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Rachel McAdams' Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2013 About Time 1 Review
2012 To the Wonder 0 Reviews
2009 The Time Travelers Wife 3 Reviews
2004 Notebook, The 2 Reviews
2002 My Name Is Tanino 3 Reviews

nudity reviews for Rachel McAdams member submitted

About Time (2013)
Ghostwords was written on October 8, 2013

Wedding tease

Ms McAdams' character loses patience with her boyfriend dragging his heels over finalising their wedding plans, so offers to remove one piece of clothing for each item agreed. She removes her top and then her bra, but the latter move is filmed from behind, so we just see her bare back. He then chases her around their bedroom, but she keeps her hands firmly cupped over her breasts. There's a little flesh visible at the edges, but it really only rates a half-star.

To the Wonder (2012)
The Time Travelers Wife (2009)
Ghostwords was written on September 18, 2011

Brief butt

Have to back up the original reviewer here: Ms McAdams gets out of bed, with her back to the camera. We see the very edge of her left breast, then - as she slips into a shirt and rises from the mattress - the lower half of her butt. A basic internet search will provide the proof (try Celebrity Movie Archive).

mcjw2011 was written on April 25, 2010

Brief ass shot

This lovely actress is a standout in this movie--acting-wise with these lovely eyes you can get lost in. Nudity-wise, her appearance is a bit lacking. MrSkin pretty much covered McAdams' nudity in the movie, which is a brief butt shot as she gets out of bed and puts on button-down shirt after a sex scene with her on-screen husband Eric Bana. Could be a body double but I analyzed the lower back shot to hers in "Sherlock Holmes", it looks pretty similar so it could be her.

thornhillsouthguy was written on September 18, 2011

WHAT nudity?

The previous reviewer must have seen a different version than I did. Rachel McAdams is lovely and one of the most talented Canadians actresses around and I would have loved to see her nude. Alas, in this movie (a fantastically-acted one BTW) it simply did not happen. No nudity, no star.

Notebook, The (2004)
ihatecowiche was written on April 21, 2006

hmmm its okay

Im gonna give this one 2 stars. The first scene where their in that old hus and they are stripping they are interupted you see nothing really besides a partial veiw of her butt but trying to look for like and nipples is pointless becasue they she was wearing covers and tehy were photoshoped out of the film (according to the extra features) a good scen though is when they come in from the rain and they have wet passionate sex. You get to see the side of her nipple as he wraps her legs around him and they move to the bedroom. The original sex scene when he throws her onto the bed you get a quick view out one of her beautiful pink nipples and thats it. In the deleted sex scene you get to see more its the originbal plus some in the deleted scene you get to see Rachel riding the guy whihc is on its own very hot and then when she roles over and you pause its right you get to see her nipple once agian. Not much nudity and you have to look for it and the sex scens are very hot.

GeeSpot was written on July 11, 2004

Brief Breasts

You see a brief glimpse of her breasts when she has sex with Ryan Gosling after they come inside from the rain.

My Name Is Tanino (2002)
BMac was written on February 27, 2010

tiny but close

Your reaction to Rachel McAdams' little boobies might be, "Wow, cute." Or it might be, "Damn, she's so flat-chested." You might think, "That whiteness is blinding." For that matter, you could well say, "That unidentified Meredith Ostrom has a much better body than Rachel McAdams." Any way, you get enough of a look, even a brief underwater close-up, to make up your mind. McAdams seems free of chest hair here, and there's quick enough looks to bump this rating to one-and-a-half stars..

MVIEGUY was written on August 1, 2004

Topless of beach with Unidentified other girl

If you Like smalish breasts then you will like Mean Girls star Rachel McAdams standing topless in some water at the beach, her breasts visible as the water moves up and down, and then sitting on the sand beside another topless girl.

mamlvr was written on September 25, 2005

Beach scene

I disagree with the implied characterization of smallish breasts as being less than desirable. Her breasts are perfect. They stand up on their own and are very well shaped. She also seems to be very natural in her nudity, not self-conscious.
Good job Rachel.

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