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1997 Night of the Demons III 1 Review

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Night of the Demons III (1997)
Know-it-all was written on February 22, 2001

The tasty little best friend...

Patricia is a very, very cute brunette, who plays the main blonde girl's friend. In the first 5-10 minutes of the film Patricia has the first, and best, of her two nude scenes. She's alone in her bedroom. She's also completely nude. Good start. Unfortunately, her back is turned to us, so we see no pubic hair, but we do see her nice little ass. She has beautiful smooth skin. She bends over to put her panties on (BOOOOO!), and after she does, her obnoxious little brother breaks in with all his brat friends and she runs them off after quickly hugging a towel to her chest. A few minutes later, the blonde girl arrives and they start getting ready for the Halloweem party. This is a lot like the early scene in the first film where Cathy Podewell displayed her sweet ass. The blonde just blithely starts stripping after getting Patricia's permission to use her shower. Oddly, we never see her face and breasts in the same shot. I' guess it's possible she used a double, but I'd be hard pressed to explain why. Patricia sits in her chair in front of her mirror, and turns around to talk, exposing a side view of her breasts. She then gets up and examines them in the mirror, and complains that they aren't big enough. She's not really huge, but she's so utterly adorable that I don't really care about it. She goes to the party dressed in cat makeup, with whiskers, and this just makes her ten times cuter. Much later in the film, when all the demonaic activity starts, she's posessed by one and seduces the main bozo jock guy. We get some pretty decent open-top-while-she-rides-on-top-of-him action, but it's not as well-lit or long lasting as the first scene. Still worth seeing. She's the only really good thing about this movie, but she's really cool.

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