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Witter, Karen 1 Review
Wiesmeier, Lynda 0 Reviews
Vaughn, Linda Rhys 1 Review
Tweed, Shannon 0 Reviews
Tough, Kelly 1 Review
McArthur, Kimberly 1 Review
Malin, Kym 0 Reviews
Lasseter, Vicki 0 Reviews
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Karen Witter
Hornysaurus was written on March 11, 2003

boating bare

The lovely Karen Witter has only one fully nude segment in her video (as compared to two or three for the other Playmates featured in this title), but oh what a segment it is. She starts off on her yacht in a tank top and a bikini panty. Too bad, we don't see her taking these off. But that's ok, we see her suddenly naked, lying on the dock and applying suntan lotion. She then stretches out, catching the sun on her bare body. Her nether region hair is brownish, not exactly matching her blonde locks. But who cares? She's simply gorgeous. After the sun tan session, she gets behind the wheel, steering her boat into the sunset, still naked from head to toe. Her voice-over talks about how she's always been comfortable being nude. Talk about stating the obvious.

Lynda Wiesmeier
Linda Rhys Vaughn
Hornysaurus was written on March 8, 2003

outdoor striptease, bareback ride

It amazes me that no one has reviewed this video. Is it because it's no longer in print? In any case, Linda Rhys Vaughn does more than just appear nude. She generously treats us to an outdoor striptease. She starts by peeling off her white blouse. Then, smiling at the camera, she unzips her short shorts, and slowly, ever-so-slowly takes them off. She holds her shorts in front of her, folds them, and tosses them forward, giving us a glorious view of her pubic hair, a neat little triangle of dark fuzz that contrasts beautifully with her flawless pink skin. She proceeds to cavort in the altogether, with nothing on save for an unobtrusive little necklace. And get this folks, it's all in the brightly lighted outdoors, so you don't miss a thing. In another segment, she does a Lady Godiva, a good 2 1/2 minutes of nude horseback riding. Curiously, all throughout her nude scenes, we never see her butt. I can live with that, though. The strip act is a memory that still lingers 20 years later. Uh, anyone out there have a laser disc copy?

Shannon Tweed
Kelly Tough
Hornysaurus was written on March 8, 2003

camping au naturel

Kelly Tough's segment starts with her hiking in the woods of Vancouver in just four pieces of clothing -- a plaid shirt, denim shorts, white socks, and earth shoes -- and a backpack strapped to her shoulders. Slow dissolve: we see a campfire. Pull out: we see Kelly, now barefoot, and a tent set up nearby. She's undoing her shirt. She takes it off. No bra. Her breasts are nice and full. She warms her bum by the fire, then proceeds to unzip her tiny shorts. No panties. Wow. Not a stitch on , she gives herself a towel bath with water she had heated over the fire. Hers is the quintessetial 80s pubic hair, unshaven, but neatly trimmed for the natural look. Seeing this made me want to spend the next few years in the forests of Vancouver, waiting for her to show up and set up camp. But I had to content myself with watching this video.

Kimberly McArthur
Hornysaurus was written on March 11, 2003

oil, water, and fire

She didn't make the cut when she applied as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, but Kimberly McArthur would be my first pick anytime. She stands all of 5'3", and has a 37" bust. Yet she doesn't appear disproportionate at all. Beats me. Anyway, she has three, yes, three nude segments, all of them winners. The first one has her applying baby oil all over her naked body. She applies a generous amount, and by the time she's done, she has a healthy over-all glow. In the next segment, she's taking a shower in a rock-grotto type bathroom. Oh, to be that bar of soap. Finally, she sits next to the fireplace, takes a sip of wine, and takes off her clothes. She lounges on the sofa naked, at one point striking the classic lying-on-her-side pinup pose. So appropo for this classic beauty.

Kym Malin
Vicki Lasseter
Patty Farinelli
Lourdes Estores

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