautiful pair of breasts. She kind of reminds me of former MTV VJ Downtown Julie Brown. The soft core setting and high productions of the series adds an eroctic element that's missing from her hard core offerings. Very Hot! Excellent series.

Kim Dawson
Chicago was written on September 10, 2002

1 scene in "Where Have You Been All My Life"

Who'd have thunk this relatively tame series would have Kim bear all close-up? At :15.5-:17.25, Kim gives a very close-up shot of her great breasts and erect nipples; as her panties come off while standing in front of the guy, her blonde pubes are on display close-up, then her ass as she turns around. The guy slowly kisses her breasts and there are more great close-ups of her before the two move to sexing on the chair. Unfortunately, their encounter quickly ends when he calls out his secretary's name, causing Kim to quickly unentangle herself and storm off (ass and breasts). Excellent job, surprisingly well filmed.

Brandy Davis
Chicago was written on April 8, 2001

"Silent Night" several views

Brandy's breasts are seen in various scenes of the first half of "Silent Night," mostly as a see-through image (kind of like in "Ghost"). Her better, one 1-min. scene as a non-apparition came at :05.75 as she floats into the guy's room.

Angela Cornell
soulman was written on October 22, 2003

Hot Lesbo Action.

Cornell is the dark-skinned girl in the episode SORORITY REUNION. She's cute with some fake but not overdone tits and a great ass. Her first scene is a masturbating-in-the-shower which is intercut with Thompson's masturbating-in-the-bathtub shots. Not a bad scene but her lesbo scene with Thompson is a lot better. The scene is follwoed by a shot of her sunbathing. Great scenes. Great episode.

Sarah Cooper
WLoomis was written on May 7, 2002

Best Revenge episode

Why isn't anyone talking about her here? She's hot! A blonde British lass, our first hello to her is a close shot of her shaved snatch! I mean close, I'm talking right in front of the camera with almost nothing else in the frame. This is when she's changing her panties. She has small breasts that are shown in her sex scenes (one flashback and then one on the beach with another guy). Her best scene aside from the snatch is when she's changing out of her top, because her nipples look huge and erect in that one moment.

Chicago was written on January 8, 2003

5 scenes in “The Best Revenge”

Starting off this episode, blonde Sarah wastes no time showing her full nakedness close-up when at :00:20-:01:05 she’s seen changing clothes…thin-haired, small muff and medium-sized breasts with pink areola as she changes her bottoms then her top. At :05:30-:07:20, Sarah is with a guy next to the fireplace, opens and doffs her white sheer robe revealing her breasts, ass, and pubis (shadows), and moves to simu-oral him. He then does her in various fast-switching positions (him on top, him from behind with her lying face-flat on the couch, him standing from behind, reverse-seated)…nice pierced tongue and bouncing breast views. At :11:25-:11:50, Sarah again is seen changing clothes as her male friend has his back to her in the same room—ass in thong, breasts close-up as she comes out of her top, and full frontal as she slips on a dress that looks more like thin, sexy blue lingerie. At :19:15-:19:45, the guy drops Sarah’s top and fondles/sucks her left breast (and goes up her skirt) in the courtyard before she pulls away. At :22:10-:24, Sarah takes off her clothes on the beach with guy #2; he kisses her breasts, simu-orals her on her back in the sand, and does her from atop, doggie-style and seated-facing…breasts and some ass seen. Overall, Sarah does a good job, has a decent bod and isn’t afraid to show it all.

Cynthia Boyd
Gordon was written on November 11, 2001

"Lights! Camera! Action!"

In this episode of the great Passion Cove series, Cynthia gets it on with a guy in a makeup/changing room trailer. The scene lasts over two minutes and she's fully nude throughout most of it, so we get great looks at her awesome body (including full, firm tits) as she rides a guy hard on a couch. This is great stuff!

Chicago was written on April 15, 2001

2 scenes – “Ghostly Passions”

At :12.5, Cynthia appears as a ghost in a bridal gown who sexes the guy on a bed then on a balcony. The 2 min. scene shows full frontal and the side of her arse—nice body! At :22, she has sex with her ghost counterpart where her breasts and ass are shown for 2.25 min. Cynthia looks a lot like Nancy O'Brien.

BrianSLA was written on April 18, 2001

Good but better out there

Yes Cynthia Boyd IS Nancy O'Neil / aka Nancy O'Brien / aka Brenda O'Neil. She is one of my favs and I'd recognize her. She has two good scenes.

Cara Ballou
Chicago was written on July 25, 2002

3 scenes in "Enchanted Weekend"

Know-it-all does a great job describing the scenes by Cara, a 'girl-next-door' type, so I'll just add the times. 1st scene is at :00.75-:02 (B-cup breasts, ass, and 8 frames of pubis); 2nd at :09.25-:12.75 (:09.75-:10.75 no nudity); 3rd at :17-:19 (not good views of her. While K-i-a is more excited about her than I was, I agree she is cute.

Know-it-all was written on February 9, 2001

Where is this girl hiding?

In the episode "Enchanted Weekend", the tremendously cute, brown-haired, long-legged Cara has three solid nude scenes. Very early, she and her boyfriend are having standard missionary position sex on a black leather couch. She's totally nude. We see her breasts as she's lying down. She sits up to talk to him, and we get nice side views. After talking with him she gets up to leave, but moves so fast, we never get much of a look at her bush. The second, (and best) scene takes place when she's on vacation at the idyllic resort house. She is poolside painting, wearing a robe. Tiring of artistic endeavour, she doffs the robe to get into the pool. She looks wonderful! It's hard to overstate it. She has small breasts, but they really suit her. She has nice, tan skin, and a wonderful honey-colored bush. Yummy stuff. She gets into the jacuzzi and one of the male guests comes up and starts talking to her. We get an excellent through-the-water shot of her, again, a full-frontal nude look. Eventually, she and the guy have sex in the jacuzzi. She gets floated around on the water's surface by him, and he kisses her breasts hungrily. A fabulous scene. Her last one is where she seduces the other male guest, by doing a nice, enticing strip for him. They have sex on a couch. (She must have a Barcolounger fetish...). She's not listed on the IMDB, and she's truly adorable. I really hope to see more of her.

Darren Wayne
Ozzie700 was written on September 8, 2001


Muscled brunette Darren shows off his equally muscled backside in episode 'Watching Linda'.

smc01 was written on March 24, 2002

Rear several times

Wayne's bod is extremely toned, a perfect shape and nicely but not overly muscled. He shows off his rather large, tanned and dimpled bum in 2 different sex scenes. In the first we see his cheeks once full length from the back-side and again up close and personal as he leans his female partner over a pool table. In the second scene we get the best ass shot as he lies on top of the leading lady in full daylight. Here we really get to appreciate just how well shaped his bum is even if it is only for no more than 4 seconds. We then get a couple of side and partial shots, once as he's having sex in the same scene and again as he gets up off the bed after said sex scene. To sum up, some not bad ass shots for this kind of series.

Joey Vie
Ozzie700 was written on June 21, 2009

Butt; Episode: Silent Night

Joey is the Scrooge of this episode, as various ghosts tell him what will happen if he doesn't make the right decision about his girlfriend. After he makes the right decision, they have sex, and there are some brief glimpses of his well-toned cheeks.

Ozzie700 was written on October 27, 2001

Rear; Episode: The Getaway

Boyishly handsome, muscled brunette who gives several brief shots of his tight, pale rear during his sex scene with Keri Windsor.

Tim Swensson
Ozzie700 was written on September 8, 2001

Rear, Episode: Watching Linda

Tim has the same last name as the female lead (Gina Swensson); a marriage between them is the best way to explain why he's in this episode. She cheats on her mobster boyfriend for him. He has a barely-developed chest and skinny arms, and an average backside.

Jay Stewart
smc01 was written on March 19, 2002

Rear and possible balls

I agree with Ozzie that this scene is short and badly-lit, however we do get to see more than one shot of Jay's white cheeks. The first is just after his female partner has pulled his boxers off. We then see several side views as they go at it in front of a mirror. Then we see her straddle Jay on the bed and as she rolls off him I'm almost positive we get to see Jay's furry balls very briefly twice. Could have been a pouch but the way he seemed self-conscious enough to cover himself him as much as poss I tend to think there was no pouch. We also get a VERY brief up close and personal view of Jay's cheeks again as he crawls around to get into the bed. All this takes place in the first 5 mins of the episode. Other than the shot of his upper buns in the kitchen that Ozzie mentioned, we see absolutely nothing else.

Ozzie700 was written on November 25, 2001

Brief Rear; Episode "Lost Cowboy"

Jay Schnuit/Jason Stewart (credited here as Jay Stewart) shows his Charmin cheeks during a badly lit, short scene when his boxers are pulled down. Towards the end of the episode, he's walking nude in the kitchen and pubes and the top half of his butt can be seen. Nothing great, less nudity than he's done elsewhere. The only difference here is that he has a hairy chest for this role (I think he looks better with the chest hair).

Julian Stark
Ozzie700 was written on October 10, 2001

Brief Butt; Episode: Music of Lust

Julian is a handsome dark blonde with beard. Monique runs her breasts over his back and buttocks a few times. He has a cute pair, but we don't get a great view.

Jason Stark
smc01 was written on May 4, 2002

Bare side rear only

In episode "The Best Revenge", Jason hardly shows us anything aside some partial side rear and a possible blink-and-u'll-miss-it frontal shot as he lies on top of his female partner. Really nothing worth seeing in this scene (the final sex scene of the episode), but I didnt mind due to the amount of flesh on show from Anthony DeVilla in this same episode!

smc01 was written on May 4, 2002

Several rear shots in episode "Ghostly Passions"

I would have given Jasons' scenes 3 stars but I couldnt quite due to the oblique angles at which his scenes were mostly shot. First scene is about 8 mins in, we see his ass from a certain distance as he goes down on his female partner. We then get 2 or 3 more either side or upper side shots of his smooth, pleasant but unremarkable ass. The best scene however is the final sex scene of the episode when he has sex with his betrothed, we see him pumping her quite furiously at a good lower side angle where we get to see his entire bum and there's some nice clenching to the cheeks here. Altogether, not bad at all.

Andre T. Silva
Ozzie700 was written on May 5, 2002

Rear Closeup; Episode: Where Have You Been All My Life?

Andre is a cute young blonde, somewhat twinkish but more muscular. He only has one good nude scene. In full close-up, we see his bubble butt as he turns around while preparing to skinny dip. The followup sex scene is side/hip only.

GDH was written on October 26, 2002


Episode: 'Where have you been all my Life?'. Silva (credited here as 'Andre T Silva') is a pudgy-faced boy with a nice body. We get an extreme close-up of his backside as he pulls his trousers off; a distant but very pleasing view of his bum as he clambers into a swimming pool; and a couple of good views as he's on his hands and knees (hey!) going down on his lover.

Christopher Sheffer
smc01 was written on May 4, 2002

Very nice rear shots in episode "Ghostly Passions"

Sheffer is a dark, good looking hunk whose bod is seen to great effect in this episode. Unfortunately I missed the first 5 or so minutes and I believe he had a sex scene at the 2 minute mark so could well have shown some flesh there. However, we get to see plenty of nice shots in his other sex scene at approx. the 10 minute mark. First we see him get out the shower (waist up shot only) where we get to see his great well-defined smooth pecs. Then when he starts to have sex with the female ghost we see him being pushed backward towards the bed and get a very nice look at his very round, small, supple and smooth buttocks. Nice movement to the cheeks here too. We then get some great shots of hime pumping the girl from a kneeling position and then in a lying on top of her position. Finally we see him full-length nude from the rear picking her off the bed and walking out to the balcony. Again some very nice movement to the cheeks as he walks. So a 3*** scene for a 4**** star bum!

Bertrand Schafer
Ozzie700 was written on October 10, 2001

Buns; Episode: Music of Lust

Bertrand is an attractive blonde with a vague resemblance to Jay Schnuit. He's fooling around with Monique Parent (under another of her pseudo's...Miranda May or something) and we see his nice, tight buns as he's b-fing her over a chair.

Jason Ryan
Ozzie700 was written on September 1, 2001

Right Cheek

Episode: "The Vibe" The blonde Jason shows most of his right cheek in a scene with Catalina (her appearance listed elsewhere in this section). He could have a nice butt, but the camera never lets us see enough to judge.

Scott Riffe
Ozzie700 was written on September 18, 2002

Steam not skin; Episode: House Calls

Scott has a great body and a not-so-great dye job, but the black roots suit him. His sex scene has little skin, but the direction and blocking are more arousing than many of the flesh feasts on this series. He and the woman are first on the floor, then a duvet, and finally the bed, peeling more and more layers off each other as they go along. You can see a very brief side rear for Scott, and that's about it. Even the next morning, when there is a clear opportunity for a butt shot, another girl throws his pants over his backside to hide his goods. Strange.

Anthony Rema
Ozzie700 was written on April 12, 2002

Closeup on bed; Episode: "Discreet Affair"

Anthony has dark, shoulder-length hair (tied up here), and a nicely developed physique. He has a beach scene halfway in with some brief rear shots, but the real reason for watching arrives in the early scenes. He surprises his girlfriend in bed, takes off his shirt, and she unbuckles his pants, taking them down partially. His sculpted cheeks are thisclose to the camera, for viewers to inspect and enjoy. Through the rest of the scene there are some other rear shots, but none as satisfying.

Ozzie700 was written on September 7, 2001

Butt and Pubes

Episode: Lights! Cameras! Action! Anthony has a scene about halfways thru where his pants are removed, with a glimpse of his trimmed short hairs. Toward the end, he's rutting into the female lead, and has 3 or 4 close shots of his muscled, round, slightly-above-average backside.

Marcus Newgard
Ozzie700 was written on September 28, 2001

Bed Backside; Episode: Behind the Scenes

Toward the end of the episode, the brunette, toned Marcus shows his decent-but-average backside during a love scene.

Lance Moseley
Ozzie700 was written on April 24, 2002

Buns A'Shaking; Episode: Silent Night

Lance is a fantasy hunk in this "A Christmas Carol" themed episode. His boxers are pulled off, and not only is there a full, tight close-up of his muscled ass (which has never looked better before or since), he even shakes and gyrates as he's being given head. You can't ask for much more than that on Passion Cove.

Frank Mercuri
smc01 was written on May 3, 2002

A few butt shots

Mercuri is in great shape in this, however I found most of his nudity quite disappointing. Very quick, short cuts which make the scene very disjointed and although there are some potential lower nudity shots, the camera moves just too quick to tell. The best shot is of his ass when he is surprised by his wife in bed with the woman he's been having sex with. We get to see some pubes and then his ass for a couple of seconds as he scrambles out of bed to put his pants on. Nice butt.

Ozzie700 was written on April 25, 2002

Great Ass; Episode: Best Friends

Frank has a sex scene early in this episode. His muscled, large buttocks are seen in their full glory as he thrusts and does gymnastics all over the bed. I don't give *** because of the clunky efforts to hide his penis.

Cameron Masters
Ozzie700 was written on September 21, 2001


The title is, 'Payback', and one of the best PC episodes. Cameron, bearing a slight resemblance to Paul Michael Robinson and wearing an earring in his right ear, joins a woman in the shower when she asks him to scrub her back. We see his muscled backside as he walks in, but even better, the outline of his penis in the shower door before he walks in, and the tip of his penis when he's walking in (this is what slo-mo was made for). He has a 3way later but doesn't show as much skin.

Adoni Maropis
Ozzie700 was written on October 27, 2001

Jacuzzi Strip; Episode: The Getaway

Adoni is all man; muscled and smoldering; raw sex with a hint of danger. In this episode (one of PC's better episodes) he comes in late, but redeems himself with a strip while walking to the jacuzzi (undershirt, then pants). The leading lady can't resist. I did resist giving this **** because the rear view was distant, even if he does have such impressive globes.

Kwantae Love
Ozzie700 was written on March 24, 2002

Brief Buttocks; Episode: The Gift

Studly, large black man shows his muscled rear a few times, briefly, during his sex scenes.

Brian Linton
Ozzie700 was written on May 5, 2002

Buns; Episode: Where Have You Been All My Life?

Brian (also known as Dave Roth) has never looked better than he does in this episode. His body is highly toned, and his butt is the perfect shape of firmness and roundness. You want to pinch every time he drops his drawers. There's a closeup in his fantasy sex scene with his secretary, then another closeup with Kim Dawson, and finally, a few more close scenes (and pubes/maybe a hint of frontal) while with his secretary in the final sex scene.

Ozzie700 was written on September 21, 2001

Backside and Dangling

Episode: Payback. The brunette, fit Brian carries a woman to a chair, and we see his incredible and very muscled buttocks. When he's giving her oral in the chair, you can see part of his penis dangling. I don't think it's a pouch, but the scene goes by very fast.

Christopher John Kapanke
Ozzie700 was written on November 18, 2001

Bookend Buns; Episode: Sorority Reunion

A blandly handsome brunette with a fit but not great body, Christopher goes bottomless in the first and last scenes of the episode. In the first he sexes his girlfriend on a washing machine; in the last he has a three-way with his girlfriend and a friend of hers. He has a nice, doughy set of cheeks (they could use a little definition, but they're still great to look at), and we see them from angle after angle - thrusting, close-up, etc. You may want to mute the badly overmoaning ladies in these scenes though.

Bobby Johnston
Ozzie700 was written on September 28, 2001

Buns, Buns, Buns

Episode: Behind the Scenes. Bobby has a slightly goofy role, but who cares? This half-hour has better exposure of his beefy glory than some of his full-length films. He's in the van with Kim Dawson, on the floor, at the pool, and each time his much-prized cheeks are laved with good lighting and airtime.

Sebastien Guy
Steven Ginsburg
Ozzie700 was written on March 24, 2002

Buns and Pubes; Episode: Ten Years Later

This is better than quite a few of Stephen's films. He has several sex scenes with two different women, and there are nice shots of his hot ass three or four different times. There are also close-ups of pubes, and a frontal which is most likely a sock.

coresoft was written on January 6, 2005

Stairs with Lauren

I echo Ozzie's sentiments; Steven had sex scenes with just about every female on the set in Carnal Desires and he showed less skin than he does in this one scene with the legendary Lauren. Very hot and the director films at just the right angles. Particularly good when Steven is on his knees oralling Lauren with ass protruding. Oh, what the mind imagines...

Stephen Francis
Ozzie700 was written on April 12, 2002

Counter Sex; Episode: "Discreet Affair"

He fills out his leather pants nicely (VERY nicely), but the nudity is brief. He has sex with his girlfriend on the counter. A side view of his great ass. When he's maneuvering, we see that he's wearing a patch over his crotch. He does much better nudity in Sexual Intrigue.

Scott Duc
smc01 was written on March 26, 2002

Brief side butt shot

A pretty brief scene lasting about 5 seconds for Scott in episode entitled Enchanted Weekend. We get to see what looks like a nice smooth bum from the side as he has sex with his girlfriend in a dimly lit room on the sofa. Over very quickly but Scott is a very good looking guy with a nice bod.

Anthony DeVilla
smc01 was written on April 12, 2002

Various scenes

The amount of male flesh seen in this episode is, I think, unprecedented for a series such as this one, and pretty much all the nudity is by this one twenty-something actor. Yes, veteran Brad Batram bares his butt a few times, but he pales in comparison to the very good looking, tanned, tall and very defined DeVilla. There are 3 sex scenes involving Anthony. The first is at about 8 mins in: Here we are treated to the sight of his smooth, fleshy white bum as his partner pulls down his jeans and boxers and fakes giving him a blow job. We have no less than 7 shots of his hot ass all of which are very clearly lit and most are very close up. We then see the two having sex during which we get various shots of his hot bod but no other real nudity. Scene at 15 mins in: we see Anthony with the same actress having sex on the beach. First we get a nice pan-up shot from his feet to his head as he and gf are kissing at which point we again see his very nice butt in broad daylight. The scene goes on and we get about another 2 or 3 shots again in varying positions. Scene at approx 22 mis in: scene starts with DeVilla lying naked on the bed; the camera avoids showing any frontal nudity as he gets up to go to his gf but it's still a hot shot. We then see him carry her to the bed and we get a very nice shot of his ass yet again as he walks; some very nice movement to the cheeks here. Then the sex starts and we get a couple more pretty brief shots of that ass. However, during the final phase of this scene as his gf rides DeVilla quite fast and passionately, we do get to see something bobbing up and down beneath her ass. It's the obligatory scene where she's on top and he's sitting/lying there with legs spread but DeVilla is most definitely not wearing a sock here! Twice, we get to see either his balls - in which case they are very big - or his dick. And we see it flopping quite furiously. Of course, you have to be quick (freeze-frame?) in order to catch it but it's worth it! Hope this guy crops up again sometime soon - he's worth looking out for!

Ozzie700 was written on July 24, 2002

Rears; Episode: Practice What You Preach

The first review under Anthony's name (by smc01) is for this episode. He does show an incredible amount of ass here. I didn't see any frontal exposure, but we see his fleshy, full cheeks being squeezed, thrusting, on the beach, in the bed, everywhere. A high point for this series.

smc01 was written on May 4, 2002

Multiple rear shots in episode "The Best Revenge"

23! That's how many shots we get of DeVilla's ass in this episode! Yes, many of those shots are VERY brief but they're also very full views. He certainly goes one better than his last appearance in this series. First scene is about 5 minutes in. We get an extreme close up of his extremely round bum as he has his boxers pulled down. We then get several rear/side shots as he's pumping his gf. During this scene we also get 2 or 3 brief full rear shots. The second scene is about 15 mins in. It's quite long and very energetic. We see Anthony and his new gf having sex on a big four poster bed. They're both standing on the bed as he does her from behind. We get too-many-to-count shots of his fantastic ass as the camera pans all around them - rear, side, rear/side, and front. In the frontal scenes, we can clearly make out the tip of his limp dick flopping about between the girl's legs. When the two change position to the girl sitting on top of DeVilla, we get 2 or three very brief shots of his balls, I only caught them doing slow mo but I could definitely see them without any trouble in a freeze-frame. Finally, we get some more very satisfying shots of DeVilla's hot butt as he finishes his gf off whilst lying on top of her and pumping her hard. There's some very nice shots here plus some nice clenching action. DeVilla is definitely the find of this show in my opinion and he has a grade-A butt and bod!

Ozzie700 was written on May 4, 2002


smc is exactly right. This is one of the best, if not THE best, display of flesh ever on Passion Cove. He has a hot ass and we see it jiggling and thrusting many, many times in "The Best Revenge". If he were paid by the ass shot, he'd be a millionaire. Too bad we didn't get a frontal.

Trevor Dean
smc01 was written on March 26, 2002

Brief butt and partial frontal shots

Dean (appearing in episode "Enchanted Weekend") is a really hot 20-something tanned guy with a little latin blood by the looks of it. He has a nice smooth fit bad that he shows off in a couple of scenes. The first scene takes place in an outdoor jacuzzi. Here we are teased mercilessly as he strips before getting into tub but we get only above-the-waist shots! Infuriating. We then get some very brief overhead shots (2 to be precise) of Dean's smooth bum as he messes around with his leading lady in the jacuzzi. The second scene is slighly better. In this we get some side views and one good rear view of Deans ass as he manoeuvres himself on top of his second leading lady. During this scene as the two are having sex we get a couple of dark, partial frontal shots as the actress climbs off Dean. And there is one or two clear but extremely brief shots of the tip of Dean's dick as he is kneeling and having sex. You have to look closely though. This guy is hot. Hope more nude scenes of his crop up somewhere!

Steve Curtis
Ozzie700 was written on November 20, 2001

Brief Buns; Episode: Rising Stars

Steve (forced to wear a ridiculous scarf throughout the episode) shows his perfect buttocks once, during his beachside sex scene.

Jarod Carey
Purevil03 was written on May 28, 2004

Gabriella Hall couch scene

Episode title: The Bet

As the scene comes to an end (she’s laying on him, pay attention to the bottom left hand side), Gabriella briefly rises to allow him to move his, wait for it, erection. It is blurry, but for the first few frames you can see Jarod reach down and move it to the side. You can see clear shots his pouch in the scene. Looks filled.

Judging by the few clear frames (a combination of his hand, and moving it off screen get it in the way), Jarod has a sizeable/thick penis/erection.

Derek was written on February 19, 2001

Three love scenes

In the episode titled "The Bet," super gorgeous Carey is the subject of a wager between three beautiful women. All three have sex with him. The first scene has him on the living room couch with his pants and shorts being pulled off. Not much exposure here. The second scene is EXCELLENT as he is shown having sex by the pool. Nice, clear, shots of Carey's thrusting butt are seen in broad daylight. Wonderful! The last scene gives us ample shots of his bare bum as he and the ladylove make out on a kitchen island. This guy is as beautiful as they come and it seems he is finally being less coy about showing us his precious, muscled butt!

Oscar Bullock
Ozzie700 was written on September 18, 2002

Skinny Dip; Episode: House Calls

Oscar (who looks like Joaquim Phoenix) is the doctor in this episode who can't help succumbing to temptation. The morning after, he jumps into the pool to join his lover, and shows off his acceptable backside and maybe a split second frontal while diving in.

Micah Bradshaw
GDH was written on November 23, 2002


Tidy blond boy features in four sex scenes. In the first we get one bare hip and a brief close-up of part of a buttock. In a second scene we get both bare hips as he sits on the edge of a jacuzzi getting a blow job. The third scene has some very nice views of his bum, including a rewarding shot taken from knee level, while the fourth scene contains a couple more close-ups (slightly marred by fade-out editing) of his bum and one or two shots of it taken from above his head.

Ozzie700 was written on May 10, 2002

Thrusting; Episode: The Surrogate

Micah (again credited as Martin Pike) shows his nice ass during a sex scene with Kira Reed. The angle is very satisfying, as he's thrusting and grinding.

Ozzie700 was written on November 20, 2001

Tons O'Buns; Episode: Rising Stars

Credited as Martin Pike, Micah shows his cute, grabbable cheeks in a closet tryst and later in the shower.

Karl Boule
Ozzie700 was written on November 20, 2001

Upper Rear; Episode: Rising Stars

The somewhat pudgy, bleach blonde Karl gives a very short view of his nice buns during his one sex scene. See "Virtual Vegas" for a better look.

Brad Bartram
Ozzie700 was written on July 24, 2002

Brief Rears; Episode: Practice What You Preach

Brad is in very good shape here, but you only see a few brief full rears and side rears during a dark scene on the bed with his female co-star.

Eric Acsell
smc01 was written on May 3, 2002

Nice butt shots

It's true the shots of Eric's ass are short but they're so well lit as he's having sex in broad daylight on the beach, and his bum was so large, round and smooth that I feel compelled to give the scene 3 stars. Eric is not the usual super-fit hunk we get on this show but personally I think he's one of the best looking facially I've seen in this series which makes the 3 or so shots of his fabulous cheeks all the more satisfying. I really wasnt prepared for his ass to be so nice! Short but very sweet!

Ozzie700 was written on April 25, 2002

Buns and Possible Frontal; Episode: Best Friends

Eric is the lead here. In a sex scene with a soon-to-be-ex, she kneels down to his dark, curly pubes at one point, and you may be able to make out his shaft. During a later scene with his best friend (now lover), there are overhead shots of his beefy cheeks as they have sex on a beach blanket. He looks pasty and puffy here, not worth more than **.

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