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2002 Footballers' Wives 6 Reviews

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Footballers' Wives (2002)
GDH was written on April 6, 2005


Fourth series, second episode. Ash provides a couple of extremely quick glimpses of his (rather shapely) bum in a group shower scene. Use your freeze frame!

FlirtyPopStar was written on June 5, 2005

Zilch, nada, bupkiss

Hardly anything, like Jamie Davis, comes from Ben Richards, except the group shower scene.

GDH was written on February 18, 2003


Second series, seventh episode. Ash is grabbed by Cristian Solimeno who forces Ash over his lap, pulls down his shorts and starts spanking him. We see Ash's bum from the side. He's still wearing his shirt which negates the eroticism for me, but fans of embarrassment nudity might enjoy the sequence.

dvdcollector was written on April 1, 2004

Spanking and skinny-dipping

In episode 6 of Series 2, he is seen skinny-dipping in the pool. Unfortunately, it is not a very good shot (from the top) but one can see the outline of his butt. A bit later, as he goes into the sauna, we see the upper half of his shapely bum and his pubic hair. Then as he has to escape, he shows his full butt, though from a distance.

In Episode 8, he has his pants pulled down and is spanked for expressing his desire to have sex with the team captain's wife. Short embarrassment scene, where we see his bare butt from the side and a grimacing face.

Neither scene in itself warrants 3 stars, but the combination of scenes and the fact that the actor is very good-looking (in a goofy way) make this exposure worth more than the individual scenes would have got.

FlirtyPopStar was written on May 23, 2005


After discovering Ash's character was the rapist, I might as well add this review to the panel. His bum in the flashback scene (if it was him doing that rape shagging) is shaded, and it's shaking, making it not very good.

GDH was written on February 11, 2003

Fleeting glimpses

Ash plays a seventeen year-old in this but I think he's one or two years older in real life. In the sixth episode of the second series, we get an aerial view of his bum as he walks in a swimming pool. Then we get the top half of his buttocks and his pubes as he runs into a sauna; later we see the tip of his penis as he walks around in the sauna. Finally we get a 'full frontal' view of his bum as he runs across a patio. These are all very quick views, hence only one star.

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