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 Post subject: trying to find the I.D. of a mr skin banner pic
PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 2:07 am 
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can you forward this or make sure whoever creates or takes care of the mr skin banners sees this? there is a banner having 7 pictures on it. i know some of the women but there is one in particuler that i cant seem to solve even though i contacted mr skin about it.
here are the names i do know starting left to right.


2. UNKNOWN and the one im trying to find out.the picture in the banner is cropped.ive seen the full length pic on another skin banner one on this site.shes a fair skinned brunette with what im almost sure is an enhanced rack. she appears to be eurasian. and she also appears to be fully shaven. shes taking a shower and her hands are on her chest just above either of her breasts. the cameraman was obviously standing behind her off to the side inside the "shower" because the full frontal shot of her is in a mirror as she watches herself showering. hope that is a good enough desription for one of you guys to figure this out. been driving me nuts for quite awhile. i had bumped a thread on the help find pic area but all tha did was to get some to post the pic which is better then nothing i guess. bolleybug started another thread titled "MR SKIN PREVIEW PHOTOS no names given". he has that banner pic on that thread if you want to look at it. please guys help!

3. not sure but i do recognize her. believe shes a model. brunette dark eyes and tanned
5.CHRISTINE (WIN) always forget how to spell her name NGYUEN?
7. NOT SURE but shes a blond and shes flahing her rack

again i would hope someone could help figure this out. thanks for any and all info you can give.

 Post subject: trying to find the I D of a mr skin banner pic
PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:54 pm 
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Thought a little more about it and wanted to share a strategy Ive used for trying to find out more information.

All or almost all of the reincarnation stories we hear about are stories that kids spout off in the infant and very young childhood years. We all recognize these years as more pure and closest to the persons past life. However, we dont remember these years because of the way our mind works.

I have personally asked my parents to tell me stories of when I was a kid. They will tell me what they can remember of course. Ive also asked others who knew me as that young to share a story or two. Of course, you may have to weed out the difference between the preferences of your inner child and your past life.

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