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year title
1996 Justine: Seduction of Innocence 0 Reviews
1996 Justine: Object of Desire 1 Review
1995 Justine: A Private Affair 2 Reviews
1995 Friend of the Family II 3 Reviews
1994 Emmanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy 6 Reviews
1994 Emmanuelle 6: One Final Fling 1 Review
1994 Emmanuelle 5: A Time to Dream 1 Review
1994 Emmanuelle 4: Concealed Fantasy 3 Reviews
1994 Emmanuelle 2: A World of Desire 1 Review
1984 Maximum Security 1 Review

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Justine: Seduction of Innocence (1996)
Justine: Object of Desire (1996)
Electrix was written on February 17, 2007

oral sex

This is a softcore porno movie. The are some flashbacks on this movie. Justine and Prof. Robinson have memories abaout Alan Pope (Paul Michael Robinson). In this scene you can see he taking a oral sex from a woman. You can see his perfect muscle body for a long time.

Justine: A Private Affair (1995)
Electrix was written on February 5, 2007

sex scene

Paul have sex with Justine's teacher in a train. The teacher get us in the night and find him, They go to baggage's room and have sex. They kiss each other and then they take their clothes out. Paul wear a skirt but you can see his ass. He put the teacher at the wall and have sex and anal sex. It's a simple good scene! Paul Michael Robinson is always the best!

MK88 was written on April 6, 2002


Well, Paul is a veteran of softcore flix, mostly known for "Emmanuelle in Space", but in this he has a smaller role. He plays the evil Alan Pope. While keeping Timothy Di Pri hostage he gets carried away and has sex with a chinese prostitute who starts by removing his pants and giving him oral sex, seeing his pubes occasional shape of butt. Then he takes her and puts her on top of her. He then anally has sex with her up against the wall, showing his beautiful butt. Lovely body. Then later in the scene he lies naked with her on the couch, when Di Pri escapes he runs after him naked, when he gets up from the couch the camera shows a blurry close up of his penis as he runs by, then he opens a door to see if Di Pri is still tied down and you see his pubes and butt, and then she changes into pants and you see his butt as he does it and he walks around with his shirt open. Robinson is one of the best looking men EVER, beautifully bronzed and muscular. Later in the episode he has sex with his partner who rides him with his shirt still halfway on, and his pants down, as Daneen Boone escapes from him he pulls up his boxers and you see his penis for a moment.

Friend of the Family II (1995)
Derek was written on October 11, 1998

Love Scenes

Robinson has many love scenes which give us ample footage of his perfectly shaped behind.

yowza was written on October 4, 1999

Thrusting Buns

Robinson is attractive and has a sexy, muscular body. We see the top half of his buns as a woman (who's not his wife) peels his underwear down. Then we see a sideview of his backside has he thrusts up and down on her. The same scene is played several times. I would have rated it higher if we'd gotten to see more of his ass.

Ozzie700 was written on December 8, 2002

Oh that body

Paul has unfortunate hair here, but his sculpted physique and great nipples are seen many times. His butt, sadly, is not as frequent, yet we get a few passable glimpses. From :8-:10 during his first scene with Shauna, his boxer briefs are pulled down in the back in closeup (only halway though), and then there are a few more side/upper side scenes of him plowing into her. At :32 there's an OK shot of his mounds as he's with his wife. From :47-:50, Shauna blackmails him into screwing her, in a scene that I'm including more for the sheer eroticism and kinky nature (you usually don't see men in this type of situation) and for the gusto with which he's driving it into her. Even though his muscled cheeks are seen only from the side again, it's a very arousing, angry scene.

Emmanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy (1994)
MK88 was written on June 17, 2001

1st sex scene - Paul Michael Robinson Emmanuelle 1

Paul Michael Robinson really shows off here. Paul Michael Robinson and Krista have sex in the spaceship bed. The camera rotates around Krista and Paul as Paul shows his rear and a dark frontal sitting down while touching Krista. Paul then lays Krista down and gives her straight sex as the camera moves around them, his rear is shown many and for long periods of time. Four stars because of how sexy he is and because of the amount of nudity.

MK88 was written on June 17, 2001

2nd sex scene - Paul Michael Robinson Emmanuelle 1

Paul Michael Robinson (Haffron) take Melissa Mead (Prostitute) to a room. She starts to undress and starts talking about price. She turns to see the naked Paul (close up of rear) and then so awed by his beauty says "This one's on me." She rides him very fast as Paul displays his manly muscles and pubes. Then dark frontals can be seen as she "jumps" up and down on top of her. 2 stars b/c it's Paul Michael Robinson.

MK88 was written on June 17, 2001

3rd sex scene - Paul Michael Robinson Emmanuelle 1

Paul for certain does do the most nudity in this episode. In this scene, on a boat in India, Paul takes Jennifer Behr back to his room. They start with foreplay then he undresses her. The camera rotates around them as they are naked and he gives her anal sex. Plenty of shots of his rear. She then gets on top of him and rides him showing many shots of his pubes. His frontal can be seen while the camera rotates around behind the girl. Good long scene.

MK88 was written on June 17, 2001

4th sex scene - Paul Michael Robinson Emmanuelle 1

Most certainly one of his best in the episode. He takes Jane Stone back to his room and undresses her quickly. He puts her up on the wall and hives her straight sex showing his rear for long lenghthy periods. He then brings her to a sofa and puts her on his legs and gives her straight sex. Dark frontals can be seen. He then takes her to the wall again and shows much rear footage as well as frontal, b/c it was taped from the side. He then takes her back to the bed and gets on top of her and finishes showing alot of rear. NICE LONG SCENE!

MK88 was written on June 17, 2001

5th sex scene - Paul Michael Robinson Emmanuelle 1

Paul takes Pegg Landon back to his room. He undresses her and then gives her straight sex. Showing pubes, frontal and rear. Then he can be seen giving her anal sex with her on top. Shots of oblique rear, dark frontals and pubes.

Derek was written on October 11, 1998

Several love scenes

Robinson is a beauty, and he shows off his fantastic assets in several different love scenes in this seven episode series. Great rear shots as he thrusts.

Emmanuelle 6: One Final Fling (1994)
GDH was written on May 1, 2005


Robinson's backside is unveiled many times here: first we see it from several different distances as he stands embracing a woman in a pool while other characters wash them both (this sequence seems to include a silhouette view of Robinson's penis, although it's possible he was wearing a sock). Next we get a few good close-ups as he and Krista Allen shower together (always like to see a nice firm body in the shower). A sex scene with Allen provides more views (including one extremely brief close-up that perfectly showcases its muscular beauty - use your freeze-frame!). Finally, it's on display once more during a sex scene in a train carriage with a Chinese Red Army (female) guard. Robinson also features in a couple of other sex scenes that show side or obscured nudity only. The producers certainly got their money's worth out of him in this film!

Emmanuelle 5: A Time to Dream (1994)
GDH was written on April 25, 2005


We get many shots of Robinson's shapely bum as he kneels, lays and thrusts during a sex scene with Krista Allen. Some of the views are a bit shadowy, but there's plenty of clear ones. If only the tan lines from his board shorts weren't so obvious...

Emmanuelle 4: Concealed Fantasy (1994)
MK88 was written on October 5, 2001


Shows LOTS AND LOTS of BUTT and many glimpses of his crotch and penis. First scene he walks around in seethru briefs, he then shows his butt, pubes and crotch in an anal scene with Krista Allen. He then has a nude scene showing his penis and butt in the shower with Krista Allen. He then has a nude scene showing his ass, penis, crotch and anus. He then has many other nude scenes with ample crotch, pube and butt and glimpses of penis. Shows the most amount of nudity in this series.

Purevil03 was written on August 20, 2004

Ass, Dick and Pubes

After an energetic sex scene with Chandra (the women who he played tennis with) they lie in bed and the head of Paul's dick can clearly be seen for a full minute. Unfortunately he isn't hard but it looks thick nevertheless.

Also, when he and Chandra are going at it on the floor, a shot of Paul's balls from behind (in a fantastically gracious ass shot) can be seen.

b00bfan was written on May 10, 2006

Great body

Paul has great sex clips with very hot girls in the film. His hottest clips are with Krista by far. The way he flexes his big muscles as he grinds into a girl real deep and hard makes anyone get real hard. And when he has sex with Chandra...Jackpot, you get to see his privates. Im striaght and this guy gets me very hot. I wish i was him everytime i see him sucking, licking or squeezing the hell out of Kristas large boobs.

Emmanuelle 2: A World of Desire (1994)
GDH was written on October 5, 2000

Backside in three sex scenes

Nicely-muscled, clean-cut, all-American guy features in three sex scenes: in the first, as he 'takes' Krista Allen from behind, we see his bum from the side only; in the second we get a couple of quick but clear shots of his bum as he stands kissing Debra Beatty; and in the third we get clear views of three-quarters of his backside as he ploughs into Allen.

Maximum Security (1984)
Derek was written on October 11, 1998

Love scene

Only one love scene and actor is shown only from the side. Nice shots of his chest in an earlier scene, though.

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