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2008 Zanes Sex Chronicles 3 Reviews
2008 Zane's Sex Chronicles 1 Review

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Zanes Sex Chronicles (2008)
McKinnon was written on September 25, 2011

Breasts on couch; ep: Dirty Laundry

About 10 minutes into the first episode, Patrice fantasizes of sex with the man she's dating. He strips her down to her black panties, showing her highly toned body and small breasts. He takes her on the couch, but his upper body covers her chest most of the time. This scene has some heat but you may want to mute the song, which sounds like an American Idol reject.

McKinnon was written on October 30, 2011

Dark room; ep: Room 69

In a very dark room, bathed in some window light, she and her boyfriend have sex, standing up. A brief glimpse of her breasts.

McKinnon was written on October 30, 2011

Bathtime run; ep: Big Screaming O

She takes off her robe to get into the tub with her boyfriend. Several looks at her breasts, and a well-lit view of her firm backside as she goes into the tub.

Zane's Sex Chronicles (2008)
celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013

Patrice Fisher

Patrice Fisher wearing a purple bra as she helps a guy take his clothes off and lowers her pants to reveal black g-string panties before her top comes off revealing her breasts and then going over to the couch and having sex with him on her back as he kisses her breasts and sucks on her nipple a bit.

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