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Pierce Brosnan's Sexy Filmography

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year title
2001 Tailor of Panama, The 2 Reviews
1999 Thomas Crown Affair, The 7 Reviews
1999 Grey Owl 2 Reviews
1997 Robinson Crusoe 1 Review
1992 Live Wire 3 Reviews
1989 Heist, The 1 Review
1988 Deceivers, The 1 Review
1986 Nomads 2 Reviews

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Tailor of Panama, The (2001)
ajb was written on April 6, 2001

Humping next to a window

You see Pierce's nice ass in a standing position as he humps Catherine McCormack next to a window. The shot doesn't last very long, but Pierce is pretty sexy in this movie, as his character is very bad and very horny.

AJP123 was written on July 12, 2006

humping scene

you see his lovely arse which i have been dying to see for a long time when hes humping next to a window with a woman

Thomas Crown Affair, The (1999)
Ryan was written on July 24, 1999

Bond's bare backside

Sexy Pierce Brosnan has the title role in this top notch remake. He has some hot love scenes with beautiful co-star Rene Russo. The two make love in his luxurious apartment. Overhead shots, from a distance, are provided as they make love on the floor. Brosnan is on top, to better showcase his attractive buns. There's a closer view as they make love on the staircase. The best shot comes as he carries Russo off to another room and there's a nice clear shot of his buns as he walks (Russo even slaps his cheeks). Later in the film they lie together naked on a bed but this is seen from the side, no real exposure. While Rene has a bit more nudity Pierce's scenes in the buff won't disappoint his fans. Great freeze frame potential once it hits video and DVD. This remake is a fun and sexy adult romance, well worth checking out.

Deh was written on August 21, 2000

sex scene

He shows his nice bum in this movie. Also a good movie itself.

jamiroquai was written on July 9, 2002

dance and sex scene

The fabulous Miss Russo demands attention in this flick. You can't argue with her first nude scenes ever and she does seem to relish in it. Great dance scene with a sheer dress and fabulous moving sex scene showing her tits multiple times.
Worth buying because this may be the only time we get to see Rene nude.

babon was written on January 5, 2000

thomas crown butt

Thomas Crown shows his butt, and gets it slapped by Rene

Guiseppe was written on August 13, 2007

Pierce's muscular behind

Pierce Brosnan, the 5th James Bond of the popular series, changes pace of film in this comedic, romatic, mystery, thriller where he plays Thomas Crown. In a scene where he is making rapid love to Rene Russo's character, we get overhead shots of his dimpled, musclar backside which is pleasing especially for a man in his late 40s. Then comes the upclose and personal scene. Pierce walks away from the camera and we get a 3 second, clear shot of that beautiful backside that is fit with two round and chiseled cheeks. Then he walks into the shadows and the clear image is no more unfortunatley.

wheble2299 was written on June 19, 2000

surprisingly nice bottom

I was very suprised when Piecre exposed his butt in this movie. There are a couple of good shots of him having sex with Rene Russo. A must see for everyone

AJP123 was written on July 12, 2006

sex scene

you see his ass many times during this sex scene its so good its a must rent film just for that sex scene its so good if you are a big pierce brosnan fan i am one

Grey Owl (1999)
bmg was written on January 9, 2000


We get a great shot of Pierce's butt in bright sunshine as he's walking out of a pond nude. Still a great butt, even at 46. Glad he's still willing to show it!

Hamm_Sodomy was written on May 6, 2006

a hairy concern

The nudity here is both sexy and playful. I give Pierce credit because unlike many actors that show their ass once, this lovemaking scene shows Pierce's booty several times. In fact, viewers may be thrilled that Ren'e Russo smacks his butt cheek once. Still, Pierce sure does have a hyperhairy chest for a man with a supposed smoothe butt. I really think he shaves his backside before revealing it to the public. I mean, it's sexy regardless, but it is altered, surely.

Robinson Crusoe (1997)
Ozzie700 was written on March 24, 2002

Skinny Dipping

The very shaggy and still sexy Pierce jumps into the waterfall naked. A somewhat distant shot of his butt (which never declines in quality no matter how he ages).

Live Wire (1992)
bmg was written on January 2, 2000

Rear while making love

In the sequence following the tub scene, he's making love and we see a full body shot of his sightly hairy rear in soft light as he lays on the bed. There are also some side shots. In one shot he kneels on the bed and unfolds as he lays down. You can't see his frontal in the fullscreen version, but you might if there's a widescreen version.

moviestuff was written on July 28, 2003



IT was written on January 20, 1999

Lovescene in the tub

You can see he`s buns briefely in the tub but as he is making love to a woman. He is very sexy in this movie but since you don`t see so much it isn`t so hot.

Heist, The (1989)
Ozzie700 was written on October 2, 2001


He's having hot sex with Wendy Hughes, intercut with flashbacks, and she puts her hand on his butt for a millisecond. If you're a fan of his eye-catching assets, look elsewhere, but this is a steamy sex scene. There's also a great scene where he makes two muscled goons strip to their underwear.

Deceivers, The (1988)
IT was written on January 20, 1999

When he is lying naked on the bed

Pierce Brosnan is one of the hottes man I know about, In this scene we see him naked from the side, as usuall he is VERY SEXY but it should be a full frontal then I would gave it ****.

Nomads (1986)
Anonymous, Italy was written on January 20, 1999


Pierce is standing naked in front of the window, when he turns and walks towards the bed, and you can see his full things. Sadly, the scene is very dark (so I didn't give four*), but nevertheless a must see, since I think it's the only frontal shot we have from this actor.

Cobain was written on March 7, 2005

Nude in front of window and walking towards bed

I love Pierce Brosnan, but I expected at least a clear butt shot, but uhm no not even that ! and what frontal ? all u can see is his pubic hair, no penis. I tried to lighten up the screen and it still didnt worked. Very disappointing to say the least !

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