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2006 Trapped Ashes 1 Review
2005 American Pie: Band Camp 1 Review

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Trapped Ashes (2006)
whiteraven was written on September 5, 2010

Some real, some body double, some prosthetics/CGI

Rachel Veltri plays Phoebe [Kane] for the horror story "The Girl with Golden Breasts" within a horror story. She is an aspiring actress who believes her smallish breasts are holding her back. At about the 15:18, the tearful Phoebe standing before a mirror lowers her bra revealing firm A cup sized breast with quarter sized light brown aerolas. It would have been a nice shot giving a good idea of her breast size and shape. However, while the face is hers the breasts are a body double's. DVD commentary tells of the difficulty of lining up her head with the double's body with the shot ending about 15:24. Phoebe undergoes breast enhancement. But instead of using a traditional materials, they use "reprocessed human tissue from cadavers." The surgery is done with prosthetics as her breasts are sliced open. From about the 20:36 to 21:00 minute marks starting with a close up of her breasts and panning out so she is shown from about the upper hips up, she is happily rubbing her 'new' breasts as she showers. They seem B/C cup sized, with 'hang' and dollar sized aerolas. She is moving about with a profile shot or two. Very nice curve of the back. Perhaps a little tummy. Her left aerola seems more a light brownish color while the right nipple appeared a bit swollen and reddish. The scene ends with a close up on a right hand which just after rubbing over the right breasts suddenly is cut, the omen of things to come. The only thing mentioned in the commentary is that the hand is not here. One presumes they are Rachel's breasts as they are not the size and shape one would 'buy'. If so I would give two stars as she is showing for about 24 seconds, seems quite comfortable. Is between playful and sensual. At one point she cups both breasts and leaning forward to an imaginary audience say, "I think I'm ready for my close-up now, Mr. Spielberg." followed by an excited quite grabbing of her breasts and body bounce. Unknown to Phoebe, the surgery was part of a fountain of youth experiment turning her nipples into blood sucking "vampire tits". Thereafter the breast showings are prosthetic and CGI except with a mix during a make out scene when her left nipple starts to devour the tongue of her lover who has to cut off the tip of his tongue to disengage. About 24:43 a closeup of her breasts/nipples with the one covered in dark blood and tissue matter. Then about 25:09 panning down from her face to her breasts as he leaves. This is the first time she realizes she has been changed. There is no showing of her bum which there could have been. There are a couple of love scenes both as an actress with her co-star/boyfriend. But with the first 'real' love scene only the feet are shown simulating missionary sex and on the commentary Rachel states she was uncomfortable with the sex scene and glad it was shot that way. The DVD included an original director's cut which has some slight variations.

American Pie: Band Camp (2005)
ff was written on December 5, 2005

Blink and you'll miss it topless scene

She takes her towel off while secretly being filmed by Stifler guy. but the scene is damn quick, I actually missed it the first time I saw it. Near the end of the film when the Stifler guy is deleting some videos you can see a small image of her topless with Angela Little.There also scenes of her in her underwear and bikini. She was that bitch from the "For Love or Money" Reality series. I always thought she was kinda hot even though she does seem kinda bitchy. For a better look at her check out Playboy instead.

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