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Misty Mundae
Ghostwords was written on September 24, 2011

Waste of videotape

Former pornstar Ms Mundae (billed here as "Erin Brown") will disappoint fans of her previous work with this outing. Chased by zombies and mutant vultures, she ends up circa 0:45 washing blood off herself at a waterfall. Her t-shirt gets wet, so her nipples poke through the material for the next couple of minutes (oddly, she appears to be wearing a bra or slip beneath in later shots, which would surely have prevented this effect). Other than a little cleavage in the subsequent fight scenes, that is it. Some might argue for a half-star, but that would be overly generous. There's a hint very early on that she and her boyfriend were going to take part in a post-rock gig threesome with another girl, but the script jumps to the following day and it's left ambiguous as to whether it occurred; a pity, since that might have earned those elusive points.

Angela Gasparec
Ghostwords was written on September 24, 2011

Adultery = death

Around 18 minutes in, Ms Gasparec (as "Cheating Girl") is having sex with her lover in an open-top car. She's topless and riding him in the cowgirl position, she's wearing a short skirt, but apparently no panties. We get several very brief views of her breasts (quite large, most possibly enhanced), then a split-second shot of her behind as she flips her beneath him (it's really hard to see anything of note). She's worried about her husband finding out she's cheating, but instead falls victim to a passing zombie, who kills her lover, chases her out of the car (another quick view of the breasts) before ripping her left eye out. Not exactly world-class horror moviw nudity.

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