Poetic Seduction: Dead Students Society's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Ross, Dawn 1 Review
Mundae, Misty 1 Review
Michaels, Roxanne 1 Review
Krause, Tina 1 Review

Poetic Seduction: Dead Students Society's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Anthony, Joseph 1 Review

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Dawn Ross
rocco-rules was written on August 27, 2006

MILF seduction scene

Dawn is the mother of the murderous main characters, and she seduces a young man in a flashback scene very early in the film. She drops her dress top and reveals oddly-shaped, surgically-enhanced C-cups during her love scene with the boy. There's about 1 minute of exposure at medium to close distance in fairly good light.

Misty Mundae
rocco-rules was written on August 27, 2006

Upskirt and tiny titties on display in love scene

Misty climbs into bed with her jock boyfriend, William Hellfire (the same guy she gave a BJ to in Vampire Strangler), and commences making out and stripping off her clothes. There's some early upskirt scenes with Misty's bulbous butt hanging out of her panties (very sexy), before the guy pulls them off. Next, off comes the sweater and the lucky bastard gets to squeeze and suck on her itty-bitties. After about 2 more minutes of heavy-petting, they get down to business, but, unfortunately, William pulls a sheet over them !?! Over the next 3 minutes all we see are Misty's little boobies, when she gets out of bed and enters the bathroom (and meets her doom). In the DVD extras, the love scene is extended to 5 minutes, but we see little extra except a brief view of her pubes. There's more kissing, squeezing and licking going on, and a few more close-ups of her tiny-tops.

Roxanne Michaels
rocco-rules was written on August 27, 2006

Topless in many scenes, bottomless in DVD extras

Roxanne plays the murderous poetry teacher. She's completely nude in the opening love scene and shows off her mammoth mammaries and bubble-butt for about 2 minutes. If you're quick with the pause button you can catch a glimpse of her bung-hole just in the first few seconds of the scene. For the rest of the film she appears topless in about 6 more scenes – the pants never come off. However, in the DVD extras the love scene is extended to over 8 minutes and although the emphasis is on her magnificent chest, the director had the good sense to reveal her fine behind at least 4 more times, including several close-ups of her anus and p-lips. Her lover does us the favor of spreading her lovely, round cheeks just to give us a better view. Most scenes are in good light and at medium to close distance.

Tina Krause
rocco-rules was written on August 27, 2006

Stripping before her mirror, then naked in the shower

Tina plays a "new" student. She spends 2 minutes stripping out of her clothes, in her bathroom, while on the phone with her soon-to-be-slaughtered boyfriend, and gives a 360 degree view of her shapely body, including pubes. Later she's taking a shower, soaping up her natural C-cups and firm, round butt, and lets us linger over her fine form for about 2 more minutes, in good light at close distance.

Joseph Anthony
rocco-rules was written on August 27, 2006

She likes 'em big and stupid

Joseph plays Roxanne's big, muscular, dumb brother who helps her with all the mayhem. He gets naked in the opening love scene (and more so in the extended version of the same scene), and shows everything except his unit (I don’t even recall seeing pubic hair). The director seemed to like his pimply butt, 'cause there was way too much of it on screen. You also see his butt when he's banging Misty's corpse towards the end of this sorry flick. About 7 minutes total nudity in good light at medium to close distance.

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