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year title
2011 American Translation 1 Review
2009 Plein Sud 1 Review
2006 One to Another 1 Review
2005 Douches froides 1 Review

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2013 Revenants, Les 2 Reviews

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Revenants, Les (2013)
GDH was written on July 14, 2013

The sexiest corpse in France

In the episode titled 'Lucy', Perrier, who has just died for the second time, is lifted from a body bag onto a mortuary slab. He's naked, and we can see his penis. Later, there's a distant full-length side nude shot of him as he's wheeled into the mortuary refrigerator - no penis on view, but we can just about see his bush. Later still, when he comes back to 'unlife' and has to free himself from the refrigerator, there's a closer, quick view of his pubes, and a delicious shot of his backside as he strides across the room; then we see his bum again as he goes through some lockers looking for clothes - when he lifts his leg to pull on some trousers his penis is seen dangling between his legs.

GDH was written on July 22, 2013

Frontal; partial backside

Episode: Adèle. Perrier is seen sleeping, with a sheet or blanket draped artfully across his groin - he looks very nice. Then he awakens, pushes the sheet away and stands up, showing his penis and part of his bum. It's rather quick, but still pleasing!

American Translation (2011)
GDH was written on November 10, 2012


Perrier's lithe form is frequently unveiled here: first there's a relatively distant shot of his backside in the shower. Later we see his bum again as he lays curled up on the floor. After a three-way sex scene with Lizzie Brocheré and a male actor (nothing shot below the waist, unfortunately), there's more backside and frontal shots as Perrier gets out of bed, walks to the front door to collect a pizza, then walks back to bed. More backside and a distant frontal when he scrambles out of bed and pulls on his jeans, and oblique views of it during an outdoor sex scene with Brocheré. The best scene, though, is when Perrier does a striptease for Brocheré's pleasure (not to mention that of the viewer!): the camera lingers on his body and we see his bum, a quick but clear view of his penis - and another, slightly obscured, view of his penis erect.

Plein Sud (2009)
GDH was written on May 2, 2013


Perrier's first nudity in the film is a shadowy, distant view of his backside during a sex scene with Lea Seydoux. Much better is the scene where he, Theo Frilet and Yannick Renier strip on the beach: not only Perrier's bum, but his penis too, are clearly seen.

One to Another (2006)
Mattg was written on April 13, 2008

Bubble butt & brief frontal

Pierre was one of the hotties from another sexy French flick, Cold Showers. It's great the young babe is getting ample work taking off his clothes, I must say. Gotta love the French. Pierre's American equivalent would never have stripped on film as much as this hottie. We first see Pierre naked lying next to his then-girlfriend on a beach, his bubble butt in the air as he sleeps. The scene gets hot as three of the other hot guys in the story appear in the background to strip and skinny dip. As such, Pierre sits up, blocking the view of his girlfriend from the camera as we see a hot side view of his naked body including a decent look at his cock as they watch the boys swim. Pierre just reclines there on the beach naked for the rest of the scene. Later, we see him strip in front of his fully clothed girlfriend inside and get a lovely look at his bubble butt again as he tries to seduce her - she gives in and we get a lovely close-up of his body as he grinds against her. Not as much nudity for Pierre here as in Cold Showers, but still it's lovely to see. I mark these hotties for the total amount of nudity they do over their careers not just in one movie, so overall, Pierre is doing just fine in the nudity department.

Douches froides (2005)
Mattg was written on January 7, 2007

Very cute, not as much nudity

Pierre is a French beauty, stunning. Next to his co-star Johan Libereau, we have quite a feast for the eyes in this sexy, coming of age story that emphasizes the nude beauty of its male characters, not so much the female lead, whose nudity is minimal.

I don't think we see much of Pierre until the shower scene with Johan post-threesome. Pierre stands beside Johan, both facing the camera, as they shower and rub their bodies with body wash (they don't touch each other, that would be too hot). Pierre's cock is a decent/average size. He's brave to do this scene next to Johan, who is hung like a horse. It's a satisfying money shot, two young cocks for the price of one. But overall, the shower scene isn't long enough, and generally that's it in terms of nudity.

No boundaries were crossed in this movie, which fades from the memory a few hours after seeing it.

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