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Wood, Laurie 1 Review
Van Breeschooten, Mirjam 1 Review
Van Breeschooten, Karin 1 Review
Richmond, Laura 1 Review
Reyes, Pía 1 Review
MacLaren, Fawna 1 Review
Long, Shannon 1 Review
Jackson, Jennifer Lyn 1 Review
Fabian, Ava 1 Review
Eden, Simone 1 Review
Conrad, Kimberley 1 Review
Cable, Tawnni 1 Review
Arth, Emily 1 Review

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Laurie Wood
Immy was written on October 29, 2002

Miss April - Fully nude

Holy crap! Laurie is arguably the hottest babe on this tape. She's a ravishing redhead with a body that's a living wet dream. Photography is her hobby and we see her processing prints in her lab interspersed with nude and semi-clothed shots in a mobile home setting. The next scene is an apartment at dusk. Apparently caught in the rain, she enters dressed in a damp sportcoat, shirt and tie. Better get out of those wet clothes! And she does, complete with running slo-mo shots!
Boo-ya! Actual on-screen nudity: 2 mins., 49 secs.

Mirjam Van Breeschooten
Ghostwords was written on July 16, 2012

Double the fun

See [immy]'s review of the Mirjam's twin sister Karin for full details. Probably the only time two identical entries would be justified.

Karin Van Breeschooten
Immy was written on October 31, 2002

Misses October - Fully nude

Double Dutch babes! Oh my, are these blonde twins hot! We're not informed who's Karin and who's Mirjam (and it's almost impossible to tell) but it doesn't matter. These sisters just like being naked a lot. Whether it's chasing each other around the house in the buff, trying on vintage clothing or sharing a bathtub, these white-hot Eurochicks with model-perfect bodies will have you booking a flight for Amsterdam in a heartbeat. Actual on-screen nudity: 3 mins., 53 secs.

Laura Richmond
Immy was written on October 29, 2002

Miss February - Fully nude

Lovely redhead Laura has a movie-themed segment, beginning on a mock film set in the barren desert. She sashays and twirls surrounded by cameras, lighting equipment and wind machines. Her bountiful, rosy-tipped boobs are simply mah-velous. Next she's in a old time movie theater where she prances around the lobby and stage area in various stages of undress. Despite a killer body, she comes off as a little goofy. Still very hot, though. Actual on-screen nudity: 2 mins., 38 secs.

Pía Reyes
Immy was written on October 30, 2002

Miss June - Fully nude

Pia falls victim to one of the silliest sequences I've seen in a PB video. She's a sci-fi buff, so naturally they plop her in this cheesy lab setting that's a cross between Bride of Frankenstein and Herbie Hancock's "Rockit" video...and she's not even naked! Pia's Filipino, Spanish & Chinese, so why in the next scene is she dressed as a Japanese geisha? Beats me, but you finally get a look at hot little bod. Next it's off to the desert where she poses and gets chased by some guy in a car. Surprise! It's that dude from the lab again. Next time -- more skin, less cheapo production. Actual on-screen nudity: 2 mins., 13 secs.

Fawna MacLaren
Immy was written on October 29, 2002

Miss January - Fully nude

Fawna is a pretty brunette who begins her segment dancing nude in a stark white empty room wearing only an unfastened black silk robe. A handheld camera style is used, and along with erratic lighting it proves quite distracting. Now the rolling commences. The "rolling?" Yes. Fawna likes to roll her nude body in things: leaves, shallow water, thousands of white feathers, and finally, bed sheets. Some scenes where she's trying to appear erotic come off like she's fighting a migraine. But no matter, she's still cute enough. Actual on-screen nudity: 4 mins., 10 secs.

Shannon Long
Immy was written on October 31, 2002

Miss November - Fully nude

Crikey! Aussie brunette Shannon has the best boobs in this video. Her segment is sweet (a cop tries in vain to have her put a bikini top back on), fun (dancing her butt off by a rainy window wearing only a flannel shirt) and sexy (a nude swim in her pool). She says nudity's no big deal Down Under. With kick-ass babes like her romping on Aussie beaches I'd encourage it too! Why this girl didn't become a hit in America we'll never know. Actual screen nudity: 3 mins., 17 secs.

Jennifer Lyn Jackson
Immy was written on October 31, 2002

Miss September - Fully nude

Quite a departure from the rest of the video, stunning redhead Jennifer gives us a break from frenetic camerawork to enjoy a quiet lingering look at her gorgeous figure. First are some artsy shots in a barren white room by a window followed by some standing nudes with horizontal shadows bathing her body, a nice contrast. Last and best of all is a slo-mo strip in a gentle rain shower. Get a towel! Actual on-screen nudity: 2 mins., 49 secs.

Ava Fabian
Immy was written on October 30, 2002

Miss July - Fully nude

Ava is a pro. She gets it. She knows how guys like to see naked girls. She's nude under a fur coat, nude in bed with lingerie-like remnants around her waist, and teasingly disrobes out of a skirt and spaghetti-strap blouse. And a very nice body to boot. Actual on-screen nudity: 2 mins., 44 secs.

Simone Eden
Immy was written on October 30, 2002

Miss August - Fully nude

Blonde Simone wastes no time getting naked. One of her characteristics, she says, is she's daring, and goes on to prove it by posing nude perched on the back seat of a speeding convertable. At one point she crawls out onto the trunk!
Bet that made the PB staff nervous. After that we, and her, finally get to relax with a stroll on the beach in a see-through white dress. Several fetishes get a little something here. Her wet dress gets nice and clingy, till she peels it off and rolls in the surf, then proceeds to apply some muddy sand to her bod. Hot, hot, hot! A+ rack and butt! Actual on-screen nudity 3 mins., 52 secs.

Kimberley Conrad
Immy was written on October 31, 2002

Miss December - Fully nude

As the current Mrs. HH, though they live apart, Kimberley has quite an impressive body to go with her status in the PB empire. Mixed in with a mini-tour of The Mansion we see her dancing in Hef-like pajamas, enjoying an erotic outdoor shower and posing in only a sheer white body wrap. It's important to note that these nude scenes were filmed prior to her bearing two boys with Hef. She's also the only PM of the Year (1989) in this video. Actual on-screen nudity: 3 mins., 48 secs.

Tawnni Cable
Immy was written on October 29, 2002

Miss March - Fully nude

Brunette Tawnni has a luscious body...too bad her first sequence gives us only fleeting glimpses. Whirling camera shots and strobe lighting just don't allow you to appreciate the female form. Thankfully the second half of her feature lets us linger a bit longer. She's in an upscale apartment setting posed against some vertical blinds. Her charms are simply spectacular! Actual on-screen nudity: 3 mins.

Emily Arth
Immy was written on October 30, 2002

Miss May - Fully nude

At first Emily doesn't look like she belongs in a PB video; she's dressed in a evening gown playing classical piano. But then this strawberry blonde shows her sexy side in four quick sequences: posing nude on a piano in a desert landscape, playing racquetball in a shorty t-shirt that has trouble containing her B-cup size rack, skinny-dipping in an indoor fountain, and finally an energetic dance number around her home in various revealing outfits. Sultry she ain't, but you could bring her home to Mom. Actual on-screen nudity: 3 mins. 46 secs.

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