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Witter, Cherie 1 Review
Vasquez, Roberta 1 Review
Speir, Dona 1 Review
Smith, Donna 1 Review
Shower, Kathy 1 Review
Saunders, Pamela 1 Review
McCullough, Julie 1 Review
Ficatier, Carol 1 Review
Edwards, Barbara 1 Review
Brooks, Cindy 1 Review
Brimhall, Cynthia 2 Reviews
Arnett, Sherry 1 Review
Armstrong, Rebekka 2 Reviews

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Cherie Witter
Immy was written on October 28, 2002

Miss January - Fully nude

Cherie is a cute redhead who strips down seductively by a cozy fireplace. She appears to be lit only from above so there are annoying shadows to contend with, but you still see all the goods fairly well. As her segment finishes she's cuddling in a fur blanket, very nice. Apart from nude still photos, this is her only scene. Actual on-screen nudity: 1 min., 47 secs.

Roberta Vasquez
Immy was written on October 28, 2002

Miss June - Fully nude

Wow! Brunette, untra-busty Roberta is shown going thru her exercise regimen in the gym. Even in spandex she's a sight to behold. Once in the locker room she peels out of her workout garb (complete with Flashdance-like leg warmers! Ah, the 80's...) and yowza! She proceeds to rub down her tired muscles, coming very close to some interesting areas. As I look at her now she's reminiscent of a bustier Brooke Burke. Not counting still photos, actual screen nudity: 2 mins., 14 secs.

Dona Speir
Immy was written on October 28, 2002

Miss August - Fully nude

Blonde, mega-hot beauty Dona strolls nude along a beach in Cancun with wispy, lingerie-like nothings clinging to her waist and shoulders in the breeze. After laying in the sand for a bit, she walks up to a house and stretches out in a hammock. The epitome of the beach girl fantasy and sexy beyond description! Not counting still photos, actual screen nudity: 2 mins., 15 secs.

Donna Smith
Immy was written on October 28, 2002

Miss May - Fully nude

Leggy, blonde Donna appears in a livingroom setting at night wearing only a frilly, unfastened, see-through robe. By far the best part of the segment is when she lounges on a sofa and casually (accidentally?) lets her fingers glide thru her pubes. An excellent shot and quite daring for mid-80's Playboy. Not counting still photos, actual screen nudity: 1 min., 46 secs.

Kathy Shower
Immy was written on October 28, 2002

Miss December - Fully nude

Beautiful blonde Kathy sits at the dressing table in her bedroom wearing a lacy, white, see-through teddy. After moseying over to the bed, she lays down to apply some lotion and gingerly removes the delicate undergarment. Of all the monthly playmates in this tape, Kathy has the shortest segment at 1 min. and 12 secs., which is ironic since she was Playmate of the Year for 1986.

Pamela Saunders
Immy was written on October 28, 2002

Miss March - Fully nude

Stunning blonde Pamela rides horseback into the deserts of Palm Springs. She strips out of her red dress and uses it for a blanket as she lounges by a dune, sprinkling sand on her nude body. Quite noteworthy are her awesome tanlines. Evening falls and she is silhouetted against a mountain sunset. She is still nude as she approaches and poses by a roaring campfire. Top notch, pre-saline Playboy beauty! Except for still photos, actual screen nudity: 1 min., 44 secs.

Julie McCullough
Immy was written on October 28, 2002

Miss February - Fully nude

Blonde Julie does not strip, but suddenly appears nude on her patio at sunset and walks along a brick wall to a steaming hot tub, where she relaxes in and out of the water. Nice and lazily sexy, now if she'd only smile...Not counting still photos, actual screen nudity 1 min., 21 secs.

Carol Ficatier
Immy was written on October 28, 2002

Miss July - Fully nude

French brunette Carol is first seen playing fetch with a dog in an open field. The only nudity here is an occasional breast thanks to her gaping shirt. Scene two is in the back of a limo
where she disrobes out of a gold lamé bikini top and wrap-around skirt, complete with stockings and garter belt. She playfully tosses some clothing out the window but it's obvious the setting is a fake. Carol's slim, lithe body is quite lovely, especially in overhead shots thru the car's sunroof. Not counting still photos, actual screen nudity: 2 mins., 7 secs.

Barbara Edwards
Immy was written on October 28, 2002

Miss October - Fully nude

Busty, brunette Barbara's segment showcases her dancing on a stage amid some mutli-colored laser art. Some of the camera angles are amazing, such as a shot
looking up Barbara's body from crotch-level. The odd hues give her form an unnatural feel at times, but she's still a voluptuous babe. She also shows up in the Miss Sept. segment. After white water rafting with playmates Rebekka Armstrong and Cathy St. George all three girls come ashore to sunbathe. Barbara unzips her wet suit and lays out in the buff against some rocks. She and Cathy playfully toss sand at each other. Not counting still photos, actual screen nudity: 3 mins., 10 secs.

Cindy Brooks
Immy was written on October 28, 2002

Fully nude

Cindy appears in Rebekka Armstrong's segment (Miss Sept.) and is the only playmate in this video not featured as a specific playmate of the month. She, Rebekka Armstrong and Barbara Edwards come ashore after white water rafting. Cindy and the other girls shed their wet suits and get down to some serious sunbathing. Cindy gets nude first, but you don't get a good long close-up of her. She's built very nicely and she's totally nude, but only for 33 secs. I should note that in my reviews of Rebekka Armstrong and Barbara Edwards for this tape I mistakenly identify Cindy as Playmate Cathy St. George. It is indeed Cindy. Cathy DOES NOT appear in this video.

Cynthia Brimhall
Immy was written on October 28, 2002

Miss November - Fully nude

Lusty redhead Cynthia motors into the forest on her dirt bike. Once there she quickly (but not sexily) sheds her riding gear. Now it's time to commune with nature! Cynthia walks and poses nude amongst the trees and rocks, at one point using a tree like a stripper would use a brass pole. Then she reaches a babbling brook and sits on a boulder to cool herself off with handfuls of water. At times she seems a bit nervous, but she's undeniably a fox. Not counting still photos, total screen nudity: 2 mins.

Hornysaurus was written on March 11, 2003

naked in the mountains

Cynthia Brimhall motorbikes her way into the mountains of Utah, then proceeds to take off her protective gear, and everything else. It's not a seductive striptease (there's a jump in the edit from t-shirt off to pants-off), but it will have to do. Her nude romp in the mountain forest gives us a good look at every inch of her anatomy, including a close look at her pubic hair. She does no body caressing, that is, until she gets to a stream and proceeds to wash herself in the running water. Over-all, a great segment of a lovely redhead.

Sherry Arnett
Immy was written on October 28, 2002

Miss April - Fully nude

Definitely one for the messy crowd! Sherry, a redhead, is in an artist's studio setting and procedes to dribble many colors of paint onto her nude body. There are slo-mo shots where she uses her hand for better coverage. Once she's sufficiently messy, she rolls around on a white canvas. There's a great spread-eagle shot here but the camera is roughly ten feet above her so all you see is bush. Not counting still photos, actual screen nudity: 2 mins., 18 secs.

Rebekka Armstrong
Immy was written on October 28, 2002

Miss September - Fully nude

Blonde stunner Rebekka goes white water rafting with fellow playmates Barbara Edwards and Cathy St. George. Once ashore all three slip out of their wet suits to take in some sun. We follow Rebekka as she goes off by herself to the water's edge. Two things to note here: One is her phenomenal butt (of which the camera also takes liberal notice); and second is her tendency to feel herself up quite a bit. A very sensual young lady! Not counting still photos, actual screen nudity: 2 mins., 4 secs.

Hornysaurus was written on March 10, 2003

no tan lines? no wonder.

When you see an all-natural beauty naked, and there are no tan lines in sight (which is, by the way, just the way I like it), you figure she probably goes out in the sun naked all the time. That's exactly what Rebekka Armstrong does in her segment. After leaving fellow Playmates Cindy Brooks and Barbara Edwards sunbathing in the buff, she goes off for a leisurely stroll, nothing on. The camera gives us some good looks at her lovely, shapely butt. Her breasts are not large, but they are nicely shaped. Her pubic coif, truth be told, could use some trimming. But that aside, this is a great segment, made all the more enjoyable by the sight of Rebekka freely caressing her naked, evenly-tanned body.

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