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Point Of Terror's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Thorne, Dyanne 1 Review
Mitchell, Paula 1 Review

Point Of Terror's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Carpenter, Peter 1 Review

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Dyanne Thorne
Stevarooni was written on November 30, 2012

Sex in a pool

At around the 41-minute point, as Peter takes off his pants to get into the pool, Dyanne asks for his help with the neck string of her bikini top. He undoes her top and pulls it off, revealing a very pneumatic set of breasts. Good lighting in that pool and she just sits still for a five-count! There are a few more nice views of her breasts, though with dimmed lighting, for the next couple of minutes as she makes out with Peter. Not very many views of her butt, which is unfortunate.

Paula Mitchell
Stevarooni was written on November 30, 2012

Sex on the (very dark) beach

Starting around the 24th minute, Paula pulls off her clothes on the beach. For the next dark, distant minutes, she's nude...though it's hard to tell at times. Toward the end, though, as she's seen in silhouette, her breasts are visible and delightfully bare (but still dark). Then there's a crane shot that shows her bare butt. The montage has somewhat better lighting and some clear views of her breasts. A street light would have added an additional star, but this scene is just too dark.

Peter Carpenter
Stevarooni was written on November 30, 2012

Just lounging around in a towel

Starting at around the 33-minute point, Peter enters his room, giving a glimpse of his bare body from the back. Then he has a 3-minute conversation with Dyanne Thorne while wearing just that towel. At the end of the scene, he drops the towel again, giving another substantial, well-lit view of his butt.

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