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Laurent Bouhnik

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Zimmer, Helene 0 Reviews
Révy, Déborah 1 Review
Dutch, Deborah 0 Reviews
Benoît, Christelle 0 Reviews

Q's Sexy Actors

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Amaro, Johnny 1 Review

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Helene Zimmer
Déborah Révy
xerobe was written on January 8, 2013

real sex, breasts, bush, butt

Top 3:
1) 200 seconds @ 54min

2) 60sec @ 35:19

3) 100sec @ 70:10

Deborah Dutch
Christelle Benoît
Johnny Amaro
GDH was written on October 7, 2012

Everything, sort of

It's amazing that with all the sexual activity in this film, Amaro is the only male performer to do full nudity; fortunately he looks very nice without his clothes on. His first nudity comes as he stands in the moonlight while Déborah Révy masterbates him; his penis is seen both flaccid and erect - although in the shadow and with Révy's hand obscuring much of it. A later sex scene again shows Amaro's penis (this time as Révy gives him a blow job as well as masterbating him and, erm, 'receiving' him) and partial shots of his bum.

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