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2006 Big Love 3 Reviews

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Big Love (2006)
FarscapeCJ was written on June 26, 2007


This is from the third episode of season 2 called "Reunion". You see one shot of her coming down the hallway and into the main area. You see both breasts in full view and the lighting is optimal. You see the actresses face with her breasts, so there is no body double action here. She has a nice pair of breasts and they are worth looking at.

sonic007 was written on June 27, 2007

"I'm Rae" - Topless Introduction

From Season 2 Episode 3 "Reunion" which first aired June 25, 2007.
Around the 20 minute mark, Ms Avery comes walking through a hallway toward the camera towel drying her hair. The towel partially obscures her right breast but her left breast bounces freely. At the end of the hall, she enters the living room where she is more brightly lit and moves the towel to better expose her right breast. After an introduction, she turns and goes back up the hallway.

Kuroneko was written on June 25, 2007


She is seen topless in the episode Reunion. The view lasts a few seconds and is unobscured.

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