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1977 Angel and the Beasts, The 1 Review

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Angel and the Beasts, The (1977)
johnnysmokes was written on May 14, 2002

Walking around naked

In this Euro B-movie also known as Triangle of Lust, Miss Adriani is forced to parachute from a failing airplane. Unfortunately, she lands on a private island of smuggler/criminals who abuse her for most of the movie while she tries to escape. There's a lot of nudity from most of the cast. Towards the end of the movie in a final confrontation with the bad guys, she decides to hide in an abandoned house. But before entering the house, she takes off all of her clothes, reasons unknown, and just walks around the house in her birthday suit waiting for the bad guys. Hey, it's Europe, why not? (I love Euro movies and their abundant nudity-for-the-sake-of-nudity.) She's an attractive Italian lady, tan skinned, thin with small to medium-sized breasts and her own black triangle of lust.

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