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2004 Shameless (UK) 4 Reviews

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Shameless (UK) (2004)
presuminged was written on January 10, 2011

Beautifully big boobs while having sex

Mrs Doyle from Father Ted having sex with Frank Gallagher in the brilliant Shameless!!!
Pauline- not the most beautiful woman in the world but still attractive in a prim kind of way- shows almost all in this funny and frantic sex scene.
Her nipples are fantastic and the boobs are nice hangers full and plump.
She is a narcoleptic in the show and falls asleep having frantic sex with scruffy Frank.
I give this top stars because she is one sexy MILF in this and her tits are beautiful.

McKinnon was written on March 18, 2011

Lifting bra

Series 8 episode 3 - prim Pauline gets hot and bothered when workmen take off their shirts. She fantasizes about opening her blouse and lifting up her bra, exposing her still fairly firm for her age, bouncing breasts.

McKinnon was written on March 27, 2011


Series 8, episode 8. Pauline\'s character imagines herself in bed with two hunks, then she lowers her wedding dress and reveals her breasts covered by two sparkly silver pasties, and tassels. She starts making the tassels go, then she gropes and fondles her breasts and winks at the camera. She has great boobs for her age.

Ozzie700 was written on March 2, 2010

Sex; series 7 episode 7

Pauline is probably best known for her work on sitcom Father Ted. Here, she is in more of a MILF/naughty librarian role. She has a very nice figure. In the first episode of series 7 she's wearing a negligee during a sex scene, but at the end of episode 7, she shows all as the unkempt leading man does her doggy style. As he pounds her from behind, her large breasts swing and sway. Then when he gets out of bed, she's still in a kneeling position; there's a shot from the ceiling where you can see her backside.

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