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2007 Death and the Life of Bobby Z, The 3 Reviews
2006 Running Scared 5 Reviews
2001 Joy Ride 26 Reviews
1999 Varsity Blues 6 Reviews

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Death and the Life of Bobby Z, The (2007)
MonkD was written on September 23, 2007

shower scene

Uber-hunk Paul Walker gives a brief (hence the 2 star rating), but real nice view of his incredible ass. A nice look at him from head to his knees as he showers. Looks like he has muscled up a bit from his Joy Ride nude scene and he looks awesome. Nice full round butt cheeks, a very tight, smooth ass that anyone would love to grab. What I wouldn't give for a night with this stud. Don't really care for the long hair he has at the beginning of the movie but that comes off quick. You can make good use of the step button on your DVD player with this scene. Movie sucks which is probably why it went straight to DVD. Keep those nude scenes coming Paul!

Electrix was written on September 6, 2007

ass in the shower

At the beggining of the movie (16 min), Paul is taking a shower. You can see a lot of prisioners in the bathroom, and it have a lot of butts, but they aren't beautiful. You can see Paul's bubble ass and muscle back. This scene is a short, but Paul is very sexy, obviously.

moviedoctor was written on February 4, 2009

shower scene

Paul has a sexy, round, muscular caboose.
The only reason why I don't give the scene more stars is because it is mercilessly short.

Running Scared (2006)
Mattg was written on September 28, 2006

Quick butt, he's still got it

Paul Walker is still amazing looking with a tight, hard body - impressive since he's well into his 30s. And his ass is still sweet to look at - as we get three quick glimpses of it as he's trying to seduce his wife in this scene early in the film by the washing machine. The movie wasn't my thing though.

tushlover was written on March 9, 2007

washing machine scene

This scene is disappointing. You don't really see Walker's butt. You see his left hip. There is no view of a butt cheek or butt crack.

MonkD was written on February 26, 2006

Sex scene

Early in the film, hunky Paul Walker arrives home, horny for his wife and tries to mount her against the washing machine. He quickly pulls his pants down revealing those beautiful,smooth butt cheeks of his. It's a real quick scene, hence only 2 stars, but any shot of this gorgeous 6'3" blond stallion and his awesome ass is worth seeing even though I think this is a really bad movie.

juro08 was written on January 8, 2008

Quickie on Dryer

As Walker begins making out with his girlfriend, he yanks down a pair of tight black briefs. Although the shot is extremely quick, you still get a nice glimpse of Walker's ass before his girlfriend puts a kabob on his advances.

Electrix was written on January 31, 2007

half sex - butt zoom

In the beggining of the movie Paul arrive in home and talks a little with his wife. An then he starts to touch, kiss, he takes her underwear out and he makes a oral sex (softcore) on her. After this he stands up and starts to make sex. He takes his pants out and the wife takes his underwear out and theys start but just a little bit. She leaves and let him horny. 3 stars it's because this scene have a good zoom of the Paul's butt.

Joy Ride (2001)
ctgte was written on May 27, 2012

Naked in restaurant

Paul Walker and Steve Zahn are stark naked in a restaurant. Hot!

KaliLover was written on October 4, 2001

Forced nudity in restaurant

I gave this four stars because it is by far one of the best scenes of forced nudity I have ever seen. Paul Walker and his buddy are forced to walk into a restaurant completely naked and order large amounts of food, to save there girlfriend from being killed by a maniac truck driver. I have been waiting years to catch a glimps of Paul Walkers butt. Enjoy the movie, its well worth it even though there is no frontal.

ut127 was written on October 4, 2001

Forced to walk in crowded cafe naked

Paul Walker and Steve Zahn have to walk in a busy roadside cafe completely nude in order to save his girlfriend's friend. This is an extraordinary scene of humiliation nudity. You could see how uncomfortable they are in making this scene. They both walk from their car in the parking lot completely naked into the cafe to the cafe's restaurant counter. This scene is quite long and you see many great shots of their butts. Paul is such a hottie. Paul has an excellent body and is in great shape. I'm so excited that he agreed to do this scene. I'm not sure how long it took to film this scene, but I bet it was long. If I was one of the extras, then I would have messed up on purpose to keep this going. Paul is such an attractive guy with an attractive athletic body. Best humiliation scene ever.

eaglefish69 was written on October 4, 2001


not big fan but girls will give higher rating very clear and long scene

Ryan was written on October 5, 2001

Paul's PERFECT Ass

Let me just put in the first of what will likely be many, many, many four-star reviews for this nude scene. An instant classic in cinematic male nudity, Paul and his on-screen brother Steve Zahn are told to strip naked by a sadistic trucker and walk into a truck stop restaurant totally naked in broad daylight. By this point in the film they have no choice but to comply, so they bravely step out of their car in the buff and make their way into the restaurant, much to the awe and amazement of the customers. I've been crushing on Paul Walker for years and the wait for this scene was well worth it. Paul not only has a beautiful face and body but an amazing ass as well. Round, muscular, and beautiful it's a perfect example of the ever popular bubble butt. This scene provides the audience with many views of his cheeks in motion from several angles in broad daylight. The context of the scene only adds to the overall enjoyment. Sure a frontal view would have been nice but there's no use in complaining about a rear nude scene this perfect in every way. An absolute must.

FlirtyPopStar was written on March 24, 2005

Paul Walker's nude appearances

We see Paul Walker's ass around five times. The first is when he emerges from the car. The second is a better one, when he comes to the restaurant entrance. The third is a shaded one, where you don't see it. And the fourth (pardon me for saying five) and last, is a very quick one when he jumps off a bar stool.

Guiseppe was written on July 26, 2007

A beautiful exposure of two mainstream actors!

Paul Walker is as handsome as they get. In this scene which is the true-blue definition of humiliation, Paul Walker and Steve Zahn are forced to strip at gunpoint. They get out of the car and already we get a clear view of both of their equally ample butts. Paul has a more muscular and chisled ass compared to Steve's somewhat plump,cute, ass. As the scene continues, they walk into a convient store giving us continious shots of their beautiful asses. GOD WHAT A PERFECT SCENE. While we wouldn't except this much exposure for this much of time from two mainstream actors, they deliver in every sense of the word. While still not showing frontal, their butts componsate for that in their extreme lusciousness.

beowulf644 was written on October 8, 2009

Paul's ass

Paul's ass is shown as he and Steve walk butt naked into a diner full of people. The best part is where two really hot, young chicks walk out of the diner. They see Paul and Steve naked and begin smiling and giggling. They appeared to be thrilled at their fortune to get to see these guys naked. They do a big look back to check out their asses. I do remember the rumor going around that the previous reviewer mentioned that these two girls went into Paul's trailer after this. Presumably with Paul being a movie star he fucked both these hotties while they were groping and grabbing all over his ass they were so happy to see.

tushlover was written on March 9, 2007

The humiliation scene

If you are a Paul Walker fan, this is the movie for you. There is no frontal nudity [of course] but clear views of his very nice ass seem to go on forever in one long scene.

FlirtyPopStar was written on March 25, 2005

Upper frontal

In the humiliation scene which everyone talks about, there are a few shots of Walker's chest area. Although it is sexy and in great form, it's not genuinely exciting, hence only one star.

Mattg was written on October 8, 2001

Oh, God, Yes!

I couldn't agree more with the previous reviewer. Finally, the nude scene from this beauty we've been waiting years for. And he delivers in what will no doubt be a classic in mainstream movie male nude scenes. Gorgeous Paul is forced by the deranged trucker, along with his brother Steve Zahn, to walk completely naked in broad daylight into a diner in order to humiliate them. Usually, you don't want to see your heroes degraded in such a way by the baddie. But this time we'll make a glorious exception. His bubble butt is absolutely perfect, as is his beautifully shaped tanned body. He covers his crotch with his hands, as does Zahn, but you don't mind too much. And the butt shots are generous and ample. No homophobic/sexist from-the-waist-up bullshit. Full-on wonderful shots of his gorgeous ass. What a joy, indeed! And there's no female nudity in this wonderful gem of a film, so for once all the nudity is for the enjoyment of gay men and straight women. I just hope the sexist jerks who edit films for video/T.V. don't find a way to pan out much of the nudity when they convert this for the small screen - like they did with Matt Damon in the Talented Mr. Ripley (which was, by the way, a far inferior nude scene.) Paul - you are a god! Keep it up!

ajb was written on October 8, 2001

Embarassment scene

As good as butt shots get, Paul Walker and Steve Zahn are forced to strip in broad daylight and walk into a restaurant. Walker has a great butt and it is in clear view for quite awhile. Now if only he wasn't covering his package it would get 4 stars...

Ozzie700 was written on October 9, 2001

Deleted Frontal Scene

I'm adding my ****, because I haven't seen such a perfect bubble butt in a mainstream film...ever. In an interview, Paul mentioned a frontal of him running after the truck. Typically, sadly, this was deleted from the final print. Let's all hope they restore for the DVD.

Mattg was written on March 7, 2002

DVD deleted scene

There were many rumours about Paul's infamous frontal scene that was cut from the final movie version. But could be restored on the DVD. Well, I viewed the DVD last night and found the infamous scene with Paul running after the truck after he and Steve Zahn walk naked into a truck stop. The film quality is not as good because it wasn't used in the final print, and there's no real, clear dick shot. Sure, he's running after the truck, but the shots are mostly distant and not as clear as the original scene and you don't really see anything swinging between his legs (although I'm sure he's got one.) The sequence is kind of lame and I can see why they cut it from the theatrical version - not because there was an unclear frontal, but because the chase was dumb and unnecessary in the movie. Still, it was interesting to see. Stupidly, Steve Zahn jumps in Venna's car and throws Paul his pants. Minutes later, Paul runs up wearing his pants AND his t-shirt. Where did he get that? So there never really was a clear frontal shot. (By the way, you can only view this deleted scene on the DVD by clicking on Special Features and hitting a "Whole New Joy Ride" or something like that - and a symbol appears on the screen during the butt sequence and this allows you to see the alternate scene.

moviedoctor was written on January 4, 2005

Walker and Zahn walking into restaurant

The 'joy' of Joy Ride is surprisingly seeing Paul Walker's gorgeous butt. I've been a movie doctor for many years, but in this case, its a shame I left my thermometer home.

MonkD was written on November 14, 2001

forced to walk into diner and order

Hard to argue with the previous reviewers about this scene because they aren't kidding. The gorgeous Paul Walker and his brother are forced to walk into a truck-stop diner completely bare-butt naked and order food. I have been hoping for a long time for a nude scene from this golden-haired young stallion and this one was worth the wait! As Walker and his brother walk into the place we get long and numerous looks at Paul's beautiful ass. Nicely round, firm and smooth, with a long and deep crack. It tightens and flexes nicely as he walks. His nicely tanned body and beautiful face are an absolute joy to behold. I usually don't give 4 stars without a shot of a studs package, but I gotta make the exception here.I rank Paul's magnificent bubble butt right up there with Marky Mark Wahlberg's. Don't miss this one!

CharmedBoy was written on March 4, 2006

Nice ass at restaurant

Long scene of Walker (and Zahn) walking naked into a restaurant.

mcjw2011 was written on June 1, 2004

Uncensored TV shot

Surprisingly, the humiliation scene isn't blurred or cut from the film when it aired on FX - real daring. You get to see Paul's nice ass in all of its glory It'll come on later on tommorrow at 5:30 PM eastern time, as well as Saturday at 8 PM and 12 AM eastern time. Don't miss it. :-)

mcjw2011 was written on June 17, 2003

Great ass action

He is hot. Finally caught this movie after seeing previous reviews about it. And while there's no **** star scene in this movie, there is that famous scene where the truck driver instructs him and Steve Zahn to order food stark naked. The scene is in broad daylight, and we do get some great ass shots. There is an obstructed frontal scene on the DVD, but you can't make out anything. A solid *** stars for Walker's ass, but a frontal shot would have earned it **** stars.

xuxu was written on September 29, 2008

Nude in public

Paul and Steve are forced to strip naked and enter a diner while in full view of public onlookers. Note as they enter the diner two teenage girls walk out giggling and talk a look at Paul and Steve's nude bodies. They attempt to see some cock, then turn around and check out Paul's ass muscles flexing as they continue giggling. On a side note Leelee Sobieski said alot of women turned up on the set this day and while she didn't look her mom made sure she did. Also, the girls that were seen leaving the diner in this scene were seen going into Paul's trailer together after filming presumably to get a better view of his hard body.

cythera4 was written on January 24, 2005

Wow, what buns!

The camera lingers for more than a minute on Paul Walker's glorious butt. As he walks, his taut glutes flex. They're smooth and white, but I'll bet they've got a nice light blonde down on them. Yum!

alonzonia was written on April 19, 2001

epic embarrassment nudity

Steve and Paul are forced to walk completely naked into a busy roadside diner and order some ridiculous amount of food. The frontals are covered by their hands, but the scenes is very long, there are alot of funny bits in it, and we get to see Paul's stunningly beautiful, oil glistened body from every conceivable angle as the the jokes and embarrassment are played up. Three minutes at least. I'm a huge fan on this type of thing, and undoubtedly this is the best embarrassment nudity scene ever made!!!!!

FlirtyRockStar21 was written on October 13, 2001

Paul Walker's Gorgeous Behind

Wow! I'd give it ten stars if I could. I've been waiting so long to catch a real glimpse of what I knew would be a beautiful, tight, bubble butt...But Paul seemed to be dead set on keeping his clothes on...Until now! Joy Ride, well worth the wait to catch the tanned and muscular backside of the adorable Paul Walker. Plenty of close-up and far away shots of his sexy ass. The scene lasts for what amounts to four or five minutes. Plus you get to see Steve Zahn as well and his ass ain't half bad either. It's worth the eight bucks...or sixteen in my case (I just had to catch it one more time before it's out of theatres and I've got to wait for the DVD to relive the beautiful Paul Walker butt). I highly recommended the film!

Ozzie700 was written on January 20, 2003

See Joy Ride

This must have been some sort of alternate title for Paul's infamous 2001 bubble butt exposure, Joy Ride. See the reviews under that title.

ctgte was written on May 19, 2012

Naked in restauratn

Paul Walker and Steve Zahn are stark naked in a restaurant. Hot!

Christian69 was written on April 19, 2005

Walker forced to strip

Very long scene--Walker's tight young ass is perfect. It looks great as he walks and it bouces a little. It looks especially great from the side as he enters the restaurant--very muscular legs, sweet high curve.

Varsity Blues (1999)
Mean Little Kitty was written on January 25, 1999

Sex in the laundry room

He and his slutty girlfriend are at a party, having sex in the laundry room. A drunk Billy Bob comes crashing in to throw up in the dryer and we see Walker with has pants down.Although the look is very quick and we see it only from the side, that ass has potential.

DQKY22 was written on September 5, 1999


It's a great scene but it could had been betterPaul is having sex with his girlfriend when BillyBob throws up but the scene by Scott Caan was excellent couldn't be better :-)You get to see him in nothing but a cowboy hat Ride Um Cowboy :-)

FlirtyRockStar21 was written on October 20, 2001

Sex on top of a washing machine

Paul's doing his girlfriend on top of a washing machine and in walks his large football buddy and if you apply your slow mo you can catch delayed glimpses of his muscular legs and part of his muscular bubble butt. Also seen is his package (which is of nice size) inside a jockstrap. I was frankly a little disappointed after Scott Caan's grade a perfect behind being showed twice in the film, I was ready to see Paul in all his glory...but alas the scene isn't a total wash...I mean Paul is devastatingly gorgeous, he makes it worthwhile.

JRok was written on September 27, 1999


Paul Walker is by far one of the hottest and cutest man ever. He is humping a girl on a laundry machine, and his pants are down. When Billy bob walks in, apply your VCR's slo-mo and you can see his balls nicely fit in his jock strap. paul walker has a great body and that ass is so fine.

SuperSka was written on July 5, 1999

nice ass shot

Paul Walker, in all his glory, can be seen 1/4 of the way through the movie, having sex with his girlfriend n the laundry room. A quick shot of his ivory ass is a real treat, and if you utilize your VCR's slow motion mode, you can see Paul's package inside a jock-type holder during this scene, so he isn't really nude for the sex scene. Let me tell you, his man-meat fills out a jock quite nicely.

ManFan was written on July 5, 1999

Sex on Washing Machine

Not nearly as much exsposure as Scott Caan and eventhough Paul has a great face his butt is a little flat.However, Scott Caan's amazing ass and numerous homosexualovertones make this worth watching.

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