Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico

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2004 Desnudos 3 Reviews

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Desnudos (2004)
stopdrop was written on December 26, 2009

Stunning - The complete package

I don't think words can describe how handsome and completely mesmerizing Rafael Amaya is. He bares everything in the film. Gorgeous body, very firm. Uncut dick, nice size, with a little bush. His butt is round and meaty. Everything about Amaya is just perfect.

Most notable scene features him walking through the living room completely naked. Well lit-scene, his body is flawless, and you get to see his thick dick swinging around. Wonderful.

ravenboy was written on September 29, 2005

Where do I begin....?

The beautiful, Nordic Amaya (as Pablo) with his six-pack, bubble butt, thick, swinging cock broad shoulders and big chest and arms spends a significant time in the movie completley without clothes, or painting in his underwear or being naked trying to have sex. The movie is hard to find but well worth it.

NudeRevue was written on August 25, 2011

Living Room - Full Frontal Nude

Have to agree with the other reviews - wonderful looking man in well-lit nude scene. The great thing is the normality of the scene - it's just him walking through a living room. Decent size penis, that we get to see swing side to side. Very dark, neat pubic hair. Bravo!

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