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2005 L'un Reste, L'autre Part 1 Review
1988 Passerelle, La 0 Reviews

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L'un Reste, L'autre Part (2005)
spanishirish was written on October 11, 2012


The very very handsome mature French actor Arditi strips off after sneaking away from his Sengelase mistress and tries to quietly go to bed next to his wife but she and her sister turn the light on and expose a very naked Pierre in a very funny scene, You see his aged but nice body full body-full frontal just before he cups a hand over his penis and balls in dismay and embarrasment at the 2 ladies seeing him naked, and exposed. As he leaves the room to get a phone you see his aged but plumpish bum.Nice views all round and full on nudity.from a 60plus suave handsome, charismatic French man. And he has some very funny scenes throughout.

Passerelle, La (1988)

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