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1999 Sutla 3 Reviews

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Sutla (1999)
BOD was written on September 30, 1999

many nude scenes

Great!!! U see frontal nudity as in her whole body! There are a lot of scenes where u can see her completely naked and boy what body she has. Even if u can clearly see the plaster (or whatever it is they put on their body so as not to show their real body) the scenes were still great. The movie in itself is a poor excuse to show a nude film. The thing that probably made it pass the censor board is that it gives a sensible moral lesson at the end.

ff was written on March 26, 2002

Several scenes

Several topless and full frrontal nude scenes. The best one is when Priscilla is masturbating in front of a mirror. You get to see close-ups of her breasts and her bush.

LAKAY was written on August 7, 2000

nude scene lying on the bed

Oh yeah! Priscila is really great!as in GRRREYYYT! I really want to see this once more.

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