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Kristel, Sylvia 8 Reviews
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Brown, Eric 2 Reviews

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Sylvia Kristel
Dudester was written on August 14, 2002

Bedroom scene

Sylvia's character invites the boy in to watch her strip. It's a boy's fantasy. First, she takes off the slip, then the stockings and garter belt. She teases with the bra, then removes it. The camera pans from her breasts to her face, so it's her. Then a very pert body double, seen only from the shoulders down walks over to the boy asking him if he wants to touch her breasts. When he declines, the body double walks off camera. Sylvia then shows her ass as she removes the panties, then as she turns back to face the boy you get a brief close up of her bush. The panicked boy then leaves the room in a hurry. A bonus to watch for, just before the boy closes the door, just outside the door you see one of the film crew in the darkness outside the door remove a step ladder. He must be getting in position for the finale.

rocco-rules was written on January 28, 2006

awsome body double

You can tell the body double from her upward pointing boobs and incredible erect nipples. Sylvia's boobs sag slightly and lay flat against her chest, with flat pink nipples - still mouth-watering to me - and they don't seem any different than they appeared in Emmanuelle, 7 years earlier. The body double manages to show a smooth, toned butt and a flash of pubes, first thru her panties, then after the panties come off and she turns to face the boy. Sylvia was 29, still in her prime, when she made this film and I can't understand why she wanted a BD. She flashed her luscious ass in Lady Chatterley's Lover, in the same year !?!

Aldelch was written on May 25, 2002

Best undressing scene ever

It is true that a body double was used for parts of this scene, the best undressing scene ever, in which Sylvia Kristel's character strips in front of the boy. But if you pay attention, you see that when she finished taking the bra off, the camera goes from her breasts to her face, in a continuous shot, so it really is Sylvia's breasts. She also has a love scene with the boy at the end of the movie and you can see her naked breasts pressed against his chest when she is on top of him.

soulman was written on August 4, 2004

Partial Body Double Alert!

This is most unnecessary use of a body double I've seen to date. There are scenes where it clearly Kristel but the shot with the double are shots she could've easily done her self. Not double's not bad but niether is Kristel. You do see her nice modest-sized tits on several occasions. I just wished it could've been all her. No doubt Eric Brown was the object of every teenage boy's (and adult male's) envy back in '81.

dougal was written on May 13, 1999

Several scenes

Sylvia does several scenes in this one, mostly just flashes though. The best scene, where her character strips for the boss's son, who she is educating, is apparently done by a body-double. Great body double though....

Boobsieslover was written on October 11, 2002


She is absolutely wonderful. If you pause for the first shot of her boobsies when she does it for the second time, her boobsies looks magnificent.
A valuable member of my "harem".

taurus was written on October 10, 2006

Multiple scenes

Judy Helden is listed as a double, but I don't know what scenes these were as the tits were obviously Sylvia's. At :21 sunbathing on her stomach by the pool a sprinkler turns on and she rears up to show her chest. At :25 she strips for our young lad, showing tits and butt, plus a little pubic hair mostly obscured by the panties she is holding. At :32 she is in the bath with tits visible thru bubble bath, and manages to get the boy to join her. At :52 she shows tits and butt again as they strip and get into bed for some cherry-poppin', then tits again after as she pretends to be dead (part of a rip-off scam). Tits again at 1:21 as there is encore sex.

AdNoctum was written on February 18, 2000

Body Double

There is no actual nudity in this version although Sylvia Kristal does strip or appears to strip in front of the fifhteen year old boy. You don't actually see her face as she she does this and indeed a body double for Kristal is credited at the end.

Pamela Jean Bryant
Loneranger was written on January 24, 1999

Topless changing clothes after falling in the pool with a boy peeking through the window.

Topless changing clothes after falling in the pool with a boy peeking through the window.

Eric Brown
tushlover was written on October 29, 2007

Eric Brown's butt[??????]

I have looked for this scene on cable TV more than once, where the 16 year old boy supposedly shows his butt, and I am convinced it does not exist. Why make up stuff, people? And even if the outline of his penis shows thru a towel, that is not nudity.

abbafan2 was written on October 23, 2005

getting out of bathtub

16 year old Eric briefly shows his butt getting out of the bathtub and also shows an outline of his rather small erect penis through a towel.

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