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Pom Pom Girls, The's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Smith, Cheryl 1 Review
Reeves, Lisa 1 Review
Player, Susan 2 Reviews
Hart, Diane Lee 1 Review
Ashley, Jennifer 3 Reviews

Pom Pom Girls, The's Sexy Actors

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Mullins, Michael 1 Review
Carradine, Robert 0 Reviews

nudity reviews for Pom Pom Girls, The member submitted

Cheryl Smith
Antman was written on October 16, 1999

Brief topless

A little over an hour into the movie, she briefly exposes her breasts while changing into her cheerleading uniform with several other girls.

Lisa Reeves
ATL was written on December 13, 1999

Girls locker room scene

In the girls locker room, changing clothes, you get a quick glimpse of her lovely small breasts. In the exploitation movie business, I believe this is her only topless scene.

Susan Player
ATL was written on December 13, 1999

Topless in a van

During the love scene, you get a good view of her breasts in the back of a van. A nice looking skinny girl. Great teen exploitation flick!

rounder was written on March 4, 2001

sex in the van

A quick but very nice view of her tits. It's the very pointy, erect nipples that really make it a good scene!

Diane Lee Hart
filmo70 was written on May 7, 2005

Locker Room

The always cute Diane Lee Hart is one of the Pom Pom girls, though not one of the main ones. In the locker room scene (at 63 mins) you see a good topless shot as she rubs lotion on her breasts then puts Cheryl Smith's hand on her left breast and asks if she can feel a lump! Then a touch later you get a close up from behind as she takes her panties off giving us a brief but nice look at her butt. Normally I'd give this is 2 stars but Diane is one of my of favorite 70's no name B-movie girls.

Jennifer Ashley
dav345 was written on September 16, 2003

butts, too

I'd like to add that you get to see the bare butts of 3 of the girls in the locker room, as well. That's important news for the butt lovers out there.

filmo70 was written on May 7, 2005

brief topless

The above reviewer (Rounder) is wrong. The girl who asks another girl if she can feel a lump on her breast in NOT Jennifer Ashley (see Diane Lee Hart). Jennifer Ashley can be seen briefly topless taking her shirt off then quickly turning around. Also their is a brief close up of her butt, you can't see her face however you can tell its her locker by the pictures you see compared to the wider shots.

rounder was written on March 5, 2001

topless in locker room

While changing in the locker room with several other girls she takes off her shirt and shows her breasts. It's a longer view than you get of most of the other girls. She touches her breast and asks the girl next to her, who is also topless, if she thinks there is a lump. The other girl touches Jennifer's breast briefly and says no. Then they laugh about it. It's a very nice scene - both girls have great breasts, and the fact that they are looking at them, touching them, and talking about them makes it even more fun to watch!

Michael Mullins
tungtung was written on September 7, 2002

shower scene

group shower scene. lasts for 3-5 mins. mullins didn't do many movies. this one is very good for seeing him nude. very cute guy.

Robert Carradine

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