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Heche, Anne 7 Reviews

Psycho's Sexy Actors

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Mortensen, Viggo 6 Reviews

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Anne Heche
The-Real-Truth was written on November 6, 2010

Peephole and shower

Anne has two very well lit scenes of limited nudity, in the first scene she is being watched through a peephole whilst removing her bra, you do get to see a side view of boob, but it only lasts about half a second before she walks out of shot, no nipple is clearly visible here but it may be if you use the pause button and a magnifying glass. The second scene is a remake of the infamous shower scene, there are a couple of very quick flashes of boob and one very quick but definite shot of a nipple but it all very fast moving and the quick camera angle changes make it hard to see anything very clearly. You do however get a very good view of her bum as she slumps over the edge of the bath after been killed.

Alphonse was written on August 17, 1999

Having sex with Norman Bates' mom

The nude scene is in the shower, of course. While she's getting fatally stabbed, the camera occasionally catches her nipples. You can see this in slo-mo, but it's not worth it. There are better Anne scenes, and this movie should not be rented for the nudity.

[email protected] was written on January 9, 1999

buttshot and breast shot

i'ts fairly quik but we see a good butt shot and also a little of her breasts

Ladnermoviebuff3000 was written on February 4, 2013

Stabbed While Showering

1998's Gus Van Sant helmed adaption of Alfred Hitchcock's legendary suspense masterpiece is a near scene for scene redo,but ultimately ends up an inferior redux. Anne Heche is cast in the Janet Leigh role as the mild mannered embezzler who stays at the infamous Bates Motel for a relaxing shower, this time spiced up with blatant full on flesh bared as opposed to the original's tame suggestion. Anne's washing her sins away as a wig-wearing homicidal transvestite with dual personalities slays her in the nude with a large butcher knife,side by side with the closeup's of the blade entering her flesh and quick peeks at her tiny tits are oddly out of place art house images that are surreal.Lastly as Mother leaves Heche the stabbed nude beauty expires,she collapses over the side of the tub, and in doing so her buttocks spread apart for a brief but still graphic shot of her asshole.

Luvmonk was written on November 5, 2002

Breast Illusions and Ass

When Vaughan is peeking through the peephole in the wall we see Heche pop her bra off and get a limited view of the side/backcut of her right tit. In the shower scene there are a couple of frames of nip/tit then she falls down and we actually do get to see her ass for a decent amount of time. I didn't see an asshole though. I don't know how the other reviewers saw that. I watched the DVD and I didn't see it.

dav345 was written on March 30, 2002

nude asshole

After being stabbed in the shower, Anne falls dead and nude over the side of the tub, her little heiney sticking straight up in the air. You can clearly see her asshole for a few seconds. That's right - not her butt crack, her asshole. You don't see any vagina.

nudity_elitist was written on July 11, 2002

what a drag

The state of affairs in Hollywood these days is appalling to say the least. I mean, who the hell's idea was it not only to remake one of America's classic films, but to go one giant step further and remake it exactly, scene for scene? What do they think they are offering the world?? Does this really need to be done? This is clearly the result of some idiot businessman who wanted to make a movie but has NO creative soul. No originality whatsoever. GET YOUR OWN FUKKIN IDEAS!!! PS Zero stars for nudity.

Viggo Mortensen
babon was written on February 26, 2000


butt facing the window

Cinephile88 was written on November 25, 2007

(rear) Pulling up the blinds in the buff

Awful remake of a true cinematic masterpiece. The upside is Viggo gives us a quick but nice view of his plump, pink rear in the first few minuets of the film. WARNING: if you want to see his entire muscular butt, make sure your version is FULL FRAME, the widescreen (despite being the best way to watch films) cuts off a third of his yummy butt from the frame.

Mean_Little_Kitty was written on June 20, 1999

Very Beginning

This is an odd movie. At the beginning we see Viggo and Ann Heche in bed together,he rolls over and if you look on his shoulder you can see the biggest, nastiest loking wound. Looks like someone stabbed him. Anyway, Heche then gets up, goes tot he mirror, Viggo follows.As Heche (fully clothed) ib putting on something, Viddo is standing behinh her, fully naked. We see in the mirrorthat Anne Heche's Arm is conviently obscuring his privates. The he walks over and pulls up the blind, and his ass is shown for a brif three seconds.

emcee26 was written on December 5, 1998

Brief Butt

At the very beginning of the movie.See his butt out of focus when walkingto the window. Then, his butt clevage.He looks so good that it's worth 2 stars.

CantGetEnoughMaleButt was written on May 30, 2003

Opening scene

The ruggedly handsome Viggo seems to improve with age, as does his willingness to go nude. There is only 1 thing alone that justifies this completely unnecessary remake, and that occurs at the very beginning of the film when there are numerous shots of Viggo's discreetly muscled and defined chest and torso after he has made love with Anne Heche. The killer moment comes when he is shown, for no apparent reason, opening a shot framed to give us a brief but achingly clear look at his perfect butt - on the small side but lean and hard, with two flab-free buttocks formed from the top of his pelvis diagonally converging at an invitingly deep and long-ish buttcrack, with a very prominent coccyx 'v'. Rather like William Fichtner's in Go, but due to the length it can't quite push to 4*. Nevertheless throughout the entire movie he looks just as good, packed into bulgy jeans and shirts.

Christian69 was written on March 20, 2005

Mortensen closes a pair of blinds from behind

Hot middle-aged Mortensen gives Gus Van Sant a brief shot of his perfect ass, then a more lingering shot of the top of it. Heche says she'll "lick the stamps" as we see the Mortensen's butt cleavage, and we all know what she'll be licking.

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