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1983 Lonely Lady, The 5 Reviews
1982 Fake-Out 2 Reviews
1982 Butterfly 3 Reviews

Pia Zadora's Biography

Born: 4 May 1954, Hoboken, New Jersey
Maiden Name: Pia Schipani

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Lonely Lady, The (1983)
Bevan was written on October 27, 1999

Who cares that the movie sucked?

Pia's extensively nude, showing off her splendid bod in full-frontal and topless scenes, and hell, she can act a lot better than Bo Derek can. If only her multi-millionaire then-husband didn'tpush her to be the next Great Dramatic Actress, she could have done very well doing theTweed/Severance/Whirry roles in B-cable movies. Hard to imagine she's in her mid-forties now.

Gordon was written on January 13, 2000

Several scenes, one disturbing

Pia shows off her attractive body in quite a few scenes. Unfortunately, one of them is a brutal rape scene.

BushLeague was written on November 22, 2002

A smattering during the film

Brief breast laying in bed. Another longer breast shot laying in bed. Quick dark pan of her great round backside and tit in shower scene. Brief right breast in bed and (you guessed it) distant dark view of backside while in bed and longer shot of tits while laying in bed. Most scenes are dark and shot at odd angles, so that, except for her ass, you never get a good clear shot.

Antman was written on July 3, 1999

Several scenes

Pia was certainly very cute, but she made some really bad movies. She shows her breasts and/or buns about 4 or 5 times in this awful movie.

Clickr was written on March 7, 2005

Sporadic scenes

I was deeply dissappointed to find out that MrSkin had no clips of Pia in the Lonely Lady. She was a sweetheart of mine at an early age because of the scenes in that movie. That young tight body and those firm curves of hers. The way her bodu glistened in the shower. What man could not want her.

Fake-Out (1982)
cecil was written on September 9, 2001


In addition to the shower scene already reviewed, we see the side of her left breast in two other scenes. One is when she is in the bathtub and tries to catch Desi Arnaz Jr. as he almost falls in on top of her. The other is a few minutes later, she is out of the tub, she stands behind him and puts her arms around him.

DBW was written on January 21, 1999

women's prison shower scene

You get a look at Zadora's adorable butt and brief views of her breasts in thisterrible film.

Butterfly (1982)
[email protected] was written on April 13, 2002

0:33:30-her father wakes her up for a bath, she strips naked and gets into the tub in front of him, making him go and wash her himself. She tries to seduce him, but he doesn't let her.

Maybe I saw a different version(but I don't think so, because it wasn't rated) because her nudity in the "Butterfly" I saw is only worth 1 star, not 3. She is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen and she does wear skimpy outfits throughout this whole movie, but her only decent nudity is a side view of her entire body in her bedroom, before she takes the above-mentioned bath. During the whole bath scene, you get a few(4 or 5) shots of her tits(partially) in which you can't see her face.

csgasse was written on April 8, 1999

a cabin in the dessert, she's in the tub, he is washing her from behind

A young woman has an affair with the man she thinks may be her father. This movie takes an intimate look at incest.

Gordon was written on January 13, 2000

Bathing, getting rubbed

After a hard day of work, Pia strips and gets into a tub of hot water in front of a guy who might be her father. She then asks him to rub her aching shoulders. He starts with her back and shoulders, but ends up with his hands on her supple breasts. There are good looks of Pia's breasts, butt, and legs, all of which are firm and shapely.

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