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Phantom Love's Sexy Actresses

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Wasko, Sandy 1 Review
Von Flotow, Michelle 1 Review
Taylor, Leslie 1 Review
Malone, Shannon 1 Review
Drew, Griffin 2 Reviews

Phantom Love's Sexy Actors

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Boeving, Christian 1 Review

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Sandy Wasko
Chicago was written on June 3, 2001

1 f/f with Griffin

At :22.5-:24.25, Sandy gets naked with Griffin in a f/f scene…ass close-up first and then breasts as Griffin kisses down her thin-figured body. They share several sensual kisses and Sandy eats Griffin and kisses her breasts. Very erotic scene.

Michelle Von Flotow
Chicago was written on June 3, 2001

1 scene & No Respect

Reading the introductory credits, you see Michelle’s name is misspelled as “Plotow”…that’s when you KNOW you’ve got no respect! At :02-:04, “Plotow” has sex with a guy on the couch…enhanced breasts with dimpled areola and side ass, as she rides him. More like 2 ½ stars.

Leslie Taylor
Chicago was written on June 3, 2001

1 scene

Personally, I like when soft-core flicks bring in non-enhanced girls like Leslie. While she’s not all that attractive, you see her firm, taut, triangular A-cup sized breasts (close-ups) in addition to the side of her butt as she has sex with the doctor at :47-:48.

Shannon Malone
Chicago was written on June 3, 2001

1 scene

If the bulky dude Shannon does at 1:02.75-1:04.25 is an artist, then she is an early century waif who just happens to have tanned and enhanced breasts…breasts and ass.

Griffin Drew
crazy was written on February 16, 2000

The longest and most nude sex scenes she has ever done!!!

This director's cut of a Surrender Cinema production copyrighted (2000) and titled 'Phantom Love stars Griffin Drew as the main character. I counted at least four sex scenes all very long. The first one is a lesbian scene with another woman. It gets quite erotic with lots of full frontal shots. The second scene is of her with one of the castle employees and a tiny bit of nipple simulation. The third sex scene has her near a kitchen table with a different guy and the action heats up again with full frontal shots and breast squeezing. In the fourth scene she is back with the employee guy again only this time he gets more into the simulated nipple stimulation. This is incredible and a must see for any Griffin Drew fan. I didn't time the sex scenes but believe me there're long enough. Getting up in years, Griffin still has a very hot sexy body!

Chicago was written on June 3, 2001

4 scenes

Griffin’s first scene is a f/f with Sandy Wasko which she encourages her to “not deny themselves pleasures.” Griffin’s breasts are released as her outfit is taken off at :21-:24.25. Several close-ups as her full breasts are licked/kissed sensually. Also pubes and ass as her bottoms are taken off and Wasko kisses down her body. Griffin kisses down Sandy’s naked thin-figured body, they share several sensual kisses and Sandy then eats Griffin and kisses her breasts. Very erotic scene. At :30-:32.75, Griffin ravages a guy and her breasts and side butt are seen; the guy kisses her breasts, he eats her and then she’s on top sexing him. At :52.75-:55.25, Griffin is undressed…breasts, full frontal, then ass. At 1:04.25-1:08.75, Griffin sexes a guy…several great breast views.

Christian Boeving
dragoboy108 was written on April 28, 2017

Hot scene

Scene with Shannon Malone. Hot muscular body. Love the way he looks at Shannon at she kisses & licks his muscular chest.

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